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Easter Sunday  
April 12, 2020

Bill Calvert
Veronica Bate
Nikki Frank 
In the meantime, mail is being picked up and bills are being paid. You may mail your pledge payments to the church however it is convenient  
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Holy Week & Easter Schedule
   The Good Friday service at 7 pm will be offered online via the Zoom platform. Easter Sunday service will begin at our usual 10:30 time. These and other Holy Week services will also be recorded and uploaded as quickly as possible for those unable to participate on Zoom. The uploads will appear on the church's Facebook page, @FullyGrace and on the Grace website.
    What to bring: There will be an altar appropriately "dressed" for each liturgy. You may wish to participate in your own home by including symbols in your own worship area--for Good Friday, a cross for veneration. For Easter Sunday, a bell to ring.
    Watch for e-mail invitations to arrive in your inbox the day before each service. It will include the information you will need to sign on or phone in. It's a good idea to sign in a bit before the appointed time. Make sure you have your audio and video enabled.  
What to expect: When you enter before the service begins on Good Friday, you will be muted. Only the officiant and designated readers will be heard. We will enter and depart in silence as is customary for this solemn service. On Easter Sunday, you will able to see and hear each other and after worship. The entire liturgy will appear on the screen. At the conclusion of the service, I will unmute you, we will share the peace, and visit for a little while.
Here is a link of Zoom tips put together by Greg Serwich. He has been successfully assisting those who have had difficulties with the technology. Check this out in advance. If you have problems, give Greg a call. Zoom Tips   
See you on Zoom! 
Rector's Ramblings 
Some of our Easter flowers, planned for the altar of our church on Easter morning now decorate the planters in front of our parish house. They look far more springlike than the weather is predicted to be over the next few days.
      Like the rest of our Easter plans, of course, this is not what we expected. Rain or shine--or even a bit of snow--we would expect to have gathered several times for worship in our most holy week of the year to observe those crucial last days of Jesus' life--and then, to celebrate the wonder and hope of the Resurrection in our traditional manner.
      Oh, make no mistake--we have and will be doing that, but in such a different way this year. Not as the gathered but as the dispersed church. Separated from the familiar rhythms of our daily lives and our liturgical lives. Trying our best to remain connected through technology; relating in cyberspace. And not knowing how long it will last. Or what life will be like on the other side of COVID-19.
       I find myself of two minds about our Holy Week and Easter liturgies. I want to keep elements of the familiar to tie this strange time of worshiping online to past observances for just a bit of normalcy and comfort. At the same time, the glitches and awkwardness of software seem to highlight the difference, the not entirely satisfactory substitute and maybe gives more pain than comfort. I wonder if all of these liturgies should have been something entirely new.
      I suppose it is not just church. It is other aspects of our lives--everything is in flux. Everything is a mix of the familiar and the strange. Maybe better, maybe worse. I can't even find words. Perhaps the part of my brain that enables me to deal with computer programs has been working overtime. The more contemplative side is on hold.
      The Easter flowers are beautiful in the planter. Just as they are in the church. Can we trust that life will be like that, too?  I'm sure the disciples and the women who discovered the empty tomb wondered a lot about what life was going to be on the other side of death and resurrection. What newness awaited them. Whether it would be beautiful.  Different but beautiful.

Covid-19 Updates  

See the lower portion of the blue sidebar for messages and sermons from Bp. Lee and online offerings from Grace Church. The bishop's sermons will be ready each Saturday afternoon on the diocesan Youtube channel.Go to and search on episcopal diocese of chicago.Grace services will be uploaded to the website and the Facebook page shortly after the live services end.

Here at Grace, The Ministry of Care has organized regular phone and e-mail contact with our most vulnerable members. If you are in need of assistance,or pick-up and delivery of prescriptions or emergency supplies, please contact Bonnielynn Kreiser.  Also contact her if you are able to help out. And, of course, your clergy are available by phone, text, and e-mail to provide pastoral care,
This Sunday
For your personal reading and devotion this Sunday. 

Jeremiah 31:1-6: A prophecy of hope and restoration in which God promises that God's people will once again be happy, and will enjoy God's blessings.
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24: A song celebrating God's mercy and strength, and celebrating the restoration of God after struggle - foreshadowing "the stone that the builders rejected" who "became the cornerstone".
Acts 10:34-43: Peter preaches to the Gentiles in Cornelius' house & reminds them of Jesus' life, death & resurrection.
Matthew 28:1-10: The two Mary's go to Jesus' tomb, and find it open with an angel sitting on the stone who instructs them to go and tell the disciples that Jesus is risen. As they head off, they are met by the risen Jesus.

And so we finally come to what may be thought of - in some senses at least - as the most important Sunday of the year. If resurrection is just about a miraculous event that happened to Jesus long ago, or if it's only about something that happens to some people at the end of time, then it has little real value, no matter how fascinating it may be. But, of course, resurrection is about far more than this. It's the promise of God's life available to us both now and forever. And it the call for us to follow Christ by becoming life-givers and agents of resurrection in our families, communities and our world. What a glorious and miraculous challenge!
     May the empty tomb be more than an event for us as we worship this year, and may our worship lead us into a real and transforming encounter with God's irrepressible life!

Thumbprints and commentaries from:
Glory Parish Church Update 
New Glory Parish Church Update

In this time of Holy Week, the new Glory Parish church appears to be rising out of the ground.  The foundation is in and the second  
phase will soon begin.
Blessing of church site? 
Grace Church donated $20,000 for the first phase. There is another $30,000 that will go to the second phase. This money was part of the proceeds from the sale of the parish house.
We pray that at next year at this time, that there will be a new church for Glory Parish. And that Grace Church
Excavation--old church in background 
and Glory Parish will be celebrating Easter in our own chu rches.
Moving right along
The diocese of Renk is presently free of COVID - 19. But South Sudan confirmed the first case on April 5, 2020. A 29 year old p atient from the Netherlands via Addis Ababa. She is in isolation.
As always, Bishop Joseph sends his prayers. He is thankful for the unlimited support that Grace Church offers to Glory Parish.           --Donna Davis                   Outreach Ministries
Update: After reviewing the progress report, the Vestry has directed that the remaining allocated funds be forwarded to the Diocese of Renk. 
Wednesday Morning Study Group 
Wednesday Morning Study Group
The Wednesday morning study group has been active and well attended, especially during the Coronavirus shutdown. Over the past weeks, we have completed the Books of Job, Micah, Jonah and Lamentations. Next Wednesday we begin the Gospel of Matthew.
All are welcome to join us for one hour weekly, beginning at 10:30 a.m. If interested in receiving the Zoom invitations, send a message to Greg Serwich at 
Resurrection and Meditation Gardens 
The Resurrection and Meditation Gardens
While the church and parish house closed due to the Governor's orders, the Resurrection Garden and the Meditation Garden are still accessible.  According to the Governor's edict, playgrounds are off limits but being in other outdoor space is open so long as people follow the 6 foot rule.  If you find comfort visiting the graves in the Resurrection Garden, you may do so.  There are three prayer stations in the Meditation Garden with votives and prayers in the drawers.  When you feel drawn to visiting the Meditation Garden, you may do so.  Please, however, observe the 6' physical separation rule if there are others in the garden when you arrive.
Grace Church Directory 
We have been going over the church directory and would like to update it with current information. Please take a quick look at your reference information and inform Nancy by email if there is any change to your listing: address, phone numbers, or email addresses. We will try to have a more current directory available on the website and hopefully in paper form soon! Thank you!  
The most up-to-date directory may be found on the church website in the "Nuts & Bolts" tab in the Member Portal link. 
April Outreach Event  
Collecting the Blue UTO Box
UTO isn't simply a tip jar for Jesus to say, "Hey man, nice work!" but it is a moment to stop and notice. UTO is that space to remember that our humanity is bound up with the hope and love of Jesus.
I want to start by saying that I find the term "tip jar for Jesus" a great one. It makes me think about the people who work at our Galena restaurants. Right now, we are all concerned for them because their jobs are temporarily gone. But, like Fried Green Tomatoes, most places are setting up funds for their workers. We are encouraged to leave tips for them. Tipping them, is not only helping them financially, it is thanking them for the work they do to take care of us. Stopping to think of thanking them is a pause of gratitude that recognizes their humanity and mine and the fact that we are bound together in spite of being strangers to one another and that our charge is to take care of each other. We don't often allow ourselves time to stop and notice, and when we don't, our blessings start to unravel with the busy nature of our modern lives or get washed away with worries. It's why researchers often suggest that the best way to combat anxiety is with gratitude. Gratitude interrupts the neurological processes that feed worry. Gratitude helps us to notice, to hem up, to give thanks, and to remember whence the blessing sprouted. Without gratitude, then, the blessings can simply drift away, and that can leave behind resentment, frustration, anxiety, and depression. We can miss the blessings right in front of us and begin to feel like everyone else is blessed except us if we let the small blessings pass by without that moment to stop, notice, and give thanks.
In the year 2018, UTO provided over $1,200,000. In grant money. Your change "tips" a lot of people. That financial support and taking a moment to be grateful are the reasons for the UTO box...every time you drop change in, count a blessing!
Quotes and information taken an article titled "Tip Jar for Jesus" from The Rev. Canon Heather L. Melton, Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering
Vestry Liaisons

V estry Liaisons' primary purpose is to assure two-way communications between the various ministries and the  Vestry,  to represent the ministries for resources or  policy issues, and to  support  their  events  an d activities.

Worship:                                Rector                       
Building and Grounds:         Greg Serwich (Sr. Warden 2019-2021)   
Worship Committee:            Charlotte Stryker (class of 2022)        
Formation and Spirituality:   Elizabeth Ludescher (class of 2022) 
Fellowship & Hospitality:      Anita Sands (class of 2021)                 
Ministry of Care/LEMs:        Nancy Cook (class of 2023)  
Outreach:                              Tony Packard (class of 2021)     
Communications:                 Eric Kallback(class of 2023)
Governance:                  Wardens & Rector 
        Officers:                 Greg Serwich, Senior Warden             
                      Lynn Giles, Junior Warden,
                      Richard Luther, Treasurer                    
                                      Diann Marsh, Clerk      
                                      The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector 

Staff:                              Robin French, Director of Music
                                      Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
                                      Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
                      Chris Ludescher, Nursery Attendant      
This Sunday 
April 5, 2020 
Sunday Morning 
Easter Sunday 
For quick reference, find Sunday's readings by clicking here:
Acts 10:34-43
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
I Corinthians 15:19-26
Luke 24:1-12

Ministers of the
Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell
Lector: Terri Jackman

Pianist: Robin French

ROTA: December 2019-May 31,2020
Next Sunday's
Second Sunday of Easter  
April 19, 2020

     Acts 2:14a,22-32 

     1 Peter 1:3-9 

     John 20:19-31 

     Psalm 16 

Grace's Prayer List
For a current prayer list, click on the following link:
   Grace Prayer List 
The Request For Prayers notebook is in the Narthex/ Entrance area of the Church. Please feel free to request prayers for yourself or others at any time by filling out a form or contacting the office by either phone or email. May we first and always be "a people of prayer."
Meetings this Week 
Events This Week:
Easter service online

Morning Prayer* online --7:30 am  
Bible Study** online--10:30 am

EfM online


To be invited to online events, please contact *Gloria at

or **Greg Serwich at
Compline or Evening Prayer TBD  
All are welcome!
Looking Ahead 
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calendar on the website
Sunday Social Hour Hosts

R eminder for hosts:
Napkins and plates are provided. Use what you need from our pantry Remember: Keep it simple. We usually have about 35-40 attending.

  **Coffee schedule sign up is on the bulletin board in the Parish House.**
Formation Schedule  
You can now get information on Formation Ministries directly from the new Grace website at the following links:
Children and Youth Adults
Spiritual Practices

Ministry of Care 
If you are in need of assistance while ill or recovering: meals, transportation, visits, please contact the Ministry of Care
Facilitators who can assist you and connect you with parishioners who have trained and committed to this ministry that includes Parish Visitors, Meals, Rides, as well as the ongoing Servants through Prayer, LEMs, and the Greeting Card ministry.

Ministry of Care Leadership Team: Facilitators
Bonnielynn Kreiser
Terri Jackman
Clergy Advisors:
Gloria Hopewell,
Linda Packard
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   The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
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