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First Sunday in 
November 29, 2020

Zoom send-off on Saturday, December 5 at 4 pm 
The Transition Committee invites all members and friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago to join in a celebratory  
send-off for Bishop Jeff Lee and Lisa Lee on Saturday, December 5 at 4 pm via Zoom.
     The event will include video greetings from parishioners, clergy and bishops; remarks from Bishop Jeff and Lisa; reflections on his episcopacy; and a festive toast. All are invited to join the virtual farewell celebration using the Zoom link below.
At the end of the celebration, Standing Committee president Anne Jolly will present the Lees with a retirement purse, a longstanding Episcopal tradition and expression of appreciation for his ministry. The Grace Vestry approved a contribution to the purse. If you wish to make an additional contribution, you are invited to donate by December 1. Gifts made be made online or by check (memo: Bishop's purse) and are tax deductible. DONATE 

For more information about the farewell celebration please contact Christopher Powell. For assistance with a contribution please contact Jen BoyleTucker by email or phone (312.751.4215).
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Use this link to register in advance for the Zoom celebration:   After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the gathering. BP FAREWELL  
The electing convention will be held on Saturday, December 12 at 9:30 am until a candidate is elected. All are invited to participate tune in to the livestreamed proceedings. A link will follow. The voting delegates from Grace are: Lynn Giles, Elizabeth Ludescher, and Georgia Hansen as well as our clergy. Tony Packard is our alternate.
Essays, videos, and resumes of each of the four candidates may be found NOMINEES 
Advent Musings
Advent Musings

If you are interested in participating in Communion as part of our Zoom worship but did not sign up for the distribution, you may still do so by calling the church office.  
You will receive a "kit" with a month's worth of consecrated wafers to be used when you participate in worship on Zoom. Then, until we are able to worship in the church, additional consecrated wafers will be available each month. The consecrated wafers are holy. It is important that they be treated with reverence during and between services. We ask that you designate a place in your home that is special, for example, a home altar, or with your Prayer Book or Bible
GLORY PARISH UPDATE--A Status Report on the new church building from Bp. Joseph.

Dear Donna M Davis and all friends of Grace Church,

Grace and peace, I would like to inform you today we are in Renk diocese and especially Glory Church are very happy and thank God and all the members of Grace Church. We came to the end of second part of our Church building. Up to now the Church building cost about $55,000.00 (fifty five thousand US dollars) that was out of our budget. We thought $50,000.00 will finish every things, but did not works as we thoughts.
The third part which need to be done is plastering, electricity, painting and church furniture. I asked the building committee to send me full report. 
We are requesting prayers so that our God provides the fund to finish the remaining part.
Every body at the Town is happy for the great achievement especially during this difficult time of COVID-19.

Every blessing 
Thank you
+ Joseph

Glory Parish New Church
Glory Parish New Church

A Message from the Ministry of Care

During this time of Thanksgiving, Terri Jackman and I, who cochair our pastoral care ministry formally known as the Ministry of Care, want to take the opportunity to thank all our Grace members who have volunteered to help with any of the special needs within our community that may arise.  It has been so easy to fill those needs because of your quick and generous responses.  We have not had a large number of requests to fill.  My theory is that our parishioners are all helping each other on an informal basis.  That's what Christians do! 
But for those of you who find yourself in a bind, needing meals or a ride to the doctor or an important appointment or some other emergency such as needing a prescription immediately and having no way of getting it, please don't hesitate to call me.  Our team of Parish Visitors who were formally trained in pastoral care through the Bishop Anderson House keeps their ears to the ground so if you are in need, you may get a call from me before you even think to ask.  Early on in our shutdown Gloria put out a call to those willing help with providing rides or meals or filling an emergency need as mentioned above.  Many of you responded so I have a good list of helpers.  This is a great cadre of Grace members who are ready, willing, and able to help out.  We are so blessed.

With a grateful heart,
Bonnielynn Kreiser, Cochair, Ministry of Care
Last Sunday's worship included an ingathering and dedication of pledges for the ministries of Grace Church in 2021. If you have not yet turned in your pledge card, please either mail it or drop it off at the church.  
This Sunday
Isaiah 64:1-9: A prayer for God to come and display God's might as in the past. Also, a confession that, while God welcomes those who do good, God's people have not done good, and have failed to confess. Finally a plea for God's forgiveness.
Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19: A plea for God to reveal God's glory and come to God's people to turn them back to God, to make God's face smile on God's people, and to save them.
1 Corinthians 1:3-9: God has given us every spiritual gift, and will sustain us and strengthen us, as we await the return of Christ.
Mark 13:24-37: Jesus speaks about the signs of his coming - darkened sun and moon and fallen stars - and encourages his followers to watch the signs and be alert. Then he tells a story about a man who goes on a long trip, leaving his servants with work to do, and telling the gatekeeper to keep watch for his return. In the same way we are to keep watch for we don't know when the Master will return.

It is extremely sad that the Christian view of Christ's coming has come to be seen as something that is filled with terror, destruction and a God who uses the violent and dominating methods of human dictators to accomplish God's ends. While popular publications and movies may glorify this way of seeing God's reign, it is certainly not what Christ had in mind, and it doesn't help us to experience or reflect God's grace in our communities either. This year Advent calls us to think differently about the coming of Christ - as a gracious, restorative event that is always happening, and which gives us a cause for hope, not fear. Yes, there is the need for us to change - to repent - but all growth and healing requires this. The joyous challenge for our daily living in our neighbourhoods, families and churches, is to use the gifts God has given us to help others to see Christ as coming to them to restore and heal, and to be willing to watch for the signs of God's coming in our own lives and in our communities, in order to co-operate with what God is doing. This challenge is the opposite of waiting passively for a conquering God to come and sweep us off to a different world somewhere. It is an active participation in God's saving, peace-making, restoring work. It's about staying alert to the signs of God's presence everywhere, and jumping in, eagerly and graciously, to share in it. It is about believing that a new world is possible, and holding on the hope that God is at work to bring this new world into being. And, it is about being prepared to examine our own hearts and make changes where we find things that oppose God's reign. Perhaps if our Advent hope led us into this kind of just and gracious awareness and action, others would be more able to see the signs of Christ's coming in and through us.

Thumbprints and commentaries from:
Giving Campaign 2021
Last Sunday's worship included an in-gathering and  dedication of pledges for the ministries of Grace Church for 2021.
Grace Galena 2020 Giving Campaign
Tom VanGelder

Grace Galena Giving Campaign Story 2020
Richard Luther 
If you have not yet turned in your pledge card, please either mail it or drop it off at thechurch.   
      During our giving campaign, three Grace membe
Grace Galena 2020 Giving Campaign
Sue Anderson 
rs told their stories:

Formation Ministry News
 Wednesday Morning Study Group 
Join us to study, ponder, and discuss St. Mark's Gospel. Coming next: Chapter 4, Jesus begins using parables. We gather safely on Zoom, 10:30 - 11:30 Wednesday mornings. Contact Greg Serwich for a Zoom invitation..

Meditative Prayer 9:00am Fridays
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina. Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.

A Zoom Poetry meeting from Grace Church has been organized and meets online on Mondays at 2:00pm. This is not specifically a Grace ministry, but a number of Grace members and friends are part of it If you are interested, write Carol Poston at
or call her at 815-777-0220.
Worship and Ministry in the Midst of COVID-19! 
Pentecost Season Worship
Sunday services will begin at our usual 10:30 time on Zoom. They will also be recorded and uploaded as quickly as possible for those unable to participate on Zoom. The uploads will appear on the church's Facebook page, @FullyGrace and on the Grace website.

Wednesday morning services are also now only on Zoom. Bible Study and Centering Prayer are also on Zoom each week. If you would like to add your name to any of these  participant lists, please e-mail the church office.
Ministry of Care
Here at Grace, The Ministry of Care has organized regular phone and e-mail contact with our most vulnerable members. If you are in need of assistance, or pick-up and delivery of prescriptions or emergency supplies, please contact Bonnielynn Kreiser.  Also contact her if you are able to help out. And, of course, your clergy are available by phone, text, and e-mail to provide pastoral care, 
Vestry Liaisons

Vestry Liaisons' primary purpose is to assure two-way communications between the various ministries and the Vestry, to represent the ministries for resources or policy issues, and to support their events and activities.

Worship:                               The Very Rev.Gloria Hopewell, Rector  
Building and Grounds:         Greg Serwich (Sr. Warden 2019-2021)   
Worship Committee:            Charlotte Stryker (class of 2022)        
Formation and Spirituality:   Elizabeth Ludescher (class of 2022) 
Fellowship & Hospitality:      Anita Sands (class of 2021)                 
Ministry of Care/LEMs:        Nancy Cook (class of 2023)  
Outreach:                             Tony Packard (class of 2021)     
Communications:                 Eric Kallback(class of 2023)
Governance:                  Wardens & Rector 
        Officers:                 Greg Serwich, Senior Warden             
                      Lynn Giles, Junior Warden,
                      Richard Luther, Treasurer                    
                                      Diann Marsh, Clerk      
                                      The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector 

         Staff:                     Robin French, Director of Music
                                      Nancy Cook, Erben Organist  
                                      Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
                                      Chris Ludescher, Nursery Attendant 
                                      The Rev. Linda Packard, Priest Associate
                                      The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon                            
COVID Hours and Worship 

IN-PERSON WORSHIP CONTINUES TO BE SUSPENDED. We will still lead worship on Zoom from the church, with only the Altar Party, musician, and Zoom operator present in the building. Regular services are 10:30 am on Sundays; 7:30 am on Wednesdays.


Regular hours will continue. Nancy is available on Tuesday - Friday mornings. I am available Monday by appointment and Tuesday-Thursday. In-person meetings are suspended (except for the 12-step programs that are part of our community outreach).  please contact us ahead of time if you need to come by. 
And masks are essential!
This Sunday 
First Sunday in Advent
November 29, 2020

Zoom Worship-10:30 am 
Meeting ID: 824 2178 3266
Sunday's Bulletin  
For quick reference, find Sunday's readings by clicking here:
    Isaiah 64:1-9
    1 Corinthians 1:3-9
    Mark 13:24-37
    Psalm 80:1-7, 16-18

Ministers of the Service:
Presider:  Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell
Deacon:  Rev. Diane Luther
Lector:  Lynn Giles
Intercessor:  Donna Davis
Vestry Coordinator: Tony Packard
Music Director:  Robin French
Greeter: Maren Coates
Altar Guild:
Next Sunday's Readings: 
Second Sunday in Advent
December 6, 2020

2 Peter 3:8-15a
Grace's Prayer List
For a current prayer list, click on the following link:
    Grace Prayer List
The Request For Prayers notebook is in the Narthex/ Entrance area of the Church. Please feel free to request prayers for yourself or others at any time by filling out a form or contacting the office by either phone or email. May we first and always be "a people of prayer."
Meetings this Week 
Events This Week:
First Sunday in Advent
Holy Eucharist 10:30am
Zoom Poetry Meeting
2:00pm online


Holy Eucharist* 7:30am on Zoom  
Bible Study** online 10:30am

UCG Meeting
10:30 am online

Meditative Prayer** online 9:00am


To receive an invitation with the link to online events, please contact Gloria at

or **Greg Serwich at 
All are welcome!
Looking Ahead 
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calendar on the website 
Link to most current directory here:
Directory (Updated 11/13/20)

Link to August - December 2020
ROTA Schedule - updated 10/27/20
Formation Schedule  
You can now get information on Formation Ministries directly from the new Grace website at the following links:
Children and Youth Adults
Spiritual Practices

Ministry of Care 
If you are in need of assistance while ill or recovering: meals, transportation, visits, please contact the Ministry of Care Facilitators who can assist you
and connect you with parishioners who have trained and committed to this ministry that includes Parish Visitors, Meals, Rides, as well as the ongoing Servants through Prayer, LEMs, and the Greeting Card ministry.

Ministry of Care Leadership Team: Facilitators
Bonnielynn Kreiser
Terri Jackman

Clergy Advisors:
Gloria Hopewell,
Linda Packard

Sermons and e-Blasts 
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Sunday Bulletin:
   Wed. end of day.
   Thursday noon. 

Anniversaries and Birthdays
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Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Thanksgiving 2020
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Thanksgiving 2020

Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday Morning Prayer 11 25 2020
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday Morning Prayer 11 25 2020
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena, IL, Sunday 11 22 2020 
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena, IL, Sunday 11 22 2020

Grace Galena Wednesday Service 11 18 2020 
Grace Galena Wednesday Service 11 18 2020
Grace Galena Sermon November 15, 2020 
Grace Galena Sermon November 15, 2020
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL Wednesday 11 11 2020 
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL Wednesday 11 11 2020

Grace Episcopal Church Sunday Eucharist 11-8-2020 
Grace Episcopal Church Sunday Eucharist 11-8-2020
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday 11-04-20 
Grace Episcopal Church, Galena IL, Wednesday 11-04-20
Grace Church Galena All Saints 2020 
Grace Church Galena All Saints 2020
Grace Entry Video with Music 
Grace Entry Video with Music

Virtual Chapel with Compline 
Virtual Chapel with Compline
   The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
Cell Phone:  773-988-3497

Grace Episcopal Church Office:
107 S. Prospect Street
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