November 24th, 2021
But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son…
-Galatians 4:1-

“Abandon rate” is real. Marshall Hargrave describes Abandon Rate as the “percentage of tasks that are abandoned by the customer before completing the intended task. There are two common industries where the abandon rate is a commonly used metric. The first is in call centers, the second is e-commerce.” *

The first type of abandonment happens at call centers. You are thinking of switching car insurance companies so you call a company your friend recommended, the phone rings, “Hold please...” the secretary answers. No time to hold, you hang up or ABANDON the call.  

You are probably one of those statistics. Think online shopping cart. You know how it goes... you want to purchase the latest book from your favorite author, so you open your laptop to shop at your favorite online retailer. You type in the title, and with a click of a button, toss that newly-bound book in the electronic cart. As you go to confirm your order, you realize your budget is maxed out and groceries need to be bought. So… you do what millions of others do every day. You empty your cart or ABANDON the items. 

There is another type of abandonment that begins early in our lives. Friends choose the more popular kids to play with at recess. Abandoned. Instagram posts stab like a knife, politicians lie, kids refuse to obey, co-workers betray, and husbands leave wives. Abandoned. Our world is filled with a staggering rate of abandonment.
Perhaps today you feel abandoned by others and by God. Others have failed you and God seems so far off. Our Lord promises to come again and restore and renew His creation. But we want it now, don’t we? We want it on our terms and in our timing. 

God’s people thought God had abandoned them. They had heard the promises of the Lord that he would send a “ruler in Israel” that would save them. (See Micah 5:2), seven hundred years passed, and they felt abandoned by God.

Seven Hundred Years of wondering and waiting...

Then, in God’s perfect timing, something remarkable happened that changed EVERYTHING... On a chilly night, in a dirty stable, in the tiny hamlet of Bethlehem, a Ruler was born as promised. His name was Jesus.

This Sunday, we embark on an Advent journey with a sermon series titled God's Perfect Timing. God's timing is not always our timing, but His timing is always perfect.  

See you Sunday! I can’t wait! 

*Abandon Rate,, March 7th, 2021
The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:6-7
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Annual congregational meeting
December 5th, 11:45 am after the second service. We hope to see you there!
December 1st - Truth Project Bible Study

December 5th - Congregational Meeting

December 24th - Christmas Eve Services 5:00 &
7:00 pm
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December 1, 8, 15
Thank you to everyone who contributed to Operation Christmas Child this year. Grace Fellowship was able to send 86 gift boxes to children globally! What a great opportunity for us to show the love of Christ to those in need!
A message from Nicole Atencio...

Young Life is a youth ministry that has been in the valley for 13 years. Our mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Our hope is to give EVHS students from all walks of life the chance to know Jesus through Club, Campaigners, and Camp. We meet every Wednesday night, alternating between Club and Campaigners. 

YL Club

Young Life Club is the larger group with fun events every week like mud volleyball, line dancing, capture the flag, skits, and more. This is a safe, relaxed, and non-threatening environment where kids can laugh, feel valued, and hear the Gospel. I encourage our youth at Grace Fellowship to come to YL Club and invite their friends who may have never had a chance to know Jesus.

YL Campaigners

Young Life Campaigners is a smaller, focused, and more intentional group where young people come together with the leaders to learn more about what it means to love and follow Jesus. We go deep into the word, discuss life and life with Jesus. 

YL Camp

Young Life Camp is an awesome opportunity for kids to see Christ in a way that they might not see Him at home. We go to a winter and a summer camp every year. I went to these camps when I was a student at EVHS 10 years ago and it had an incredible impact on my relationship with Christ. 

We are so excited to be going to Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, Colorado this December 3rd-5th. We will be joining many other Young Life groups from around Colorado. We would love to bring as many high school students from Grace Fellowship as we can. We provide transportation. Spots are limited!

Please reach out to me with any questions.
A place to give and a place to receive

The local community market is working to improve healthy food access in our community by rescuing food from local grocery stores, local farmers and redistributing it to any and all local families. In this way, they're reducing food waste while also making good food more accessible.

This outreach opportunity gives our church the chance to actively show the love of Jesus just up the road and in our community at large!

🍎What do our wonderful Market Assistant volunteers take care of?  
Stocking the market and produce shelves, unloading and sorting grocery rescue donations, repackaging bulk food items, packing dry food boxes for community distribution, sorting produce boxes, composting food and recycling containers, sweeping, and sanitizing surfaces along with many other jobs within the shifts that can be of help. 

🍎To Volunteer at The Community Market:  
View available shifts and sign up through the online portal HERE 

Sunday Services
November 28th, 2021

9:00 or 10:30
KIDS CHURCH at 9:00 am service
(Ages 3 through 2nd grade)
Kids Church follows the kid's sermon. We can’t wait to see them!

Nursery for Newborns – 2 year olds.
Nursery is open! We are ready and excited to see your little ones!

Sunday School w/ Susan at 10:30 service
(Grades 3 - 6)
Join us on Facebook Sunday morning at approximately 9:15 AM, or view the recording anytime on Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube.
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Please pray for . . .

  • Jackie, who recently had surgery on her hand. Pray for continued healing.

  • Tony Davis, who is in the hospital in Denver in serious condition from covid. Pray for continued progress and healing.

  • Nicole's friend's father, who has suffered from seizures for a long time that have severely impacted his mental and physical health. Pray for healing and peace for him and his family.

  • Pearl Taylor, who is suffering from cancer. Pray for comfort and healing.

  • Robert Blake, Missy's father, who is recovering from an accident and dealing with liver disease. Pray for comfort, healing, and provision.

  • Shawn and Amy Blake's business. Pray for provisions and guidance.

  • Scott Hilty, who is recovering from another back surgery. Pray for comfort, healing, and peace.

  • Rita, who is recovering after her surgery. Pray for continued comfort and healing.

  • Bobby Bauer, who is in the hospital in serious condition battling complications from Covid.

  • Debra's mom, who is struggling with health issues. Pray for comfort, peace, and answers.

  • April Mabee, a friend of Gaby's who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

  • strength, comfort and support for Carol Proffitt who has been sick and is homebound, and her daughter Pam who is caring for her.

  • everyone in our congregation and their families who are dealing with the pains and trials of cancer, including Connie Kerr; Pastor Sid; Keith; Chris; Sharon Hlavinka; Rance Ketterling; Amanda; Jerry; and Suzanne.
See you Sunday!
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Susan Flock, App and Website Coordinator, 970-361-4771,
Israel Hernandez, Worship Team Leader, 970-331-6177,
Jesse Meryhew, High School Youth Leader, 970-390-3617
Pastor Dan Rohlwing, Pastor Emeritus in Memoriam

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Worship Services: 9:00 and 10:30 am (nursery provided).
Kids Church: During sermon-time at the 9:00 am service.

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