Ninth Sunda y after Pentecost 
Au gust 2, 2020  


Tim Johnstad
Jim and Ann Berry

Regular hours have resumed. Nancy is available on Tuesday - Friday mornings. I am available Monday by appointment and Tuesday-Thursday. Since the building is still somewhat restricted, please contact us ahead of time if you need to come by.
And masks are essential.
Any ministries that wish to resume meetings or events at the Parish House must contact the rector before scheduling. There are attendance limits to each of the meeting places as well as expectations for masking, maintaining physical distancing and sanitizing the areas following their use. The 1st floor Parish Hall is limited to 15 individuals. The 2nd floor Conference Room and the Chapel each can accommodate no more than 9 people.  
The AA groups have resumed their meetings. There are four: Mondays at 10 am; Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm; and Wednesday at noon.  

Worship continues each Sunday both in-person and online on Zoom. reservations are being received. In-person worship requires advance reservations as we are limited to 25% of our capacity in order to maintain the 6 foot physical distancing. 
    If you have not yet reserved your spot for Sunday, you will find the link in the sidebar to the right of this article. When you arrive on Sunday at the Parish House door, a Greeter will check your name(s) off on a list and admit you to the building where you will proceed into the nave to find an empty seat that is designated by a bulletin. Pews that are not to be used will be closed off by lengths of ribbon.There will be hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and also at the back of the nave. 
For those worshiping at home on Zoom, here is the link to the bulletin that you may download and/or print: Bulletin. When you log in on Sunday morning, y ou will be muted except for during the sharing of the peace, birthday and anniversary blessings, and a time of greeting at the end of the service. As usual, the Zoom will be ready for you at 10:20 am.
Here once again are our "Ten 'Commandments'" for re-opening TEN. The full plan that was submitted to the Bishop's office for approval may be found  here.  
Rector's Ramblings
When we went to press on Thursday with the Sunday bulletin linked above, the back page list of of staff and Vestry included a Candidate for the Diaconate. And that was accurate.The 'Ministers of the Service" on the front page and in the sidebar above should have had an additional name. Because, by the time the bulletin is in this information will be outdated. For "God willing and the people consenting," Diane Luther will be The Rev. Diane Luther, fully ordained to the Holy Order of Deacons in the Episcopal Church. by Bishop Jeffrey Lee. On behalf of Grace Church, she will be presented to the bishop by Joe Maffit, who was chair of Diane's discernment committee, The Rev. Linda Packard, who was involved in Diane's formation through the time of her postulancy, and me as rector. On Sunday, Diane will serve along with me at her first Eucharist as ordained clergy.
      Because of COVID-19, though, her liturgical duties will be a bit limited for a time. It is the Deacon's role to set the Eucharistic table--receiving the gifts of bread and wine at the table, preparing the chalice of wine and the paten of bread. Because of our distancing requirements, however, the bishop has decided that only the presider may be at the table just now.
      Diane will, from this time forward, be the one to proclaim the Gospel, offer the prayers along with the lector and intercessor, and dismiss the congregation. She will be vested in a garment called a dalmatic--a tunic with sleeves that has been the deacon's eucharistic dress since the 9th century. She will also wear a stole that covers one shoulder and crosses over her body, fastening beneath the opposite arm.
      This will be a wonderful celebration after a long time of preparation for Diane. Although all of us will not be able to share the live event with her because of our capacity limitations, the video will be posted as quickly as we can possibly do so. I hope you will all join me in congratulating Diane and welcoming her to this new phase of her ministry!

See you in church--in-person or on Zoom,
This Sunday
Genesis 32:22-31: Jacob spends the night on the banks of the Jabbok River where he wrestles with a man until dawn. In the fight, Jacob is injured, leaving him with a limp, but he is also blessed and his name is changed to Israel.
Psalm 17:1-7, 15: A prayer for God to listen to and rescue the psalmist, who affirms his commitment to follow God's ways and be faithful, and to trust in God's willingness to answer his prayer.
Romans 9:1-5: Paul expresses his love and concern for his Jewish brothers and sisters, and celebrates the covenants, promises, law - and the Christ - that the Israelites received from God.
Matthew 14:13-21: Jesus tries to get some time to himself after hearing of John's death, but the crowds find him, and end up, late in the day, in a remote place and without food. Jesus instructs the disciples to feed them, but they object that they only have few resources. Jesus then feeds the crowds with the disciples' food, after which baskets of leftovers are gathered up

n our communities, homes and churches we all have resources that can be used to care for, to 'feed' others. As people of God we are recipients of God's commitment to, God's covenant with, us. We are those who know God's provision and abundance - even if we aren't financially wealthy. The call we must face, though, is to be those who can trust in God's care for us, and lean into God's commitment to us, and allow this to release us in generosity, in inclusivity and in service of others. Paul's care for his Jewish brothers and sisters meant that he was willing to sacrifice and serve them wholeheartedly. And Jesus' words to the disciples ring through the centuries to us: "You feed them". This means that we cannot avoid the responsibility of learning to care for and seek to serve those in our neighbourhoods, churches and even our own families. It means that we cannot hoard what we have, but must be willing to live simply and share what we have, inviting others to sit at the table with us. It means that we must be willing to become God's provision, God's welcome, God's commitment and God's service to others. Inevitably, we will find ourselves wrestling with God over these challenges, because it is never easy to be called by God. And inevitably we will find our hearts broken, our souls and bodies wounded by the grief and need we will find ourselves facing as we seek to serve others. But, in spite of this, we will also know the joy and 'reward' that comes when we know we are being used by God, and we are growing the community that knows and shares God's feast.
Thumbprints and commentaries from:
Formation Ministry News
Wednesday Morning Study Group
Communal Bible Study affords an enjoyable and fulfilling way to grow spiritually and exchange insights with fellow parishioners, especially during the pandemic. We currently are studying the Gospel of Matthew. All are welcome Wednesday mornings, 10:30 - 11:30. Contact Greg Serwich for a Zoom invitation.
Meditative Prayer 9:00am Fridays
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina. Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.
Education for Ministry (EfM)  Update
Technology is wonderful when it actually works. How often do we hear or think this?  The other side of that thought is technology can really throw us for a loop when it doesn't work.  Here's the situation regarding EfM for the coming year:  "We regret that the online registration system is down. We do not yet have an estimate for when it will be available. Please bear with us. When it is ready for use you will be informed."

Why am I sharing all this?  To let everyone know we have more time to put together an EfM group for the coming 2020-2021 year.  We will start later than usual and with more flexibility than in the past.
Here is a video link:
EfM 2020 Recruitment 
EfM 2020 Recruitment
Lynn Giles, Grace EfM Mentor
For a registration form or more information, please contact Lynn Giles at 815-757-2011 or
Worship and Ministry in the Midst of COVID-19! 
Pentecost Season Worship
Sunday services will begin at our usual 10:30 time at church and on Zoom. They will also be recorded and uploaded as quickly as possible for those unable to participate on Zoom. The uploads will appear on the church's Facebook page, @FullyGrace and on the Grace website.

Wednesday morning services are also now in-person in the church and on Zoom. Bible Study and Centering Prayer are also on Zoom each week. If you would like to add your name to any of these  participant lists, please e-mail the church office.
Ministry of Care
Here at Grace, The Ministry of Care has organized regular phone and e-mail contact with our most vulnerable members. If you are in need of assistance,or pick-up and delivery of prescriptions or emergency supplies, please contact Bonnielynn Kreiser.  Also contact her if you are able to help out. And, of course, your clergy are available by phone, text, and e-mail to provide pastoral care, 
Outreach Ministries 
Members of Grace Church are responsible for a serious problem here in Galena!
What could we have 
done, you ask? Out of gratitude for our many blessings, we have filled our UTO boxes with so much change that our community has seen a significant shortage in coinage! We can solve this problem!
Starting this Sunday, please bring your full and overflowing UTO boxes to church. There will be a box in the Parish House in which to put them! There will also be a new UTO box for you to take. 
But wait, you say, some of us are not coming to church, 
how can we turn in our boxes? Call Teri Jackman at 
815-281-0485 to make arrangements for her to come
to your house and pick up your box. Be sure to thank her for her service to Grace and Galena!

Current list of needs for needy in Galena: 
(although money can always be used)

cleaning supplies
baby wipes
feminine products
size 6 diapers
laundry detergent
outdoor toys for kids (all ages)
toilet paper
paper towels
cleaning sponges
fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, grapes are popular)

Anything can be dropped off on the porch of 
704 Park Avenue, Galena . Thank you!
Women and Friends Make a Difference

Vestry Liaisons

V estry Liaisons' primary purpose is to assure two-way communications between the various ministries and the  Vestry,  to represent the ministries for resources or  policy issues, and to  support  their  events  an d activities.

Worship:                                Rector                       
Building and Grounds:         Greg Serwich (Sr. Warden 2019-2021)   
Worship Committee:            Charlotte Stryker (class of 2022)        
Formation and Spirituality:   Elizabeth Ludescher (class of 2022) 
Fellowship & Hospitality:      Anita Sands (class of 2021)                 
Ministry of Care/LEMs:        Nancy Cook (class of 2023)  
Outreach:                              Tony Packard (class of 2021)     
Communications:                 Eric Kallback(class of 2023)
Governance:                  Wardens & Rector 
        Officers:                 Greg Serwich, Senior Warden             
                      Lynn Giles, Junior Warden,
                      Richard Luther, Treasurer                    
                                      Diann Marsh, Clerk      
                                      The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector 

Staff:                              Robin French, Director of Music
                                      Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
                                      Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
                      Chris Ludescher, Nursery Attendant     

This Sunday 
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
August 2, 2020

Zoom Worship-10:30 am 
Meeting ID: 824 2178 3266
Reservation for in-person worship:
For quick reference, find Sunday's readings by clicking here:

Ministers of the  Service:
Presider:  Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell
Lector: Terri Jackman
Intercessor:  Elizabeth Ludescher
Vestry Coordinator:  Eric Kallback
Pianist:  Robin French
Greeter:  Charlotte Stryker

Next Sunday's Readings: 
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
August 9, 2020

Grace's Prayer List
For a current prayer list, click on the following link:
    Grace Prayer List
The Request For Prayers notebook is in the Narthex/ Entrance area of the Church. Please feel free to request prayers for yourself or others at any time by filling out a form or contacting the office by either phone or email. May we first and always be "a people of prayer."
Meetings this Week 
Events This Week:
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Eucharist 10:30am
both in-person in the church  
and online on Zoom 


Holy Eucharist* 7:30am both in-person in the church and on Zoom  
Bible Study** online 10:30am


Meditative Prayer** online 9:00am

To be receive an invitation with the link to online events, please contact Gloria at

or **Greg Serwich at  
All are welcome!
Looking Ahead 
For current and upcoming events, check out the Goog le 
calendar on the website  
Link to most current directory here:

Link to  August - December 2020
Sunday Social Hour Hosts

Reminder for hosts:
Napkins and plates are provided. Use what you need from our pantry.  Remember: Keep it simple. We usually have about 35-40 attending.

 **Coffee schedule sign up is on the bulletin board in the Parish House.**
Formation Schedule  
You can now get information on Formation Ministries directly from the new Grace website at the following links:
Children and Youth Adults
Spiritual Practices

Ministry of Care 
If you are in need of assistance while ill or recovering: meals, transportation, visits, please contact the Ministry of Care Facilitators who can assist you
and connect you with parishioners who have trained and committed to this ministry that includes Parish Visitors, Meals, Rides, as well as the ongoing Servants through Prayer, LEMs, and the Greeting Card ministry.

Ministry of Care Leadership Team: Facilitators
Bonnielynn Kreiser
Terri Jackman

Clergy Advisors:
Gloria Hopewell,
Linda Packard

Sermons and e-Blasts 
News and prayer requests: 
Sunday Bulletin:
   Wed. end of day.
   Thursday noon. 

Anniversaries and Birthdays
Have yours been missed in our bulletins?   Send to Nancy.   Thank y ou!    

News and Photos
 f or  e-Blast!
People want to know  what's going on at Grace!  T here are places here for your event, program, or  interesting tidbit.   Comments on this e-Blast may be sent here.
Audio files of sermons are p
osted on the Grace Church website as well  
  as in the next week's e-Blast. Paper copies are available upon request.
Grace Episcopal Church Sunday Service 7 26 2020
Grace Episcopal Church Sunday Service 7 26 2020--our first hybrid in-person/Zoom service. The first part of the service lost in cyberspace. 

Grace Episcopal Church Worship 7 19 2020 
Grace Episcopal Church Worship
7 19 2020--our trial run, the first broadcast from the church. With sound problems that we are working on. 
Grace MP 7 15 2020 
Grace MP 7 15 2020
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena, IL, July 12, 2020 
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena, IL, July 12, 2020
Grace Entry Video with Music 
Grace Entry Video with Music

Virtual Chapel with Compline 
Virtual Chapel with Compline
   The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
Cell Phone:  773-988-3497

Grace Episcopal Church Office:
107 S. Prospect Street
Galena, IL 61036