grace episcopal church
galena, illinois

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

Holy Eucharist, 10:30 am

Week of July 4, 2021

NO RESERVATIONS: ALL spots reopen at Grace
this Sunday! Most COVID restrictions are lifted and congregational singing resumes -- with masks.
Otherwise, masks are optional except
for those who are not vaccinated.
One area of the nave will be reserved for those who
prefer a bit of distance.
Communion--wafers only--will be offered at the altar rail, and the gifts will be presented
at the Offertory.
A simple social time will be held after worship
with beverages and light refreshments.
Ministers of the Service
Members & Guests, Celebrants
Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Presider
Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon
Steve Coates, Lector
Debbie Kallback, Intercessor
Robin French, Music Director
Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
Eric Kallback,Vestry Coordinator
Ann Berry & Amy Hardwicke,
Altar Guild
Maren Coates, Greeter


Part II of our survey received only 27 responses (as compared to 52 for Part i). These questions were a bit more detailed and concerned comfort levels for lifting specific restrictions. 100%
of respondents indicated that they were fully vaccinated.

There were no critical additional concerns about conditions that might cause people to be hesitant. As to the specific restrictions listed, the majority of respondents chose the response "Go for it." (The graph did not come out in a readable fashion.)

Communion preferences are illustrated above. The three choices of response reflected the continued diocesan requirement that elements would be wafers and no common cup. The blue segment represents the 16 individuals who chose "wafers only until the common cup is available." The red (individual cups) and orange (wafer dipped in wine by server and placed in mouth) segments represent 5 and 4 individuals respectively and the green and purple represent one person each (purple is essentially the same as the orange slice; green is not permitted by the diocese at this time).

As a result of these surveys, the Vestry's COVID task force made its recommendations and we implemented them this past Sunday. There were no limitations on attendance; masks were required only for singing and for those unvaccinated over 2 years old. We returned to the altar rail for communion and shared a simple coffee hour after the service. All seemed to go smoothly. Yet we are always interested in peoples' thoughts and reactions.

Although it feels as if school just ended for the summer, kids will soon be returning to school.
After having a decreased enrollment last year, the ARC will have at least 15 preschoolers this year.
Once again, Outreach will be collecting school supplies and money for the ARC through the month of July. We feel the need to show our appreciation for all that the ARC does for the children in our community. There will be a basket in the Narthex in which to put the school supplies. 
We thank you for your generosity in helping to educate the young people in the community.
Donna Davis

United Churches of Galena Food Pantry Golf Outing     July 27, 2021
The United Churches of Galena Food Pantry will sponsor a golf outing at the Eagle Ridge South Course on Tuesday, July 27, starting at 10 a.m. This is an 18-hole four-person scramble, prizes awarded, lunch provided, with the main objective to have fun. There are several ways you can support this worthy cause; as a player, a donor (individual/business), or as a volunteer on the day of the golf outing.
Registration and payment along with details can be found online here You can also pick up forms at any Eagle Ridge Golf Course, or stop by the Galena Food Pantry, 219 Summit St., between Noon-5 p.m., June 24, July 8, or July 22.
Your support will assist with the Galena Food Pantry’s mission “to provide cost-free food for the hungry, while treating all people with dignity, respect, and turning no one away.” Questions? Call 815-656-0789.

Dear friends from Grace,

The members of your Outreach Committee are blessed to receive heartfelt thank yous for the donations that Grace Church makes to a wide variety charitable organizations. We thought it is only fair that you, the generous folk who make it all possible, should get to share in the treasured notes we receive. Below, enjoy some snippets.

To the Richard Babcock Memorial Yarn Ministry from Shelter Care Ministry in Rockford: 
Thank you! You are helping build a more compassionate community and transforming the lives of Rockford families. Your gift of hand knitted blankets……and cowls gives hope to Shelter Care families with struggle with homelessness. You may never know the names of those you help, but you put a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts.
Your Outreach Committee donates $300 so that the generous, talented knitters can have the yarn they need for their good works…a team effort!

Episcopal Relief and Development:
Thank Grace Episcopal Church for the $2,500 gift. Please know your gift is already making a difference. We are committed to demonstrating an impact in three program areas: Women, Children and Climate. ……women, the focus is on helping communities promote the rights of women and children to move toward the vision that everyone deserves a life free from violence… and protect children under six so they can reach health and developmental milestone….preparing for and recovering from climate-influenced events such as floods……

Heifer International:
I wish you could see the real and lasting impact you have had on so many! Your $960.00 has given pride to mothers who can now support their families…farmers who have learned how to grow thriving crops….you would see the dignity you provide to so many.

Galena-Jo Daviess County Historical Society:
On behalf of the 2021 Heroes for History Stair Challenge Committee and the Galena-Jo Daviess Country Historical Society, I would like to thank you for becoming a sponsor with your $200 contribution….they help us to remember and celebrate the historic past of Galena.

Yes, each of you does make a difference!
               Your grateful Outreach Committee

EfM stands for Education for Ministry. It is a four-year curriculum developed by the University of the South, Sewanee TN for the education of lay people in the church. The first year focuses on the Hebrew Bible; the second year the New Testament while the third years reviews church history and the fourth year reads contemporary theology and ethics. In addition, as a group, we reflect on theological issues as they relate to our world.

Teresa Burke presented a Ministry Moment on Sunday, June 27explaining what EfM has meant to her.  New students may enroll beginning in July to start in October 2020. Tuition is $375/yr., which includes all textbooks. Scholarships are available. There is lots of information about EfM on the website, If anyone has questions, Lynn Giles is available at
Are you interested in EfM? Or, if you went through EfM in “the old days" with the big binders, are you curious about EfM in the present format? 
The current EfM Seminar invites you to join us in a discussion of our interlude book, Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action and Climate Change , written by Stephen A. Jurovics (New York, Morehouse Publishing, 2016).  The book is widely available in soft cover or Kindle editions.  

Please let us know if you will join our discussion by July 1 so we can finalize the location in the Parish House and send you some preparation material.  The session will be held on Monday, July 19 between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. For more information or to register, please email Lynn Giles at
NEW--Compline on Zoom

Beginning on Tuesday evening, July 6 at 8:30 pm, Lynn Giles will lead a service of Compline. She has been participating in the service that has previously been offered to the Diocese of Chicago by St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn. This service of the Daily Office in our Book of Common Prayer is a brief, contemplative service that is ideal for prayerful letting go of the cares of the day and preparing for a restful night. Find the link button above.
Our Bishop-elect, Paula Clark will be consecrated on August 28! Prior to her medical emergency she was able to attend our Deanery meeting and talked about her intent to hold deanery-wide services to provide Confirmations, and receive new members to the church. By doing this, those wishing to be received or confirmed would not have to wait for her to visit their parish, which might take two or more years.

Because of this, I will be offering an Adult Inquirers Class sometime this summer (dates will be determined by the schedules of those interested in attending). We will be talking about our identity as Episcopalians, the Book of Common Prayer, a brief history of the Anglican/Episcopal church, our creeds, prayer, Baptism, Eucharist, the Trinity (don’t come looking for an explanation!), and the Jesus Movement as described by Presiding Bishop Curry. Attending does not commit you to being received. You may make that decision after you have completed the class.

This is open to anyone in the church or community, although if there is a large response, those considering reception into the Church will be given priority due to limited space (this is an in-person class). The time commitment is about eight hours. Last time, those taking the class decided to do the whole thing on one Saturday. Other options include but are not limited to two sessions of four hours, or four sessions of two hours. This will be determined by those interested in participating, again with priority to those considering reception.

If you are interested in this or would like more information, please contact Rev. Diane Luther at, or call (815) 281-2301
MEDITATIVE PRAYER 9:00am on Fridays
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina.
Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.
Join us to study, discuss and ponder St. Mark’s Gospel. We gather on Zoom, 10:30 –11:30 Wednesday mornings. Contact Greg Serwich for a Zoom invitation (

There is no shortage of work to be done in our world today. The issues of justice are many, they are diverse and they require people of passion, commitment and with a sense of being “called” or “sent”. But, for justice to become a reality in our nations and communities, there must be a sense in which all of the individual initiatives connect and form part of a larger whole. It is not just individuals who are sent, but groups and communities, and as we work together, each with our own particular gifting or focus, we can make significant difference. Two key features in this work flow out of this week’s Lectionary. The first is the impact that we have when we have a sense of “being sent” to do our work. It is this sense that we are participating in something bigger than ourselves that sustains us, directs us and prevents us from making it all about us. The second feature is the question of dependence on God, and on those to whom we are sent. There is nothing shameful about relying on those with resources that we don’t have – be it financial, political, networking, or communications. When we can trust, both in God’s serendipitous work and in the desire of others to support and contribute to meaningful, justice-bringing work, we are able to open ourselves to the strength, resources, and connections that we need to make a difference.

Ezekiel 2:1-5: God commissions Ezekiel to be a prophet to the Israelites and to proclaim to them that though they are hard-hearted and rebellious, and whether they listen or not, they will know that a prophet has been among them.
Psalm 123: A prayer for God’s mercy after the mockery and shame that the proud have brought on God’s people, and committing to be attentive to God even as servants are attentive to their masters and mistresses.
2 Corinthians 12:2-10: Paul refuses to boast in anything except his weaknesses, since God has given him a “thorn in his side” to keep him from being conceited, and so he celebrates his weaknesses for it is in them that God’s strength is made perfect.
Mark 6:1-13: Jesus preaches in his home town but the people reject him because they know him, and cannot honour him. Then Jesus sends the twelve out in pairs, with no resources, to preach, and they go, proclaim Jesus’ message, heal, and cast out demons.

thumbnails and commentary from
Stop by to see the plantings of annuals located to the right of the church, along the sidewalk leading to our Meditation Garden. This is a pollinating garden, featuring a burst of colors to attract our native birds, butterflies and bees. Our new garden will be in memory of Richard Pepper, a generous donor to Grace Church and will be dedicated on July 18 at the end of worship.
An apprentice to work with Zoom at Grace Church.

This is an important part of our Worship Ministry, and more people are needed to keep our live online services coming! It may seem very complicated, but those of us who have been handling it for nearly a year now all had to start from very basic computer skills and learn "on the job." If we have a small team, the responsibilities can be rotated, making it easier for all of us--and making it possible to explore better ways to assure the best audio and visual experience for those worshiping in person and those online.

Please contact Lynn Giles if interested and for more information.
ZOOM POETRY GROUP 2:00pm on Mondays
A Zoom Poetry meeting from Grace Church has been organized and meets Mondays at 2:00pm. This is not specifically a Grace ministry, but a number of Grace members and friends are part of it If you are interested, write Carol Poston at or call her at 815-777-0220.

An Episcopal service of Holy Eucharist: The Rev. Gloria Hopewell, Presider; The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon, Greg Serwich, Lector; Mary Lou Smith, Homilist; Lynn Giles, Zoom Host.
An Episcopal service of Holy Eucharist 6/21/21: The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Presider; The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon; Richard Luther, Intercessor; Robin French, Music Director; Nancy Cook, Erben Organist; Lynn Giles, Lector and Zoom Host.
An Episcopal Service of Holy Eucharist: The Rev Dr Gloria Hopewell, Presider; The Rev Diane Luther, Deacon; Elizabeth Ludescher, Intercessor; Nancy Cook, Lector and Erben Organist; Robin French, Music Director; Lynn Giles, Zoom Host.
Hybrid worship has resumed for both in-person and Zoom congregations in line with Diocesan guidelines and Phase 5 of the State of Illinois COVID recovery.
For those present in the Church:
Please put your smartphone or other device in airplane mode so that our
internet capacity is reserved for our online streaming. 
For those on Zoom:
Please mute yourselves before the Prelude begins and immediately after the Peace. This prevents other participants on Zoom from being distracted by conversation
and background noise.
Those who will join us on Zoom will receive the usual e-mail invitation with a link to the day's bulletin.
Lynn Giles, Senior Warden
Richard Luther, Jr. Warden
Richard Luther, Treasurer
Crystal Mason, Clerk
The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
The Rev. Linda Packard, Priest Associate
The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon
Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
Robin French, Music Director
Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
Charlotte Stryker: Worship
Elizabeth Ludescher: Communications
Nancy Cook: Outreach
Eric Kallback: Building & Grounds
Crystal Mason: Pastoral Care
Phil Jackman: Fellowship/Parish Life
The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
Cell Phone: 773-988-3497

Grace Episcopal Church Office:
107 S. Prospect Street
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