Grace Episcopal Church
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
News for October 15, 2013

Youth Group News 

Prior to this past Sunday, members of our newly formed Grace Youth Group had been attentively tending to the work of understanding Anglican Christianity at a deeper level and discussing how they can live that faith in their everyday lives. Then on Sunday, all four members were confirmed at Bishop White's visitation--an exciting event.  A big thank-you to those who are working with, supporting and sponsoring these young people in their important work. Tilley Warren and leader Misti French will be attending the Fall Diocesan Youth Gathering at All Saints Camp and Conference Center this coming weekend.  After a brief break, the next Sunday meeting is scheduled for November 3 at 11:30 am.  Upcoming meetings will focus on lessons related to stewardship through service and action.  
"Please join us in welcoming the addition of an active, enthusiastic group of young people READY to put their faith into action!"--Misti French


New Episcopalians!


Congratulations and a big welcome to the six people who were confirmed into the Episcopal Church on October 13: Arinze Akpom, Ivy Drechney, Zachary Hamby, Maia Lea Ray, Skyla Savoir, and Tilley Warren.  Misti French was received into the Episcopal Church from the Roman Catholic Church. We are so happy you are all with us! 

Music at Midday


The Music at Midday series returns on Thursday, October 24 at noon.  There will be short organ recitals on our historic Estey Pipe Organ each Thursday through November 21.  Steve Wiggin will play on October 24, and November 7 and 21.  Brendan Jones will play October 31.  On November 14 Dan Wilkinson will play. 


The pipe organ at Grace Church was installed in 1906.  It was a gift of John C. Latham, Jr., in memory of his mother, Virginia, a long-time member of the Grace Church choir.  The organ was totally rebuilt in 2009 by the Milnar Organ Company of Eagleville, Tennessee.  It consists of over 850 pipes, divided into 15 sets, playable from three keyboards, two played by hands and one by feet.  Pipes vary in size from the smallest, about the size of a pencil, to the largest, pipes made of wood that are about a foot square and close to ten feet tall.  


All are invited to these programs.   


Kindergarten and Pre-School Booster Group


We are working toward establishing a booster group for Grace Kindergarten and Pre-School with the goal of getting parents and other family members more involved in fund-raising and other activities in support of the school. Invitations have been extended to parents to attend a meeting on Tuesday, October 22, at 8:00 am in the parish hall.  All parishioners are also invited to participate.  Please join us!   


Diocesan Convention


The yearly convention of the Diocese of Kentucky will be held at Christ Church Cathedral in Louisville on November 8 and 9.  The title of the meeting is "We Will with God's Help: Re-Imagining Mission for the 21st Century.  A rapidly changing world necessitates significant changes of focus for all churches in order to survive and thrive into the future.  Even in Hopkinsville we are not exempt from having to deal with some harsh realities, so the topic is timely for us, as well.  The Vestry has elected Bill Nichol and Tom Schmidt to be deputies from Grace Church.  Please keep our church and our diocese in your prayers.  


Ivy and Troy's Wedding!


Ivy Drechney and Troy Suite will be married at Grace on Saturday, October 26, at 4:00 pm, and they are extending an invitation to all parishioners who would like to come and celebrate this joyous event with them!  Hope to see you there!  


Mark Your Calendars


October 14-21--Rector away on vacation

Sunday, October 20-10:15 am--The Rev. Anne B. Stevenson, Celebrant for HE

Tuesday, October 22-5:30 pm--EFM

Wednesday, October 23-12:15 pm--Holy Eucharist with Healing

Wednesday, October 23-5:30 pm--Vestry meeting

Thursday, October 24-7:30 am--Mayor's Unity Breakfast at Sr. Citizens Ctr.

Thursday, October 24-12:00 noon--Music at Midday

Thursday, October 24-2:45 pm--Tutoring

Saturday, October 26-4:00 pm--Wedding

Sunday, October 27-6:00 pm--Celtic Eucharist


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