Our doors aren't open yet, but we're getting ready...
Beginning Monday, May 18, our book drop will reopen. We'll take that lost book you just found due a year ago, and waive all fines.
Grab and Grow Garden Kits
We're giving away seedlings, bird journals, and live worms.
More details below.
Virtual Story Time
Tuesday, May 19 10:00 - 10:30AM
Join Miss Diane for a story about summer - and bears. Register now.
Little Women
Virtual Book Discussion
Tuesday, May 26 7:00-7:30PM

COMING SOON: Free Grab and Grow Garden Kits
You know all about our virtual story times and events. (If not, visit delmontlibrary.org and click Virtual Events on the home page.) 
What you might not know is what's going on behind the scenes right now. Oh, yes, we're replacing worn spine labels, organizing, and such. It's kinda like dusting - things you'll never notice unless not done. But we have one current project that has us blooming with excitement: Our Grab and Grow Garden Kits. The Delmont Diggers are working behind the scenes planting seedlings to give away in the hopes of sprouting dozens of new gardens in the area this summer. But, like our library, every garden needs behind the scenes - or, in this case, beneath the dirt, activities to make it successful.  Enter Mr. Worm. Yes, that's right - a few live worms will be included in our Grab and Grow kits. Before these masters of  aeration  arrive in their new homes, however, we - never ones to miss an opportunity for learning - are gathering some new library gardening materials. Nothing short of a super cool new-this-year quick release bug viewer and magnifiers will be available, along with a bug or worm book, of course.
We think of you often, and can't wait until we meet in person again.