A Note from our Rector...

It's hard to put into words the gratitude I feel for this congregation. It has been almost a year since we moved into quarantine. In fact, it was during Lent last year that our lives changed dramatically and the way we move about as a community shifted under our feet. As hard as this past year has been, it has also shown me immeasurable blessings. The kindness of neighbors. The love of friends. The resiliency of community.

At the heart of those blessings is the faith that brings us together, week after week. It is the love of God poured out for each of us. It is the knowledge that no matter what we may face, that we can approach adversity trusting that no defeat and no challenge can overcome the hope that our faith provides.

It is a fitting reminder as we move into our Lenten season. As Christ approached his time of greatest adversity, he walked forth into the heart of the pain to show us that love always wins, that good prevails, and that God never abandons us.

I encourage you to enter this Lenten season with gratitude. Know that better days are ahead. Trust that no defeat is permanent. Believe that redemption and renewal are at work. That is Good News indeed. May you have a blessed Lenten season.