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APRIL 18, 2020
Sunday and Daily Liturgies
Morning Prayer on Sundays -- Morning Prayer continues online this Sunday, and you are invited to join us via the device of your choice at 9:00 a.m. to worship together from our various living rooms, kitchens, dens and decks.

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Sunday and Daily Online Liturgies
Community Care in Anxious Times
Stewardship News
Tornado Relief
Easter Flowers
Directory Password
Food Pantry
Prayer List
Lost and Found
Liturgies (continued)
For as long as stay-at-home orders are in effect, Grace will be posting videos for Morning Prayer worship on our  Facebook page and  website at 9am. Bulletins for each week’s service will be sent along with the Grace Notes issue, and will be posted on the website alongside the video for the service. If you miss the 9am video stream, you can always go back and watch later. Click here to access this week's bulletin.

Daily Morning Prayer and Compline --  Along with our virtual Sunday liturgy, Grace offering daily prayer online via zoom! Morning Prayer, which takes 20-25 minutes, is at 9 a.m. every day, and Compline, which takes 10-15 minutes, is at 8 p.m. every day.

To get to Morning Prayer at 9 a.m. on any day of the week besides Sunday, here is the link and meeting ID:
Meeting ID: 160 460 538

To get to Compline at 8 p.m. every day, here is the link & meeting ID:
Meeting ID: 780 772 724
Community Care in Anxious Times
Our pastoral care Grace check-in teams are continuing to check in on households. Team leaders for each check-in group will be contacting you via phone, text and/ or email. Please take a moment to pick up or write back to let them know if you’re okay and/or if you need help, pastorally or physically. The leaders of these groups will be in close communication with our priests and our network of volunteers. If you are a new member of Grace and we do not have your information in the directory, please fill out the New Member form  here and let us know if you would like to be added to a check-in group.

If you have an urgent pastoral need, please call the parish office at (423)243-3250 and leave a message on the  main line . We will be checking these messages regularly even if we aren’t in the office.
Stewardship News
The last time we met at Grace for an in-person worship service was on March 8th. We continue to adapt in these uncertain times and I hope you are finding the time to attend one of the virtual church services on the church Facebook page or website. 

In addition to social distancing and the disruptions of our daily life, many of us face uncertain economic times as well. Grace church is no different -- we still have to pay the bills. Even though some of our expenses are lower since we have closed the building, our income from donations and pledges have also decreased. If you have not yet made your April pledge, you can do so online at  or you can mail your check to Grace Episcopal Church, 20 Belvoir Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37411. If you are unable to maintain your pledge at this time, or need to adjust your pledge, please call Paula Gardner (423-243-3250, ext 2) or send a quick email to so that we may adjust our budget as needed.

Also, you are probably aware that congress recently passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act. Following are three items from that Act that may affect charitable giving this year:

New charitable deduction for taxpayers who do not itemize.  Beginning in 2020, individuals can deduct $300 in charitable contributions from their gross income even if they do not itemize deductions. Donations must be made in cash to a charity. Gifts of appreciated securities, and gifts to a donor advised fund or supporting organization, do not qualify.

No cap on charitable deductions for taxpayers who do itemize.  Donors who itemize their deductions can usually deduct cash contributions up to 60% of their adjusted gross income. For 2020, that cap is lifted, and donors contributing cash to charity may deduct up to 100% of their income, a significant tax savings for anyone able to contribute larger amounts. Again, this is only for gifts of cash, and only for gifts made directly to a charity (not to donor-advised funds or supporting organizations).

No required minimum distributions, but qualified charitable distributions still possible.  The CARES Act eliminates required minimum distributions (RMDs) from many retirement plans in 2020. Some donors have been using their RMDs for tax-advantaged charitable gifts by making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) directly to a charity. Under the CARES Act it is still possible for donors who are 70 ½  or over to contribute up to $100,000 directly to a charity without paying tax on the distribution.

The CARES Act is a complex new law. Donors should always consult with their own professional advisors before making a gift.

Thank you for your generous support of this community of Grace, which continues to sustain us and keep us connected, even in difficult times.


Richard Hyatt, Stewardship Chair
Tornado Relief
The later hours of Easter Sunday and early the following morning brought high winds and tornadoes in the Chattanooga area, especially in East Ridge, East Brainerd, Ooltewah and Cleveland. Since then, our priests and teams of lay leaders have been reaching out to members of our community to make sure that they are safe. Our rector, April, also met online with leaders from local Episcopal parishes whose communities were affected by the storms. This group decided to direct funds to Grace (for local needs in the Chattanooga area) and St. Luke’s, Cleveland (for needs in the Cleveland area). Funds collected at Grace will be used to meet needs that arise from the tornado in Hamilton County, attending to the needs in our parish communities and those we serve through our outreach ministries.  

If you would like to make a contribution for this purpose, you may contribute  online (be sure to select “Rector’s Discretionary Fund” from the drop-down options on the right-hand side) or send a check to:

Grace Episcopal Church
Rector's Discretionary Fund -- Tornado Relief
20 Belvoir Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37411
Easter Flowers
If you purchased flowers for Easter and would like to pick them up, they are in the courtyard, huddled around the walkway  on the right and the fountain and flower bed on the left (go past the covered walkway and on towards the red door into the office/education building, and you will see them). 

If you didn’t buy any but would be willing to adopt an unclaimed lily, hyacinth, or hydrangea, you are welcome to do so – the church would very much appreciate a donation of whatever amount you can spare to defray the cost. All are plants that will thrive and bloom again year after year if planted in your yards.
Directory Password
Like many of us, you may find that you’re needing to check Grace’s online directory to keep in touch with folks you aren’t seeing regularly. Should you endeavor to access that useful document and realize you’ve forgotten the password, make a note: it’s ‘Saygrace’ –  with a capital S . It will turn you away should you forget that wee detail.
Food Pantry
Another busy Wednesday at the Food Pantry! Twelve people/parties came to the door between 10 a.m. and a bit after 1 p.m.; they were deftly aided by Lisa Lemza, Phaen Stone and Richard Hyatt, who sent them forth with food for themselves and the 41 other inhabitants of their abodes.

Though we have some remarkable gaps on our shelves, we are remarkably well-stocked considering how many folks have come for help – and that’s entirely thanks to the Grace folks who have come by with boxes and bags of goods and the incredible Belvoir neighborhood and their steady generosity. As ever, thanks to Phaen and Richard and to April and Katherine Barger-Howell and the worthy Anderson, whose labors facilitate the connection with our Belvoir neighbors.

Should you be in a position to obtain a thing or two for us this week, here are items most needed:

·        hearty soups/stew
·        Spaghetti sauce
·        peanut butter (jars)
·        Spam or similar
·        canned corn
·        mac and cheese
Prayer List
Please remember: Donald, our President; the Senate, the House of Representatives, and our Courts of Justice; together with all elected officials, and the other leaders of our country and the nations of the world.
We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Brian, ourBishop; for April, our priest; for David, our Curate; for George, our assisting priest; for Keith, our Seminarian; for our missionaries, and all other bishops and ministers.
We pray for the unemployed and underemployed, especially those in our congregation and community. We pray for the homeless and the hungry.
We pray for parishioners and loved ones, especially James and Barbara Dooley, Kathleen and Caroline Belcher, Bo and Mary Minor Brown, Helen Williams, Nancy Mapel, David Stanislawski, Charlotte Dorris, Tyler Horton, Jeff Fugate, Rebecca Williams, Tessa Spaulding, J.R. Hicks, Marcia Magers,
Major McCollough, Peggy Fugate, Jean Lorren, William Simpson,
Timothy Penny, Donald Jones, Chris Barker, Cooper Jones, Sally Cauthen, Charles Smith, Jonathan Purple, Steven Mosman, John Woodham, 
Libby Workman, Rebecca Cook, Elaine Harrison, Jean Williams, Barbara Reed, Elizabeth Harrison, Joyce Smith, Jim May, Mary Ruth Clinton, and Ann Swint; 
We pray for Wil Mabry, Jake Dorris, Jordan Tschoepe, Kevin Kelley, Tripp Mouron, Mike Mabry, Alexander Ross, Russel Webb, Logan Roberts, Jim Makepeace, Sean Benson, Evan Watkins and all of our Armed Forces, here and abroad;
We pray for Erin Baker, Kerry Baker and Lizzy Mouron, who are with child.  
We pray for all who are developing programs and policies to deal with the current public health threat; for those who are treating the sick, stocking shelves, transporting supplies, suffering from illness, coping with new life-patterns and finding ways to keep anxiety at bay for themselves and others. 

We pray for those who lost homes, property, and loved ones in the storms last weekend, and ask for strength and perseverance for those coping with damage to their homes and neighborhoods.

We pray for those who have died, especially Robby Armstrong, son-in-law of Paul Thomas, who died on Wednesday; for Gloria Barr, who died last week, and for Margaret Leach (a long-ago Grace member that some may remember from the choir several decades ago), who died on Palm Sunday.
In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:   Pray for the Church of Ireland.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer : Pray for St. Christopher, Kingsport, TN,
and for these South Dakota Churches: All Saints, Herrick; St. Philip the Deacon,
Lake Andes; Woniya (Holy Spirit), Wagner.

Those in need of continued prayer
John Cox, John and Cherry Stewart, Gayanne Silver, Garvin Colburn,
Heather Nelson, Robert Clark, Marty Landis, Dexter and Helen Williams,
Cheryl McCurry, Ethel Rutledge, Carolyn Minnich, Lanie Lundgrin, Terri Harvey, Sue Sears, Anne Getz, Michael Roberts, Jeannie and Andy Williams, 
Jaime Cooper, Teresa Noel, Tina Knowles, Brad and Kimberly Calhoun,
Joyce and Greg Snyder, Martha Killeffer, Robert Durham, Jim Curtis,
Hal and Sue, Michelle Maroney, Jessica Ricketts
Lost and Found
Keys! Several bunches, one on a dark red ribbon. A Honda key is among them; surely you need it back! Leave a message at 243-3257 or e-mail to make arrangements to be reunited.
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