grace episcopal church
galena, illinois
Week of May 9, 2021
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Sunday May 9, 2021

Ministers of the Service
Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Presider
Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon
Lynn Giles, Lector
Donna Davis, Intercessor
Robin French, Music Director
Nancy Cook, Erben Organ
Nancy Cook, Vestry Coordinator
Alice Maffit & Kim Kreiser, Altar Guild
Maren Coates, Greeter

At its April meeting the Vestry adopted the following statement on inclusion that is meant to appear on our website and on informational or promotional materials:

As a community of faith that is committed to inclusiveness and hospitality, Grace Church welcomes all to participate in its worship and in its various ministries, programs, groups, and events. We believe that a diversity of voices and experiences enriches our congregation.

There are rare circumstances where a particular group might be limited. One example is the support group that requires discretion and trust for those who are experiencing a particular life struggle or transition (example: a grief group). In addition, time-limited, multiple session groups may close admission when the registration period has passed. If the group wishes to continue in the same or another form, a new registration period will be opened to all who are interested.
An apprentice to work with Zoom at Grace Church.

This is an important part of our Worship Ministry, and more people are needed to keep our live online services coming! It may seem very complicated, but those of us who have been handling it for nearly a year now all had to start from very basic computer skills and learn "on the job." If we have a small team, the responsibilities can be rotated, making it easier for all of us--and making it possible to explore better ways to assure the best audio and visual experience for those worshiping in person and those online.

Please contact Lynn Giles if interested and for more information.
It is the little blue box time again! United Thank Offering Invites Every Episcopalian to:
“Notice the Good Things That Happen Each Day.
Give Thanks to God for Your Blessings.
Make an Offering for Each Blessing.”

The United Thank Offering (UTO) is a ministry of The Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church. Through UTO, individuals are invited to embrace and deepen a personal daily spiritual discipline of gratitude, and through this effort, the whole world is joined in gratitude! Remember that every penny given to the United Thank Offering is given away to support innovative mission and ministry in The Episcopal Church. Since our official founding in 1889, UTO has awarded 5,357 grants for a total of $140,625,355.77.

The theme for the 2021 grants is:
“Recovering with love and gratitude: An Episcopal response
to the Covid-19 pandemic.”
$450,000 in thank offerings has already been collected in time for the first round of COVID-19 grants. The COVID-19 grants combine some historic traditions for UTO, namely sustaining previous grant winners to ensure that vital ministries continue in addition to funding innovative responses to the pandemic. There was over $700,000 applied for in grants this year. The need has been especially great because of the pandemic. To see some of the projects receiving first round grants click UTO:

Grace has dedicated the month of May for collection of your UTO box. Bring it with you to church or if you are attending church virtually, drop it off when the parish house is open so we can all join grateful Episcopalians around the world making life better for those in need.

The global call to love can only really be expressed and lived locally – but it is here where the real power of love can make a lasting impact on the world. It starts in our homes as we begin to learn to lay down our lives for our parents, children, and spouses. Then, we begin to learn to lay down our lives for our faith community, treating one another with grace and kindness instead of criticism and judgment. Then, inevitably, as our love grows, it will expand beyond the walls of our churches into our neighbourhoods, to touch those who are lonely, impoverished, hungry, abused, homeless, and displaced. As this happens, our love becomes like a pebble dropped into a pond, raising ripples that expand ever outward to make the world a more just and gracious and peaceful place. All it takes is the daily decision to lay our lives down for one another, and allowing that “one another” to continue to grow as God brings new people into our circle of influence.

Acts 10:44-48: As Peter preaches to the Gentile believers in Cornelius’ house, the Holy Spirit comes on them and they begin to speak with other tongues. Peter then baptises them confirming that God’s salvation is for the Gentiles as well as for the Jews.
Psalm 98: An exhortation to all creation to praise God for the wonderful works God has done, revealing God’s righteousness to all nations and bringing God’s justice into the world among all people.
1 John 5:1-6: When we love God and keep God’s commandments, we love God’s children. It is by this love that we know that we are born of God, and it is this faith that overcomes the world.
John 15:9-17: Jesus calls his followers to love one another just as he has loved them. There is no greater than to lay down one’s life, as Jesus does, for one’s friends. Through this obedience to Jesus’ command to love we bear fruit that lasts.
Altar Guild
The Altar Guild would like to acknowledge that Maren Coates has joined the group.

Flowers in Church
There are many openings on the flower chart to donate flowers. 
The EfM Alumni group is preparing to discuss a book recommended during Steve Barg’s Doctrine of Discovery Program: Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding SweetgrassAnyone wanting to join the discussion (from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 20th) may contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation.
At 10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, the Study Group meets online to resume the study of the Gospel of Mark. All are welcome to join. 

Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation.
This group meets on Zoom at 10:30 am each Wednesday.
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina.
Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.
A Zoom Poetry meeting from Grace Church has been organized and meets online on Mondays at 2:00pm. This is not specifically a Grace ministry, but a number of Grace members and friends are part of it If you are interested, write Carol Poston at
or call her at 815-777-0220.

Wednesday Episcopal service of Holy Eucharist: The Rev Dr Gloria Hopewell, Presider; The Rev Diane Luther, Deacon; Lynn Giles, Lector and Zoom Host.
Easter 4 4/25/2021: The Rev Dr Gloria Hopewell, Presider; The Rev Diane Luther, Deacon; Richard Luther, Intercessor; Nancy Cook, Lector and Erben Organist; Robin French, Music Director; Lynn Giles, Zoom Host. PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the first part of the Service of the Word has been deleted since there was no sound.
Easter 3 4/18/2021: The Rev Dr Gloria Hopewell, Presider; The Rev Diane Luther, Deacon; Bill Foltz, Intercessor; Terri Jackman, Lector; Robin French, Music Director; Nancy Cook, Erben Organist; Lynn Giles, Zoom Host.
Reopening Church (Limited)
Hybrid worship has resumed for both in-person and Zoom congregations. Since our region is in Phase 4 of the State of Illinois COVID recovery, we are able to offer 21 spaces in the nave with a maximum of 32 people. Each space can accommodate one single or a couple who live in the same household. MASKS ARE REQUIRED UPON ENTRY.

For those wishing to attend in-person, reservations are required. You may reserve by going to reserve.

If you are assigned to an Altar Party role where you will be sitting in the Chancel, you need not reserve. All others, such as lectors, musicians, vestry coordinators, greeters, and altar guild do need to reserve.

On Sunday morning, you will come to the Parish House door where a Greeter will check your name(s) off on a list and admit you to the building where you will proceed into the nave to find an empty seat that is designated by a bulletin.
Please review this summary of COVID precautions in worship:  10 COMMANDMENTS

Pews that are not to be used are closed off by lengths of ribbon. There are hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and also at the back of the nave.

Those who will join us on Zoom will receive the usual e-mail invitation with a link to the day's bulletin.
Lynn Giles, Senior Warden
Richard Luther, Jr. Warden
Richard Luther, Treasurer
Crystal Mason, Clerk
The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
The Rev. Linda Packard, Priest Associate
The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon
Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
Robin French, Music Director
Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
Charlotte Stryker: Worship
Elizabeth Ludescher: Communications
Nancy Cook: Outreach
Eric Kallback: Building & Grounds
Crystal Mason: Pastoral Care
Phil Jackman: Fellowship/Parish Life
The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
Cell Phone: 773-988-3497

Grace Episcopal Church Office:
107 S. Prospect Street
Galena, IL 61036