March 13, 2020
Dear Charter School Leaders,

Shortly after 5 p.m. tonight, Governor Newsom issued an executive order providing action and guidance on COVID-19 for schools. Capitol Advisors put it, "The guidance came later than we expected today but sends a message we had anticipated regarding flexibility on ADA funding, and the statutory minimum number of school days offered to students. Upon reading the executive order, there is not a direct literal reference to 'ADA' but the administration has clarified to Capitol Advisors that language in the executive order indeed addresses this issue."
In the executive order, there is also a reference to the requirement in law that districts maintain 175 days of instruction, which the Governor suspends in the event a local education agency decides to close due to the emergency.
View the full text of the executive order .
As mentioned on our calls today, SDCOE has gathered extensive resources for distance learning to help your schools and districts continue educating students while schools are closed. These resources are available on a new website that also includes the COVID-19 resources for administrators and nurses and communications materials we’ve been providing over the last several weeks. 
We wanted to get this to you as quickly as possible so please keep in mind this website is a work in progress. We’ll continue to add more resources and improve functionality in the coming days.
The web address is: . The old address, , will redirect to this new site. 
If you have questions about the distance learning materials, please contact Staci Block, coordinator of professional learning and technology, at .
We will continue to share updates and resources, as necessary. Thank you for your continued partnership on behalf of our region's students.


Dr. Paul Gothold
San Diego County Superintendent of Schools
phone: 858-292-3514