grace episcopal church
galena, illinois
Week of March 28, 2021
Sunday March 28, 2021
Palm Sunday

Ministers of the Service
Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Presider
Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon
Steve Coates, Lector
Richard Luther, Intercessor
Robin French, Music Director
Nancy Cook, Erben Organ
Charlotte Stryker, Vestry Coordinator
Debbie Kallback, Altar Guild
Amy Hardwicke, Greeter
All Holy Week and Easter services will be offered in-person and on Zoom. The masking, distancing, and attendance restrictions remain in place.

On Good Friday, an offering will be received that is designated by our Presiding Bishop for the Diocese of Jerusalem each year. Baskets for offerings will be at each doorway, as plates will not be passed.

On Easter Sunday, if you choose to be outdoors for the lighting of the new fire at 10:30, please plan to observe the distancing and masking. Instead, you may choose to wait inside in the designated pews.

Meanwhile, it is very important that you make your reservations for these services. Use the same link as above for Sundays.

The Schedule

Palm Sunday--March 28, 10:30 am
The liturgy of the palms with Eucharist.There will not be a palm procession.

Wednesday -- March 31, 7:30 am
Stations of the Cross and Eucharist

Maundy Thursday -- April 1, 7 pm
A meditation on Jesus' washing of the disciples feet, Communion, Stripping of Altar and Reposition of Sacrament to the “Garden of Repose”

Good Friday -- 12 Noon -- ZOOM ONLY
Grace will host the United Churches of Galena service on Zoom this year. A Good Friday liturgy with the Seven Last Words of Christ is offered.

Good Friday -- April 2, 7 pm
Liturgy of the Passion with Veneration of the Cross and Communion from the reserved sacrament

Easter Sunday -- April 4, 10:30 am
Lighting of the Paschal Candle from the New Fire, and the Festal Eucharist of Easter Day.
My thoughts--even my dreams--these last few days have bordered on the ridiculous, rather than on appropriate musings for these last days of Lent leading into Holy Week. They have had to do with all manner of connectors and adapters, cords and cables that are needed to produce an even and good quality worship service for both the congregation inside the church building and for those worshiping via Zoom at home! And after the long, frustrating afternoon in the church yesterday where Lynn Giles and I tested and experimented with every possibility we could think of, we still have a way to go before Easter Sunday!
We want to return to the high altar for the Easter Eucharist. And we want to have the best sound and visual for the virtual anthem that Robin and the choir have been working on for weeks! We can make it work for either the in-person or the Zoom groups, but are still struggling with making it work for both at the same time!
It occurred to me that our lives and our faith sometimes are enhanced by good connectors and adaptors, too. Certainly our Prayer Book and scriptures help in our prayer time. When we have a lot of static or echo interfering with our awareness of God's presence, friends and colleagues may share a word, a poem, a work of art that touch us deeply, improve the reception, and turn our hearts toward God. Or, perhaps, a walk to see the spring greenery and flowers beginning to emerge or to hear the birdsong will clear away the noise.
It is my hope and prayer that you will join me this week in experiencing the last days of Jesus' earthly life, his death, and resurrection whether virtually or in-person, and that we will be connected in ways that will bring us all closer to our God.

See you in church or on Zoom!
Our Bishop-Elect Paula Clark is in the house! She moved to Chicago in the midst of our blizzard and has begun her work in the diocesan office. She will gather online with clergy on March 30.

Here In her first greeting to the Diocese of Chicago, Bishop-elect Paula Clark, who will be ordained and consecrated the Thirteenth Bishop of Chicago on April 24, says, "We, who are made in the image of God, are brave and ready to face whatever challenges are on the horizon. For we see the light, have faith in the light, and are God’s light, especially when we lead with love. God bless you, God keep you, and I look forward to serving with you!"


[Episcopal News Service] As the United States grieves for its second mass shooting in a week, Episcopalians continue to respond with calls to action, pastoral care and prayer.
A gunman killed 10 people at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, on March 22, as Americans were still mourning the kiling of eight people– six of them Asian American women – in Georgia on March 16. In addition, there were five other incidents around the country in the days between in which multiple people were shot.
“Let us be silent and humbled before the sense of violation this brings to us,” the Rev. Mary Kate Rejouis, rector of St. Aiden's Episcopal Church in Boulder, told her parishioners during an online vigil hours after the shooting. Rejouis’ parish is across the street from the University of Colorado Boulder and is home to its Canterbury Club. She and her family were out of town at the time of the attack.
“So much was broken tonight, or perhaps the brokenness we live in was revealed here, as it was in Atlanta just a few days ago. I feel broken too — both for the reality of this experience today, and also for the truth of it — we know this ritual. Violence, devastation, prayer, come together, burials, grief, some hand wringing … until the next one. I have had en“I ask your prayers for those family members who will receive a knock on their door with information that will devastate them,”
Colorado Bishop Kym Lucas shared her reaction in a video message to her diocese the same evening, saying the back-to-back shootings left her heartbroken and angry.
Lucas said. “And I even ask your prayers for the person or persons so broken that they would take the lives of people they didn’t even know.”ough of that,” she said.

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Events this Week:
Monday 3/29
Poetry Group online 2:00pm
EfM online 6:30pm

Tuesday 3/30

Wednesday 3/31
Midweek Worship online and
in-person 7:30am
Morning Study Group online 10:30am

Thursday 4/1
RBM Yarn Ministry online 1:30pm
Lenten Zoom 'n' Study online 6:30pm
Maundy Thursday Service 7:00pm

Friday 4/2
Centering Prayer online 9:00am
 Good Friday Service 7:00pm

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Word of the week for Glory Parish: 
REGISTER - Those who give of their abundance to those in need.

Remember you have until April 18th  to REGIFT.
In 2019, the Vestry of Grace Church generously agreed to fund a new church for Glory Parish in South Sudan with a $50,000 donation. At that time, it was felt it should be enough to build the new church. But due to inflation, flooding, having to smuggle building supplies and enlarging the church, the costs increased.
The construction cost was $56,500.

The new church still needs electricity, plaster, paint and furniture.

Outreach has committed $2000 and the Vestry pledged $3000, and will match up to $5000 from other donors.

We are offering the members of Grace Church, YOU, an opportunity to prayerfully consider how you may be able to work toward completing this church.

The people of Glory Parish have no excess, no margin, absolutely no discretionary income to complete this church. So, we are asking a little from the abundance God has gifted to you.

Contributions can be made by check with Glory Parish or Renk noted in the memo line
Or a Qualified Charitable Distribution can be made from your RMD. This will decrease your taxable income and may even save you some money for your 2021 taxes. Check with your financial advisor for details. Please donate by April 18, 2021.

The Outreach Committee thanks you for your generosity in this very worthwhile cause.
Liturgy of the Palms

Mark 11: 1-11: In Mark, ( as well as Matthew and Luke), it is noted that Jesus and his followers are near the Mount of Olives, which according to Zechariah 14: 4, is the site of a final battle of the nations. The use of a colt for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was meant to signal the arrival of a person of peace, not of war. The song–“Hosanna! Blessed is the one who come in the name of the Lord. Blessed is the reign of our Ancestor David that is coming.
Isaiah 50:4-9a: In a time of doubt, despair and cynicism, one stands up to speak, “that I may sustain the weary with a word.” Despite rejection, the speaker is confident that these words can renew and restore, because that has been the result in the past.
Psalm 31: 9-16:The psalmist is so distraught by his treatment from his enemies he feels it viscerally, in his eyes, belly and throat. He has becomes an outcast even among his family and friends. His enemies have plotted to take his life. Yet, he declares, “I trust in You, O Lord/My life is in Your hands.”
Philippians 2: 5-11: Paul returns to an admonition he also made to the Corinthians (II Corinthians 5:16-17), when he writes to the church in Philippi: “have the same mind [perspective, attitude, approach] as Christ.” He continues with what seems like an extant hymn or other liturgical fragment, which declares Christ Jesus, although he was “equal” to God did not use his privilege to avoid taking on human form and submitting to human cruelty, “even death on a cross.” And he continues: But God transformed this humiliation into a triumph so that “every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”
Beginning February 24th we will be discussing our reaction(s) to the previous seven days' (Wednesday to Tuesday) meditations from our Grace Lenten Meditations Booklet: what resonated with you, why, further elaborations and related concepts that came to mind, etc.
This group meets on Zoom at 10:30 am each Wednesday.
Looking for a way to improve your prayer life, to open your heart, mind and soul to the Holy Spirit? Consider joining the Centering Prayer Group Friday mornings for about forty minutes of meditative prayer: twenty minutes of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina.
Contact Greg Serwich ( for a Zoom invitation which includes a description of these types of prayer.
A Zoom Poetry meeting from Grace Church has been organized and meets online on Mondays at 2:00pm. This is not specifically a Grace ministry, but a number of Grace members and friends are part of it If you are interested, write Carol Poston at
or call her at 815-777-0220.
4th Sunday of Lent 3/14/2021: Penitential Order: Rev. Linda Packard, Presider; Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Preacher, Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon; Donna Davis, Intercessor; Carmen Ferguson, Lector

5th Sunday of Lent 3/21/2021: Penitential Order: Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Presider, Rev. Deacon Diane Luther, Deacon; Steve Coates, Lector; Richard Luther, Intercessor; Robin French, Music Director; Nancy Cook, Erben Organist; Lynn Giles, Zoom Host.
Lenten Wednesday Eucharist 3/24/2021: Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Presider, Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon; Greg Serwich, Intercessor and Homilist.
Reopening Church (Limited)
Hybrid worship has resumed for both in-person and Zoom congregations. Since our region is in Phase 4 of the State of Illinois COVID recovery, we are able to offer 21 spaces in the nave with a maximum of 32 people. Each space can accommodate one single or a couple who live in the same household.

For those wishing to attend in-person, reservations are required. You may reserve by going to reserve.

If you are assigned to an Altar Party role where you will be sitting in the Chancel, you need not reserve. All others, such as lectors, musicians, vestry coordinators, greeters, and altar guild do need to reserve.

On Sunday morning, you will come to the Parish House door where a Greeter will check your name(s) off on a list and admit you to the building where you will proceed into the nave to find an empty seat that is designated by a bulletin.
Please review this summary of COVID precautions in worship:  10 COMMANDMENTS

Pews that are not to be used are closed off by lengths of ribbon. There are hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and also at the back of the nave.

Those who will join us on Zoom will receive the usual e-mail invitation with a link to the day's bulletin.
Lynn Giles, Senior Warden
Richard Luther, Jr. Warden
Richard Luther, Treasurer
Crystal Mason, Clerk
The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
The Rev. Linda Packard, Priest Associate
The Rev. Diane Luther, Deacon
Nancy Kenney, Parish Administrator
Robin French, Music Director
Nancy Cook, Erben Organist
Charlotte Stryker: Worship
Elizabeth Ludescher: Communications
Nancy Cook: Outreach
Eric Kallback: Building & Grounds
Crystal Mason: Pastoral Care
Phil Jackman: Fellowship/Parish Life
The Rev Dr. Gloria Hopewell, Rector
Cell Phone: 773-988-3497

Grace Episcopal Church Office:
107 S. Prospect Street
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