Volume 14 | May 3, 2019

Published articles referencing the New England Governors’ Commitment to Regional Cooperation on Energy Issues
On March 15, 2019, the New England Governors released a statement reflecting their commitment to regional cooperation on energy issues. Since then, a number of publications have provided reference to the governors statement. Read the statement here , and click on the read more button below to see the published stories.
US House Passes Paris Agreement Legislation; Climate Action in the States

 Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act, to affirm the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement. While the President vowed to pull the US out of the agreement in June 2017, no nation can formally withdraw before November 2020. The bill prohibits the use of federal funds to take any action withdrawing the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Agreement. It also requires the administration to develop and publish a plan for the U.S. to meet the agreement’s pollution reduction goals.

Amongst the amendments that were debated is a recognition of state and local leadership. Offered by Representative Rouda, the amendment states : “American cities, States, and businesses are stepping
Earth Day Around the Region 

Commonwealth Celebrates Earth Day with Milestone in Climate Change Planning Program , Local Dam Removal Project

Governor Lamont Announces Major Development Plan That Will Establish New London as a Central Hub of the Offshore Wind Industry
Ecological Connectivity Working Group Meets to Discuss Goals for Final Report
By Lana Bluege
Regional Program Coordinator
Resolution 40-3 Concerning Ecological Connectivity , Adaptation to Climate Change, and Biodiversity Conservation continues to provide leverage for states and provinces to produce essential projects and forums in order to educate the region on the significance of connectivity. Nova Scotia held its first Canadian Maritimes Ecological Connectivity Forum in Halifax on April 24th-25th,

News from the States
Governor Lamont Statement on Economic Growth in the Fourth Quarter of 2018

Governor Lamont keynotes and participates in panel discussion at the Aspen Institute’s annual Business and Society international MBA Case Competition (CT Green Bank)

Ma ine

Federal government designates eight alternative fuel corridors in Maine (Maine Biz)


New Hampshire
N.H. House Committee Backs Suite Of Renewable Energy, Efficiency Reforms (NHPR)

EPA Awards New Hampshire More Than $2 Million in Grant Funding for Environmental Programs
New York
Governor Cuomo Announces Record Number of Electric Vehicle Sales With 63 Percent Increase In 2018

Rhode Island
Money Secured for Carbon Tax Study Two Years Later (ECO RI News)

Governor Phil Scott and the Agency Of Transportation announce recipients of $2.2 million in Federal Transportation Grants

Fate of northern Vermont solar projects uncertain (VT Digger)
Regional and Federal Updates
U.S. Climate Alliance Urges the Department of Energy to Withdraw their Proposal to Weaken Energy Efficiency Standards for Light bulbs (U.S. Climate Alliance)

U.S. International Trade Commission Report Forecasts Economic Benefit from Proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USITC)

Democrats say Trump agrees to $2 trillion for infrastructure , but details unclear (USA Today)

Northeast anticipating future EV sales spike , says study (NH Business Review)
Did you know...

According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, each dollar from the US Department of Energy’s State Energy Program (SEP) leverages $10.71 of state and private funds and realizes $7.22 in energy cost savings for citizens and businesses.