Grace Episcopal Church

Last Sunday after Epiphany
February 14, 2021

Elizabeth Ludescher
Jae Hezlep 

THIS SUNDAY: Hybrid Zoom and limited attendance worship at 10:30 am. Those planning to worship in-person MUST register, preferably by the end of the day Saturday.  If you have registered and decide not to attend, please cancel your registration so someone else will have a chance to have a seat. 

You will be greeted at the Parish House door only and guided to an open seat. MASKS COVERING NOSE AND MOUTH ARE REQUIRED and all distancing and sanitizing requirements apply. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL. There will be no coffee hour, singing, or gathering in the church or parish hall after the service. You may depart through either the front or Parish Hall door.  Please review this summary of COVID precautions in worship:  10 COMMANDMENTS

BULLETIN 2-14-21

The devotional booklet is now available for pickup at the church. If you are unable to leave home, please call the church so that a delivery may be arranged.
We thank all those parishioners who have submitted meditations to this year's Lenten booklet. 

     Three services will be offered with the Ash Wednesday liturgy and safe imposition of ashes. The first will be at the usual Wednesday 7:30 am service time with the second at 12 noon. Both will include the full Ash Wednesday liturgy including SAFE, NO-TOUCH imposition of ashes and communion The third at 4:30 pm will be a shorter service of prayer and imposition of ashes   Reservations are required for all services. Use the same link as for regular services above.During that morning, from 8-12, ashes will be available in the nave for anyone who is uncomfortable attending a service.
     The services will also be available on Zoom.Packets of ashes are prepared for those attending on Zoom from now through Wednesday.
The Logistics:  Each Lenten season for a number of years, we have participated with other Galena churches in a weekly program ofSoup 'n' Study. This year is no different--except attendees will need to bring their own soup because the sessions will be held on Zoom. The program begins each Thursday at 6:30 pm. There will also be an optional "chat time" beginning at 6 pm. An invitation with the link will be sent out early in the week.  
The Study: This year, we will pick up with study plans from last year that were disrupted by the COVID lockdown.  The book and video series will be The Walk by Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, one of the fastest growing, most highly visible churches in the country. He says:  
     I wrote this book to be a simple guide for the Christian life written for ordinary people whose faith is sometimes messy. It is written for those who wish to follow Jesus, to experience more of God in their lives, and to grow to become the people God wants them to be.
     It is this idea of walking with Jesus that a simple way of thinking about our Christian life. We are followers of Jesus. We are seeking to learn from him, to emulate him, to go where he wants us to go, to do what he wants us to do, and to walk on the journey of life with him.
February 18:  "Worship and Prayer: A Living Hallelujah"
                        The Rev. Catiana McKay, Discussion Leader
February 25:  "Study: Listening and Paying Attention"
                        The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Discussion Leader
March 4:         "Serve: Here I Am, Lord, Send Me"
                         The Rev. Jim McCrae, Discussion Leader
March 11, 18, & 25:  "Give" "Share" and "Five Practices from the Cross"   Discussion leaders TBD. 
The Materials:  Some of you likely have the book already since you signed up last year. For others, it is readily available online both as a hardcover or e-book. Here are two sources:  

Beginning February 24th we will be discussing our reaction(s) to the previous seven days' (Wednesday to Tuesday) meditations from our Grace Lenten Meditations Booklet, what resonated with you, why, further elaborations and related concepts that came to mind, etc.
This group meets on Zoom at 10:30 am each Wednesday.
Yesterday, I stood in the sacristy by myself with a bag of palm ashes that Ann Berry drove to Dubuque to buy at the religious store, a stack of tiny zip-lock bags that Diane Luther provided, a bag of Q-tips from Nancy Kenney, and some adhesive labels that I printed from an app on my computer. I poured some of the ashes onto a paper towel, twisted and broke the Q-tips in half, rolled their tips in the ashes and sealed them in the tiny bags. Nothing terribly difficult, but even this took a bit of dexterity to accomplish without making a mess. I doubt that even one of these packets did not end up with stray ash on the top and sides of the bag!
      Even on a "normal" Ash Wednesday ashes are messy. We keep wet wipes, slices of lemon, and paper towels handy to wipe the ash off our fingers and from under our fingernails after imposing the ashes on worshipers' foreheads. They do tend to cling! And the ancient practice that is being suggested this year of sprinkling the ashes on top of the head to avoid touch seems to be fraught with mess potential.
       But that's okay. Human life is messy, after all. The Ash Wednesday liturgy and the act of the ashes seems a fitting beginning to the penitential season of Lent.  Acknowledging that messiness--that we are, as the prayer says, created out of the dust of the earth, mortal and often in need of repentance.
      In my family's protestant tradition, we did not impose ashes. In fact, even confession was frowned upon--probably because of the legacy of some of our ancestors whose emphasis was almost entirely on sinfulness, using it like a bludgeon. So, our pendulum swung all the way to the other side of not even acknowledging our shortcomings, focusing only on goodness.
      But that approach, in my humble opinion, robs us of the joy and relief that is possible when we are forgiven. Like when I was eight--falling on, and breaking the cover of a library book. Hiding it for a few days because of fear of being punished for my carelessness. Finally telling my mother who urged me to just go to the teacher to tell her what had happened and to say "I'm sorry." And when, in fear and trembling, I did so, I was not punished but told that accidents like that happen. It was okay. And I was okay.
      Not everything is as simple as a 3rd grade library broken book. Still, when the ashes are imposed, I hear the words of the psalmist, "Create in me a clean heart...renew a right spirit within me...give me the joy of your saving help." For I am--and all are--creations of a God of mercy and loving kindness who desires for us only wholeness and health.  
See you in worship, at church or on Zoom,
This Sunday
2 Kings 2:1-12: Elisha prepares for his time to leave the earth (since he never dies in the Scriptural account) and Elisha refuses to be separated from him. Then, when Elijah asks Elisha what he wants before he leaves, Elisha asks for twice Elijah's spirit. Elijah tells him that he will receive it if he sees Elijah being taken away. Then, Elijah is caught up in a wind and carried away, but Elisha sees and grieves the departure of his master.
Psalm 50:1-6: God radiates and God's voice speaks across all the earth calling God's people to God's self.
2 Corinthians 4:3-6: Jesus is the glorious image of God, and God has shone into our hearts the light of the knowledge of God's glory in Christ. It is this glorious Jesus that the Apostle preaches.
Mark 9:2-9: Jesus takes Peter, James and John up a mountain where they see Jesus transfigured into a radiant white, and Moses and Elijah appearing and talking to Jesus. Then they hear God's voice of affirmation and then all is back to normal. Then Jesus instructs them not to tell anyone until after he is raised.

it is the loss of our ability to perceive God's glory and to hear God's voice that has resulted in much of the injustice we encounter in the world. When we fail to see, as the Psalmist describes it, God's glory shining over and through the created world, it becomes easy to use the earth and its resources as commodities, forgetting their sacred nature. When we fail to recognise that Jesus is the image of God, revealing God's character and values, God's ways and God's purposes, it is easy to believe that God calls us to actions that contradict Christ's sacrificial life and teaching, and to ignore Christ's message of God's Reign as the basis for faith and life - the peaceful, compassionate, gracious and just Jubilee-style Reign. When we fail to recognise that God's glory is also revealed in all people - that Christ hides within them in a "distressing disguise" (as Mother Teresa put it), it becomes easy to abuse, dehumanise and exploit others. But, when we learn to recognise God's glory in Christ, we also learn to recognise God's glory in all things and in all people - and this changes everything. The moment our lives become flooded with glory we grow more celebratory, more compassionate, more careful of other people and of the earth, more just and more selfless.

Thumbprints and commentaries from:
Formation Ministry News
Wednesday Morning Study Group 
This (Ash) Wednesday we will begin Chapter 8 of Mark. Beginning February 24th we will be discussing our reaction(s) to the previous seven day's (Wednesday to Tuesday) meditations from our Grace Lenten Meditations Booklet, what resonated with you, why, further elaborations and related concepts that came to mind, etc.
All are welcome to visit or join us for any of these meetings beginning at 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays. Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation.
Meditative Prayer 9:00am Fridays
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina. Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.

A Zoom Poetry meeting from Grace Church has been organized and meets online on Mondays at 2:00pm. This is not specifically a Grace ministry, but a number of Grace members and friends are part of it If you are interested, write Carol Poston at
or call her at 815-777-0220.

              The Very Rev.Gloria Hopewell, Rector 
               Lynn Giles, Sr. Warden 2021-23
               Richard Luther, Jr. Warden 2021-23
               Charlotte Stryker (class of 2022)       
               Elizabeth Ludescher (class of 2022)           
               Nancy Cook (class of 2023)     
               Eric Kallback(class of 2023)
       Phil Jackman (class of 2024)
       Crystal Mason (class of 2024)

Vestry Liaisons' will be assigned and Clerk and Treasurer appointed at the February Vestry Meeting. The primary purpose of Vestry Liaisons is to assure two-way communications between the various ministries and the Vestry, to represent the ministries for resources or policy issues, and to support their events and activities.
        Officers:                 Lynn Giles, Senior Warden             
                      Richard Luther, Junior Warden,                                            The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
                      Clerk and Treasurer

         Staff:                     Robin French, Director of Music
                                      Nancy Cook, Erben Organist  
                                      Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
                                      Chris Ludescher, Nursery Attendant 
                                      The Rev. Linda Packard, Priest Associate
                                      The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon                
COVID Hours and Worship 
Hybrid Zoom and limited in-person presence has resumed on Sundays at 10:30 am and Wednesdays at 7:30 am.


Regular hours will continue. Nancy is available on Tuesday - Friday mornings. The rector is available Monday by appointment and Tuesday-Thursday. In-person meetings are suspended (except for the 12-step programs that are part of our community outreach). Please contact us ahead of time if you need to come by. And masks are essential!
This Sunday 
The Last Sunday After Epiphany 
February 14, 2021
Zoom Worship-10:30 am

For quick reference, find Sunday's readings by clicking here:
     2 Kings 2:1-12    
     2 Corinthians 4:3-6
     Mark 9:2-9
     Psalm 50:1-6

Ministers of the Service:
Rev. Linda Packard 
Preacher: Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell 
Deacon: Rev. Diane Luther
Music Director:  Robin French 
Lector: Richard Luther
Intercessor: Deb Pausz
Vestry Coordinator: Charlotte Stryker
Altar Guild: Charlotte Stryker
Greeter: Amy Hardwicke
Next Sunday's Readings: 
First Sunday in Lent
February 21, 2021

  Genesis 9:8-17
  1 Peter 3:18-22
  Mark 1:9-15
  Psalm 25:1-9
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Events This Week:
The Last Sunday in Epiphany
Holy Eucharist 10:30am
Church Office Closed (rector available by appointment)
 Zoom Poetry Meeting
2:00pm online
EfM 6:30pm on Zoom

Vestry Meeting 9:00am on Zoom

Ash Wednesday 
Ash Wednesday Services with imposition of ashes:
7:30am and Noon.
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Ashes only available for individuals
8am to 12 Noon
Bible Study** 10:30am on Zoom
Brief Ash Wednesday Service  with imposition of ashes: 4:30pm 
in-person and on Zoom  
Ashes available to be picked up for use in Zoom services. 
First session of Multi-Church
Lenten Study: 6:30 pm on Zoom
optional "chat time" at 6 pm

Centering Prayer* 9:00am on Zoom

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If you are ill or recovering: meals, transportation, visits, please contact the Ministry of Care Facilitators who can assist you and connect you with
 parishioners who have trained and committed to this ministry that includes Parish Visitors, Meals, Rides, as well as the ongoing Servants through Prayer, LEMs, and the Greeting Card ministry.

Ministry of Care Leadership Team: Facilitators
Bonnielynn Kreiser
Terri Jackman

Clergy Advisors:
Gloria Hopewell,
Linda Packard
Diane Luther
There is always time to sign up for Communion as part of our Zoom worship! You may wish to participate in communion and sign up for every Sunday.
Simply call or email the church office or contact Deacon Diane Luther.  
The Flower Chart for 2021 is on the bulletin board in the Parish House.  Please contact Ann Berry for available dates.  The flowers are $30 and come from the Blooming Basket at the Pig.
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Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday Eucharist 2 10 2021
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday Eucharist 2 10 2021
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Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday Eucharist 2 10 2021
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday Eucharist 2 10 2021
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, 5th after Epiphany 2021
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, 5th after Epiphany 2021
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