Grace Episco pal Church
Week of September 16, 2018  
Seventeenth  Sunday after Pentecost  
10:30 am
While the Rector is out of the country  
(until September 30th) please contact a warden
or the Rev. Linda Packard in case of pastoral needs.
Birthdays :
Georgia Hansen
Nikki & Jason Frank  
Coming Right Up! 
(Please note there is no social hour host this Sunday. There are cinnamon rolls and banana bread in the refrigerator for those who venture over to the Parish House.)

Canapés & Conversations
George & Charlotte Kennedy will be hosting at their home at 946 N. Irish Hollow Drive on Friday, September 21st from 5-7pm. Bring a friend, a nibble and a beverage to share. All are welcome!
Five Church Program 
Grace has been invited to participate in a four Thursday series meant to help us get to know more about the faith traditions of the other four churches with which we often participate in discussion groups and in worship. These are Presbyterian, United Methodist, and Lutheran (ELCA). Beginning September 13 at 6:30 pm, we will gather at the Galena United Methodist church. Each week, a different denomination will be featured.
Galena's Country Fair
Grace church has the opportunity to volunteer serving walking tacos in the Grab n Go booth next to the Wine Garden (bonus)! On Saturday, October 6th from 10am to 5pm, 16 volunteers are needed, taking 3 hour shifts (8a-11a; 11a-2p; 2p-5p). Entrance to the fair is free for volunteers and Grace Church will receive $10 for every hour for each volunteer. Please contact Fräni Beadle in the church office if you are interested in helping.  
Rector's Ramblings 
By the time you read this e-Blast, I and a number of other Galena folk (and Grace folk including Bonnielynn Kreiser, Joan Klaus, Francis Rivoire, and the Bargs) will be in France where we will spend time with those people from Agen who vistied Galena last October. We will be taking French lessons and participating in outings and events while staying in host homes. You may have been involved in the visit last year or you may recall the Gazette article that mentioned some of the shared characteristics between Galena and Agen.
     Here are two photos of our Agen friends enjoying Halloween at our Parish House.

I shall be away until our Sunday morning service on September 30.
     In my absence, Linda Packard will preside at the Eucharist on the 16th and 23rd. Linda and our wardens, Pete Stryker and Greg Serwich will be available for pastoral concerns.

Au revoir and see you in church!
Preparation for Sunday  
The theme that brings all of these readings together can be summed up in one word: integrity. We live with integrity when we embrace God's wisdom and live it out, rather than just speaking words that we do not put into action. We live with integrity when we stay faithful to God's ways, and speak God's message, even though it often results in suffering, struggle and sacrifice. When our words, our thoughts, our attitudes and our actions all align with one another, and with the ways of God that were taught and lived by Jesus, then our lives are lives of integrity and they are lives that add value and make a life-giving contribution to the world.


Wisdom of Solomon 7:26-8:1: A celebration of the beauty of Wisdom who reflects God's light and goodness, reveals God's activity, and shapes people into God's friends.
Psalm 116:1-9: The Psalmist loves God and praises God because God has heard his cry for mercy and for rescue, and God has compassionately saved him, delivering him from death.
James 3:1-12: The tongue is a small thing, but it has tremendous power for good or ill. Although human beings have tamed all sorts of animals, we struggle to tame the tongue. But, for God's people, blessing and curses should not come out of the same mouth.
Mark 8:27-38: Jesus asks his disciples who the people say he is, and then who they say he is. Peter replies that he is the Christ. Then Jesus predicts his coming death and resurrection, but Peter tries to correct him. Jesus responds by rebuking Peter, and then teaching that all who seek to follow him must take up their crosses, and not be ashamed of him.

Perhaps the greatest threat to our integrity in our homes, churches and personal lives, is the siren call of expediency and consumerism. It's far easier to create "sexy" worship services that make people feel good, but leave their garbage unchallenged, than it is to hold people accountable to the Gospel. It is far easier to "go with the flow" than to stand up for truth, justice and love, especially among our own family members and friends. It is far easier to preach great self-help messages than to call people to allow Christ to change them. Sometimes, rather than ensure our words have integrity, we simply remain silent. Sometimes, rather than holding to values of integrity and justice, we simply turn a blind eye to injustice. Sometimes, rather than get our hands dirty in serving others, it is easier to throw money at the problems we face and hope that someone else will deal with the practicalities. But, we all know the power of lives of integrity. We have all been impacted by people of faith whose lives have embodied what they believe in every part. And we have all seen the positive impact that such integrity can have on relationships, on communities, on our witness for Christ, and on the individuals who are served and saved by people of integrity. May we be known less for our opulent sanctuaries and professional standards of performance in worship, and more for embodying the gracious words of Christ, the bold wisdom of Christ, and the sacrificial love of Christ.

The thumbnails and reflections come from,
Outreach News 
Episcopal Relief and Development is one of the organizations regularly supported by our Outreach funds. As hurricane season is upon us, parishes have been asked to include this information and appeal for support.

We respond to storms in the United States and U.S. territories through our U.S. Disaster Program. Through our partnerships with Episcopal dioceses, we offer resources and training to help people prepare for disasters and provide emergency support so vulnerable people can make a sustained recovery after the storm. The benefit of our partnership with Episcopal churches is that these congregations are already deeply integrated within their communities. In other words, the Episcopal Church is there before responders arrive and will remain long after the news cameras have gone. You can help provide critical relief to affected communities by donating to our Hurricane Relief Fund. To donate and read the latest updates, visit

Mark Your Calendars 
Some upcoming events in the fall you may want to note:

Sunday, October 7:  World Communion Sunday at the Galena Arts Center; shared ecumenical worship with Presbyterian, United Methodist, and Lutheran churches.

Thursday, October 11: Bp. Joseph from the Diocese of Renk, Sudan, will be with us. Details to follow.
Parish House Update 
Good Morning All
Parish Hall Update
Front of building--all but the three stained glass windows
in the upper level!

Doors are being installed. Trim is being installed. Flooring upstairs is installed. Mediacom has done a site survey and know where to bring in their cable.
Cabinets should be delivered today and they will be installed quickly so measurements for countertops can be taken.
Lots of details every day and lots of folks are contributing to get them handled.

Thanks All
(C) 312 504 8268      
Episcopal Church and Diocesan News 
Presiding Bishop Update
In a video message shared on September 10, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry thanked everyone who prayed for his recovery from prostate surgery.

"I want to thank you for all of the cards, and the well-wishes and, above all, for all of the prayers. I came through the surgery very well. Everything is good," Curry said in the video. "The pathology report was just fine, and I'm slowly but surely working my way back into the work I love to do."

Vote Faithfully 2018
Toolkit for communications, worship and advocacy 
"Voting and participation in our government is a way of participating in our common life and that is a Christian obligation." -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

The Episcopal Church Office of Government Affairs has created a toolkit, Vote Faithfully 2018, for use in advance of the November 6 election. Resources include action steps for individuals and worship materials for congregations.
Learn more
Cooking with God's Bounty 
Karlyn's Tuscan Sausage and Bean Dip
1 lb. sausage
1 medium onion, finely chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 c. chicken broth
1/2 t. oregano
1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. thyme
1 pkg. 8 oz. cream cheese
1 pkg.(6 oz) fresh baby spinach
1 can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
1 cup chopped grape tomatoes
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a large skillet cook sausage, onion, and garlic. drain. Stir in broth and spices. bring to a boil. Add cream cheese. Stir until melted. Stir in spinach, beans and tomatoes, cook and stir until spinach is wilted. Transfer to a 1 1/2 quart dish. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake 20-25 minutes. Serve with French baguette slices or crackers.

Vestry Liaisons

V estry Liaisons' primary purpose is to assure two-way communications between the various groups and the  Vestry,  to represent the groups for resources or  policy issues, and to  support  their  events  an d activities.

Worship:                               Rector                        
Building and Grounds:        
Pete Stryker (Sr. Warden 2017-2019)   
Worship Committee:            Pam Malik
(class of 2019)             
and Spirituality:
  Greg Serwich (Jr. Warden 2018-2019)   
Fellowship & Hospitality:     Anita Sands (class of 2021)                 
Pastoral Care/ LEMs:           Bonnielynn Kreiser (class of 2020)  
Outreach:                             Tony Packard (class of 2021)
                                             Deb Pausz (class of 2019)               
Communications:                 Larry Poston (class of 2020)
Governance:                        Wardens & Rector 

Officers:                Pete Stryker, Senior Warden             
                     Greg Serwich, Junior Warden
                     R ichard Luther, Treasurer                    
                     Elizabeth Ludescher, Clerk      
Rect or :                          The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell           

Administrative Asst.:      Fräni Beadle  
Organist/Pianist:            Robin French, Nancy Cook        
Choir Director:               Pat Terry  
These audio files, along with recent archived sermons may be found in the "Worship" tab of the Grace Church website or at this link:
Grace Galena Sermon 15th after Pentecost 
Grace Galena Sermon 15th after Pentecost
Rev. Gloria Hopewell 
Grace Galena Sermon 12th after Pentecost 
Grace Galena Sermon 12th after Pentecost
Rev. LInda Packard 
Grace Galena Sermon 16th after Pentecost
Grace Galena Sermon 16th after Pentecost
Diane Luther, Postulant for Diaconate 
This Sunday 
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Rector's Ramblings
Preparing for Sunday
Formation Ministries
Mark Your Calendars
Vestry Liaisons
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Next Sunday's Readings
Grace's Prayer List
Meetings this Week
Choir Schedule
Coffee Hour Reminders
Ministry of Care
Boring Details
September 16, 2018
Sunday Morning Eucharist
17th Sunday after Pentecost 
For quick reference, find Sunday's readings by clicking here:
The Lectionary

Ministers of the Service:
Carmen Ferguson
1st Chalicist:
Bill Boehler
2nd Chalicist: 
Greg Serwich
Richard Luther
Vestry Coordinator:
Tony Packard
Charlotte Stryker
Altar Guild:
Pat Golden & Diann Marsh
Presider: Rev. Linda Packard

Next Sunday's
18th Sunday after Pentecost
September 23, 2018
Eucharistic readings
for your own study: 
Jeremiah 11:18-20 
Psalm 54          
James 3:13--4:3,7-8a
Mark 9:30-37  
Grace's Prayer List
For a current prayer list, click on the following link:
Grace Prayer List


The Request For Prayers notebook is in the Narthex/ Entrance area of the Church. Please feel free to request prayers for yourself or others at any time by filling out a form or contacting the office by either phone or email. May we first and always be "a people of prayer."
Meetings this Week 
Wednesday Events  
7:30 am
Midweek Morning Eucharist
8:10 am
Community Breakfast at Victory Café   
Cursillo Reunion  
St. Francis Room
10:30 am
Morning Bible Study Parish House (No meetings in August)
All are welcome!
Grace's Choir Practice
Wednesdays at 7pm
Saturdays at 10am
(Choir practice will resume Wednesday, September 5th)
Looking Ahead 
For current and upcoming events, download a copy of the calendar with this link:    
September  OR check out the goog le
calendar on the new website
Sermons and e-Blasts 
Copies of sermons and e-Blasts are available on the Narthex table.
Comments on this e-Blast may be sent here

Sermons are often posted as audio files on the rector's Facebook page.  
Sunday Social Hour Hosts
** If you put out trash, please put in a secure trash can. Thanks to all for your cooperation. **
9/16 - Available
9/23 - Available

R eminder for hosts:
Napkins and plates are provided. Use what you need from our pantry to the right of the coffee maker.  Remember: Keep it simple. We usually have about 20-25 attending.
  **Coffee schedule sign up is in  the Parish House kitchen.**
Formation Schedule  
You can now get information on Formation Ministries directly from the new Grace website at the following links: Children and Youth Adults
Spiritual Practices

Ministry of Care 
If you are in need of assistance while ill or recovering: meals, transportation, visits, please contact the
Ministry of Care
o Carol Poston
o Charlotte Kennedy
who can assist you and connect you with parishioners who have trained and commited to this ministry that includes Parish Visitors, Meals, Rides, as well as the ongoing Servants through Prayer, LEMs, and the Greeting Card ministry.

Ministry of Care Leadership Team: Facilitators :  Carol Poston, Charlotte Kennedy
Clergy Advisors: Gloria Hopewell, Linda Packard

News and prayer requests: 
Sunday Bulletin -- Wed. end of day.
e-Blast: Thursday noon. 

Anniversaries and Birthdays
Have your celebrations been missed in our bulletins?   Send to Frani.
Thank y ou!  

News and Photos

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what's going on at Grace!  T here are places here for your event, program, or
interesting tidbit.   
   The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
Cell Phone:  773-988-3497

Grace Episcopal Church Office:
309 Hill Street
Galena, IL 61036