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Second Sunday after Pentecost 
June 14, 2020

Roxelyn Pepper, Bob Burton
Curt Most, Ron Toebaas, 
Bill Grosshans
Alice & Joe Maffit
If you wish to read the Bishop's Task Force Guidelines for re-opening, please click this Reopening Guidelines 
There is no target date at this time for the first step of reopening. When that is possible, groups of 5-10 people may be allowed with all safety restrictions of masks, six-foot distancing, and sanitation in place. Meanwhile, online worship and other gatherings will continue as in May. Mail is being picked up and bills are being paid.
You may mail your pledge payments to the church however it is convenient for you to do so.  
 A summary of the responses to the two suverys may be found here:
Rector's Ramblings 
Another term that has entered our vocabulary in the past few weeks is "Zoom fatigue." This is true in our own congregation with church meetings and services as well as other community activities. It is true in our diocese and beyond. For me, it means the weekly Zoom meeting of clergy with our bishop, deanery meetings, as well as our own church events, to say nothing of family and friends gathering online.
      In these past two weeks, our diocesan meetings have shifted emphasis from guidelines for re-opening churches to the issues around dismantling systemic racism.
     The past two Zoom meetings included representatives from our diocesan Anti-racism Commission and the Episcopal Church's Justice, Reconciliation, and Creation Care commission. In addition, there was a Zoom meeting last evening for diocesan clergy called "Intercultural Development Continuum: How to More Effectively Communicate with Others about Racism." As you might imagine, our parishes are being strongly encouraged by our bishop and by the Presiding Bishop to enter into such conversations to increase awareness, promote immediate action to assist, and to commit to dismantling racism in our church and the world.

Here is Bishop Lee's message:
Dear People of God:
As Christians in the United States, we are called to dismantle systemic racism as part of our vocation. As we continue that work in our diocese, I invited Rory Smith, a member of St. Thomas, Chicago who serves on the Standing Committee and the Anti-racism Commission, to reflect on how our faith calls us to lead in this pivotal moment. I am grateful to be able to share his thoughts with you, and I hope that they will help us continue this essential work long after the headlines fade. As Presiding Bishop Curry has said,when the cameras are gone, we will still be here. Thank you for your witness in this extraordinary moment.
The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee
Bishop of Chicago
The first link is Rory Smith's reflection. The second is a sermon from Bp. Curry.
      The Episcopal Church's Executive Council, meeting this week, has also spoken out. According to a press release, "the Council has doubled down on the church's anti-racism efforts, acknowledging in light of recent events that the church must do more, both to understand its own complicity in white supremacy and to dismantle it. Council passed several resolutions affirming the church's racial
justice work, emphasizing efforts to respond to the recent killings of black Americans by police and white vigilantes and highlighting the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 in communities of color.
     One resolution will send $150,000 to the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and $150,000 to the Diocese of Kentucky to "support their continuing work of dismantling the systemic racism we have created in this country and still permeates our church and society."

These are not new initiatives for the Episcopal Church. Both the 2015 and 2018 General Conventions had strong resolutions deploring racism and calling for the church's engagement. So, I would imagine that we will all be hearing more about programs and events in our diocese in the near future. I would remind you of the conversation this Sunday evening on the movie, "Just Mercy" at 6 pm on Zoom. More information follows in the Formation News just below. I recognize that this is an uncomfortable subject that we might prefer to avoid. But I urge you to consider gathering with your church community to listen and learn together.

See you on Zoom,
Formation Ministry News
Grace Movie Night Discussion  
6 p.m. Sunday, June 14 th
In response to protests taking place across the nation, Warner Bros. has made its movie "Just Mercy" available for free viewing during the month of June. The distributor is hoping the Michael B. Jordan-starring drama can be used as an educational tool to help people learn more about systemic racism in American society. Regretfully, we are unable to share the movie together on Zoom.  However, we can meet by Zoom to discuss it. Here are details on viewing the movie beforehand.
Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation to join the discussion, beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday, June 14 th.
Even if unable to view the movie (or read the book), you are welcome to join us.

Wednesday Morning Study Group
Communal Bible Study affords an enjoyable and fulfilling way to grow spiritually and exchange insights with fellow parishioners, especially during the pandemic. We currently are studying the Gospel of Matthew. All are welcome Wednesday mornings, 10:30 - 11:30. Contact Greg Serwich for a Zoom invitation.
Meditative Prayer 9:00am Fridays  - NEW!!
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina. Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.
Education for Ministry (EfM) 
Is next September your time to start EfM? Or continue EfM after a break? Here are some details that might interest you:
The theme for next year is: Living into the Journey with God.
The two interlude books are The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel and Hospitable Plant by Stephen Jurobics. All textbooks and t he two interlude books are included in the tuition fee.

Education for Ministry (EfM) is open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of their faith.
Anyone who studied under the previous format (with the big red binders) is welcome to jump into any one of the four years, like Mary Lou Smith did last year.
For a registration form or more information, please contact Lynn Giles at 815-757-2011 or
Just one example

When we, as a congregation, are able to return to our church building, there will be many changes.  One of them will be face masks.  We will be required to wear them for the foreseeable future.  By now many of us have obtained or made a face covering.  Is there any interest in creating a distinctive Grace face mask?  Here are a couple o ptions:

1.  Use a standard model and add a Grace logo (Menards is selling them in box of 50 quantities);
2.  Sew simple masks with a Grace logo; 
3.  Sew simple masks with distinctive fabric.

If you have an idea or a preference, click here
This Sunday
Genesis 18:1-15, (21:1-7): God appears to Abraham in the form of three visitors whom Abraham welcomes and serves. And they promise that in a year's time, Sarah will have a son. But, when Sarah laughs in disbelief, the strangers reaffirm the promise. And then their promise is fulfilled and Sarah gives birth to a son.
Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19: A Psalm of thanksgiving for God's mercy and the way God hears the psalmist's prayer. And a prayer of commitment to keep calling on God's name and giving thanks.
Romans 5:1-8: God has made us right with God through Christ, given us undeserved privilege, and made it possible for us to grow in strength and endurance through times of trial. In addition, God has given God's Spirit to fill our hearts.
Matthew 9:35 - 10:8, (9-23): Jesus notes that the harvest is great but the workers are few, and then he sends his disciples out to share the message of the Gospel with the people of Israel. He instructs them not to take anything with them, but to trust in the hospitality of the people to whom they go. Then he warns them about the rejection and persecution they will endure, but that these moments will be opportunities to speak about Jesus.

There are two elements to all of the readings this week. The first is that the readings all speak in some way about God's election of God's people. God chooses a people to partner with God, to be God's own treasured possession, and to experience God's promise, God's presence, and God's love. But, the second element in the readings this week is that this choosing is not for the sake of those who are chosen. God's choice of Abraham and Sarah, of the Israelites, of the disciples, and of all who follow the way of Jesus is for the sake of those who will come to know God's grace and love through them. The clear call of this week, then, is for us to be a people who respond to God's choosing by partnering with God in sharing the values, priorities, and purposes of God's Reign with our world. But, if we accept God's invitation, God's choosing of us, we have to know that this will mean that we have to endure suffering and persecution. This is inevitable because following Jesus way means being out of step with the society around us. But, it also means that whenever we find ourselves being misunderstood or questioned or challenged we have an opportunity to share the message of Jesus and to demonstrate God's love and grace through our actions.

Thumbprints and commentaries from:
Worship and Ministry in the Midst of COVID-19! 
Pentecost Season Worship
Sunday services will begin at our usual 10:30 time on Zoom. They will also be recorded and uploaded as quickly as possible for those unable to participate on Zoom. The uploads will appear on the church's Facebook page, @FullyGrace and on the Grace website.
Wednesday morning services and Bible Study are also on Zoom each week. If you would like to add your name to any of these  participant lists, please e-mail the church office.
Ministry of Care
Here at Grace, The Ministry of Care has organized regular phone and e-mail contact with our most vulnerable members. If you are in need of assistance,or pick-up and delivery of prescriptions or emergency supplies, please contact Bonnielynn Kreiser.  Also contact her if you are able to help out. And, of course, your clergy are available by phone, text, and e-mail to provide pastoral care, 
Outreach Ministries 
Mission moment June
The Outreach committee has made several donations to the League of Women Voters for their on going work to improve the quality of water in our county. We have also supported the effort to educate the county on good water practices with the use of the Watershed Game. We found a great location to present this game at Prairie Ridge. A year of presentations were scheduled. Two successful ones took place before the facility was closed due to COVID 19. Carmen and I have served as facilitators for the game during the last few years.
Just a review of the significance of the League's work. This was taken from an article which appeared in the Gazette on 8/24/19.
"The League of Women Voters of Jo Daviess County is the recipient of a $50,000 prize for a study of water quality on the Galena River from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and four other partners.
The League's project involved setting up low-cost water quality monitoring sensors on the Steve Ehrler farm which borders the Galena River. The sensors tested for nitrates running off the soil and into the Galena River.
League member Beth Baranski, who helped orchestrate the project, noted that it has become a federal priority to deal with the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi River. States are being asked to reduce nutrient runoff pollution into water resources such as the Galena River which flows into the Mississippi and then into the Gulf.
Since one can't see nitrates or phosphates in water, the sensors play an important role in detecting them. They also enabled Ehrler to see what was happening in real time on his farm.
Baranski said the prize money is being split with the manufacturers if the sensors. The great thing about the prize is that it comes without strings. It's important money because it is flexible."
I will be contacting Beth to follow up on this story.
Debbie Pausz

Other Outreach News

During this COVID-19 pandemic, donations have  been made to the ARC for the childcare it is providing for children of essential workers and to the Hispanic Council, Galena Chapter for assistance to those in need. Like our other regular donations, the funds come from the portion of Endowment income allocated to the Outreach Ministries. Its budget, in addition to recurring local, regional, and international organizations, includes a portion that unables us to address unexpected crises and needs.
Vestry Liaisons

V estry Liaisons' primary purpose is to assure two-way communications between the various ministries and the  Vestry,  to represent the ministries for resources or  policy issues, and to  support  their  events  an d activities.

Worship:                                Rector                       
Building and Grounds:         Greg Serwich (Sr. Warden 2019-2021)   
Worship Committee:            Charlotte Stryker (class of 2022)        
Formation and Spirituality:   Elizabeth Ludescher (class of 2022) 
Fellowship & Hospitality:      Anita Sands (class of 2021)                 
Ministry of Care/LEMs:        Nancy Cook (class of 2023)  
Outreach:                              Tony Packard (class of 2021)     
Communications:                 Eric Kallback(class of 2023)
Governance:                  Wardens & Rector 
        Officers:                 Greg Serwich, Senior Warden             
                      Lynn Giles, Junior Warden,
                      Richard Luther, Treasurer                    
                                      Diann Marsh, Clerk      
                                      The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector 

Staff:                              Robin French, Director of Music
                                      Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
                                      Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
                      Chris Ludescher, Nursery Attendant      
This Sunday 
Second Sunday after Pentecost
June 14, 2020

Zoom Worship-10:30 am 
Meeting ID: 871 8827 6305   

At the end of worship and exchanging the peace, we will again offer a Zoom conversation time where you will spend about 15 minutes in a break-out room with a few others parishioners.

For quick reference, find Sunday's readings by clicking here:
Romans 5:1-8
Matthew 9:35-10:8 (9-23)

Ministers of the
Presider:  Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell
Lector:  Nancy Cook
Intercessor:   Diane Luther
Pianist: Robin French

     6/21  Steve Coates
     6/28  Carol Poston
     6/21  Elizabeth Ludescher
     6/28  Cathie Elsbree
Next Sunday's
Third Sunday after Pentecost
June 21, 2020

Romans 6:1b-11
Matthew 10:24-39

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Second Sunday after Pentecost
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