March 9th, 2022
“I am he.” 
John 18:5

Darkness had fallen in the garden, while the rise of creatures’ calls rose in the evening air.  Flies were buzzing in the olive branches, while frogs in puddles on the road sang in harmony.  Then suddenly every creature was quiet.  It was an eerie calm.

The disciples looked up, and there in the distance bobbing torches and lanterns shone off sparkling swords.  There is no doubt who they are coming for, but Jesus asks anyway. Their reply?  “Jesus of Nazareth.”  

Jesus tells them, “I am he.” (v.5)

“I - am - he.”  Three words, and one astounding reaction.  As if struck by a bomb’s blast, the soldiers “drew back and fell to the ground.” (v.6).  Jesus speaks and something astonishing happens.  The power of our Lord’s words show nothing can ever stop him.  Jesus is the great “I am.”  His soldiers fall on their faces before the king.  (see Rev. 1:17).  So will we.  Jesus later tells Pilate, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above" (John 19:11).  World leaders may think they are in charge, but they are wrong. 

Jesus is in charge. 

We turn on the news and see the chaos and destruction of evil manifested in the most horrific ways.  Bombs exploding in preschools and hospitals, missles fired into apartment buildings,  protests and riots, and crime.  The world seems out of control, and we are quickly reminded of our fallen world.  But no earthly leader, no king, no world power can overcome our Lord. 

Jesus is in charge. 

Can Jesus stop the war in Ukraine?  Yes.  Could Jesus have prevented being arrested in the garden, illegally tried in a secret trial, tortured, spit upon, and crucified?  Yes, but he was, and all your sins were crucified with him. 

Jesus is in charge.  

We look forward to the day our Lord comes back, wipes our tears, and makes good on his promise, “Justice is mine.” (Deut. 32:35).  

Sunday we call our next witness, Malchus (John 18:1–11), whose ear was cut off by Simon Peter, and then healed by Jesus.  In Bible study we meet a royal official (John 4:46–54) who desperately comes to Jesus to heal his son.  The ear was reattached, and the boy was healed in God’s timing.  

Still wondering who is in charge?  Ask Malchus and the royal official; they will tell you exactly what happened.  See you Sunday, I can’t wait! 

PRAYER:  Lord of all creation, we pray for peace in Ukraine.  Lord, we trust in your timing.  AMEN.
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2 Corinthians 9:6-7
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THIS Sunday - Daylight Savings (Spring Forward)
- March 13th Bible Study -
Healing the Royal Official's Son
(John 4:46–54)

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March 13th, 2022

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Please pray for . . .

  • The family of Michael, Lili and Jorge's 15 year old nephew who was killed in a car accident. Pray for comfort and healing.

  • Colter Jaramillo, who is recovering from a motorcycle accident. Pray for complete healing.

  • Peace for our world as Russia wages war on Ukraine.

  • Lourdes, Claudia's sister who is struggling with health complications. Pray for comfort and healing.

  • Diego, who was severely injured in a “new build” home explosion in Aspen. At this time his prognosis is heartbreaking. He may never be able to walk again. Pray for peace and provision for him and his family.

  • Rosemarie, Dora's niece, who is experiencing serious trials with her health and is waiting for a kidney transplant. She just lost the remaining toes on her left foot in surgery this week. Pray for her husband's strength during this time, healing, and that she receives a kidney.

  • Jose Domenech, as he continues to recover from covid complications. Pray for continued healing and comfort.

  • Todd Purse, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for healing and comfort.

  • Debra's mom, who is struggling with health issues. Pray for comfort, peace, and answers.

  • Carol Proffitt who has been sick and is homebound, and her daughter Pam who is caring for her. Grant them peace and comfort

  • Everyone in our congregation and their families who are dealing with the pains and trials of cancer, including Todd Purse; Connie Kerr; Pastor Sid; Keith; Chris; Sharon Hlavinka; Rance Ketterling; Amanda; Jerry; April; and Suzanne.
See you Sunday!
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