June 4, 2020
Granting Grace to One Another:
Stages of Returning to In-Person Worship
Good evening, Grace Family.

In the Tuesday e-news, Pr. Gregg shared an update on the Council's discussion of in-person activities (that update is included below if you missed it earlier). He also shared that later in the week, a guide to reopening would be sent out, which is the purpose of this special e-news.

In this e-news, you'll find a video from Pr. Gregg, along with two different formats of Grace's re-opening guide "Granting Grace to One Another: Stages of Returning to In-Person Worship". The video helps explain the guide, as well as provides some context and other information. We encourage you to watch the video first, then view the guide.

There is a significant amount of information included in these resources. We invite you to take time to watch and read through them.

If you have questions for the Council, please share them with the Council President, John Grogan, by clicking here .

We hope you and your loved ones continue to be well, and we invite you to contact the pastors if they can be of assistance to you.
Introduction Video:
Granting Grace to One Another:
Stages of Returning to In-Person Worship

Note: these guides contain the same information, shared in different formats.
Click the buttons below to see each format
From the e-news on Tuesday, June 2nd, in case you missed it:
Grace's Congregation Council met again this past Sunday, May 31st, and continued the discussion surrounding when and how we might begin to resume some in-person activities.

As we continue getting things ready, know that we are deeply grateful for the many ways that you, Grace members, have continued to be the church while we are apart. Our church has never been closed in this time, just deployed. The Holy Spirit continues to work in and among us, and we continue to share God's grace with the world.

We will share our plan for re-opening in a special e-news later this week, so please keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, please continue praying for all those affected by the pandemic. If you have any questions, please contact the pastors.
We need your help! Before we can re-open, we need several strong teams of people who are willing to lend their help so all of us are as safe as possible. Click below to volunteer:
Each Sunday we continue to worship together online.
These services are posted on the Grace Facebook page and on our website .
We will also send an email to invite you to participate.
Can We Help?

This pandemic has affected each of us, but may have affected us in different ways.
If you are in need of help (of any kind), please reach out to the pastors.
We can find connections to resources and/or support together.
We want to walk with you. Please call or email us.
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All in-person activities at
Grace Lutheran Church are suspended until further notice.
At this time, please do not come
to the church building.
We are praying for
the health and well-being
of our community and world.
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