Grace Notes Weekly is a newsletter of Grace Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, TN,
and is used to communicate the upcoming activities of this community.
The Season after Pentecost
JULY 16, 2021
Sunday at Grace
Sunday School for children: 10 a.m. in the Pavilion. Drop off the offspring as you head in for the 10 a.m. service. They will get a worthy lesson and you will be spared dividing your attention between the service and their yen to rummage through the fountain-algae in search of frogs and other bounties of nature.

Though all worship will be taking place indoors beginning in mid-August (see article further along in this issue), Sunday School will remain in the Pavilion for a time since children are still ineligible for vaccination.

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Sunday at Grace
Adult Class: Writings of Paul (Aug. 1,8)
Regular Sunday Schedule Coming Soon?
Daily Worship
Clergy Outdoor Office Hours
Last Call for Arts Camp
Food Pantry
DioET Selma Pilgrimage -- Invitation
Ongoing Interest -- "Fabulous" Shirts, Laymen's Conference
Brainerd Market Vendors
Parish Prayer List
Meetings This Week
Sunday (continued)
8 a.m. Service -- This service will be held in the Nave (main indoor worship space), as long as the community continues to see a decline in infection rates. We will continue to celebrate Holy Eucharist in one kind (bread only), and the priests will wear masks throughout the service, unless they are preaching or officiating. The windows will be open and fans will be blowing. All in attendance at the 8am service, vaccinated or not, are asked to wear masks.

Before entering the Nave, either from the courtyard, or from the front of the church, you’ll find a station hand sanitizer and extra masks.

10 a.m. Service -- With a possibility of rain in the forecast for Sunday, we have a Plan A and a Plan B for the 10 a.m. service. If the weather is dry or merely drizzly, we will worship as usual outdoors with the aid of some of the Brainerd Market's tents to help with heat or moisture. Should there be rain in any substantial volume, we will initiate Plan B and move into the Nave. If we go inside, we do ask that everyone, vaccinated or not, wear masks, so please tuck one into your pocket just in case. We will have some on hand for those don't have them.

We ask that those who are not vaccinated wear masks when in close proximity to others at outdoor worship. Priests will continue to wear masks when distributing communion. We also recommend wearing sunscreen and/or a sunhat for this service.  We will always have some chairs available, but we ask that those who can bring their own chairs do so

Online Worship -- For those who must still be cautious about gathering among flesh-and-blood humanity, the 10 a.m. service will be live-streamed on
Facebook; the bulletin is available HERE.
Full of Anxiety, Full of Love: The Writings of Paul
On two upcoming Sundays (August 1 and 8) our assistant priest David will lead a short class about the writings of Paul. We'll cover Paul's thoughts about who Jesus is, what Christian community can be like, and what his writing suggests about women leaders in the church. We'll meet at 9am in the courtyard, and wrap up by 9:30/9:45 before church -- in case of rain or a lot of heat, we can move inside.
Regular Sunday Schedule on the Horizon (We Hope!)
What light from yonder window breaks? Yea, verily, it is the possibility that we can return to a traditional Sunday schedule in mid-August, when Grace hopes to restore the later Sunday morning service to its proper time and place. Instead of meeting at 10 in the courtyard, beginning on August 15, we are planning to invite parishioners to come at 10:45 a.m. and abandon humidity and camp-chairs for pews and air conditioning!

This plan, needless to say, is not set in stone; our clergy and vestry will continue to weigh benefits and risks in accordance with the data and make revisions as necessary.
Daily Worship
Grace offers Compline services at 8pm each evening; you can join

& the password is: compline 

Morning Prayer continues every day (except Sundays) via Zoom, beginning at 9:00 a.m.; click the link below or paste the URL into your browser.

For Morning Prayer, click here:

or paste this URL into your browser:

Meeting ID: 746 8859 6599

Passcode: amprayer
Clergy Outdoor Office Hours
The Rev. April Berends will not be back in town in time to schedule office hours for next week; if you would like to meet with her, please contact her at and not available for office hours. The Rev. David Burman will be in the courtyard from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 22. You can contact David at should you wish to set up an appointment at another time.
Last Call -- Arts Camp!
The chaotic glory that is Grace's summer Arts Camp will be upon us in a mere week; if you have been kept from reserving a place for your child, grand-child, or other diminutive relative by the growing hecticness of life, contact Maria Hurt at once by email or text at or 423-503-4531. 

Old pie pans and newspapers are needed for the camp's undertakings -- if you can contribute either or both, you will be showered with gratitude! Items can be brought to the church Tuesday-Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and on Friday from 9 until noon.

July 23, 6 pm, Potluck and Tie-Dye Party

Please bring a dish to share, a towel or blanket to sit on the lawn, and make sure I know your kiddo's sizes for t-shirts; I can provide shirts for the older teen helpers and for babies in your family. So let me know what size your baby or toddler can wear! I don't know if I will have enough dye for adults, but you can bring a shirt and we'll see what happens! Needed: old pie pans, perfect for individual tie-dye!  

July 24, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Arts Camp Day 1

**Please arrive at 9:45 a.m. for sign in at the church pavilion.
** Children must be signed in and out by parents or designated adults!
** Wear colorful clothes. Rainbow theme if possible! 

July 25 10 a.m. to 4 pm Arts Camp Day 2

**this includes 10 -- 11:30 for Sunday school/church. 
**We'll start in the pavilion again. You don't have to be super early!
**Wear your tie dye shirt if ready from Friday.

General Rules.
1. Wear sneakers. No open-toed shoes (except as extras, mentioned below)
2. Bring a backpack with a name on it! In that backpack, please put:
  • Lunch with a name on it.
  • Secure Water bottle with name on it.
  • A towel for sitting on the grass and possibly for drying off.
  • Any healthy snacks you want them to have.
  • A CHANGE OF CLOTHES (everything! just in case we get wet or messy)
  • HEALTH MASKS -- preferably 2. 1 to wear indoors and an extra just in case.
  • Water shoes or sandals
  • A sweater if they are the kind that gets cold in AC
  • A smock or overshirt for when we are getting messy with paint
  • If they are 4 or 5, a favorite stuffed animal for quiet time.
  • NO tablets. Phones are okay for oldest as long as they understand that the phone stays in the backpack!!

3.Juice, goldfish snacks, and fruit gummies will be provided. If you want your child to have something different, please send those instructions along with the snack. 
4. We will be outdoors much of the time, but classes will be inside.
5. We'll have a first aid kit, but let me know if there are any campers with Epipens that need to be stored in the fridge or any other concerns.
6. the youngest kids may get tired early. we are scheduling accordingly so you might take them home at 3 p.m. and they won't miss anything big.

Classes & Activities:

Bead craft with Nicole Frith (Groups 1 and 2) (Saturday only)
Art Class with Stacey Alverson (all groups)
Art class with Kathryn Barger Howell (probably all groups)
Pottery Class with Susan Blalock, assisted by Linda Sue (Groups 2 and 3)
Noah's Ark lesson and related drama activities (Maria Hurt with Lisa Parsons:)
Church songs (youngest group, Linda Sue Longworth-Smith)
Outdoor Art Activities (led by group leaders)
Playground (on rotation to minimize contact)
Outdoor Water Play (supervised by group leaders) -- Your ideas welcome!
And More! 
Food Pantry
After last week's trickle of pantry visitors, someone worked on the cosmic pipes this week and sent a gush of 18 visitors, who took food for 29 adults and 41 children (total 70 mouths fed). The shelves are in impressive condition considering how much food went out the door today, but there are (of course) some thin spots; here's what will fill them:

* canned hams
* Spam or similar
* hearty soups (chicken and/or beef)
* spaghetti noodles and sauce
* cans of fruit (15 oz. preferred)
* packets of instant grits

Many thanks to all in the church and in the Belvoir neighborhood who donate goods and money to this cause, and to our noble volunteers who greet the guests and pack up the food (Brittany Williams and Jim Harris this week, with an assist from Richard Hyatt) and to the ones who collect the Belvoir donations and bring them to the pantry (Richard Hyatt, Phaen Stone, April and Kathryn Barger-Howell and Anderson). The Brainerd area is a happier and much less hungry place because of your ministries!
The Diocese of East TN Invites You to Selma
Join the Diocese of East Tennessee on a pilgrimage to Selma and Montgomery, Alabama from Tuesday, October 12 to Friday, October 15 to visit landmarks, museums, and other important sites of the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing struggle against racism in the United States.

The Selma Pilgrimage is open to participants in middle school and up. Pilgrims under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For questions regarding family participation, please contact the Rev. Claire Brown at

The cost of the trip is $471.70, which includes $321.70 per room for three nights at the St. James Hotel, Selma, plus a $150 event fee which covers the cost of local tour guides, museum and site entrance fees, and three catered meals. The $150 event fee is due with your registration. You will receive further information on registering for your hotel stay upon completing this initial registration.

Please note that costs for other meals are not included in this registration fee. Transportation for the pilgrimage is provided by the Diocese, departing from Chattanooga.

Pilgrims that are vaccinated are not required to wear a mask. Those who choose to do so for comfort may. Those pilgrims that are unvaccinated will be required to wear a mask anytime they are outside their hotel room.

If you have any questions regarding the trip itinerary, hotel, or registering online, please contact Nicole Seiferth, Parish Administrator for Church of the Good Shepherd, Lookout Mountain, at or 423-821-1583.

You can access this information in video form at

and register for the trip at

Ongoing Interest
T-Shirts -- he diocese has launched its "God Made You Fabulous" t-shirt fundraiser to support diocesan Pride presence across East Tennessee. If you'd like to support this campaign -- not to mention getting an eye-catching addition to your casual wardrobe -- click on the URL below:

This is a limited-time campaign, so act quickly if you're interested!
For more information, email Bro. Andrew at

Laymen's Conference -- Gents of Grace, if you are chafing for the company of other Episcopal men, the Laymen's Conference of the Episcopal Churchmen of East Tennessee may be for you. Dubose will host the 75th annual gathering of this estimable group from August 20-22.

This year's theme is Life After... A Look at the Christian Perspective on Dealing with Life Transitions and How We Approach, Embrace and Thrive after Them. Speakers include NFL Hall-of-Famer Willie Roaf (Pre-recorded; Life after the NFL), Bob Corker, (In-Person; Life after Politics), and Dr. Peter Doherty (pre-recorded; Life after the COVID 19 Pandemic). For more details or to register, go to
Brainerd Market
The Brainerd Market is in full swing at the height of the season on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Brainerd parking lot at Grace. If you haven't visited the Market this year and don't have any idea what's available, take a look at the bounty below!

AMENFARM-- Ooltewah, TN
We will be at the market with our local, soy-free, eggs from pastured-raised pampered hens. We have a colorful carton of eggs in blues, greens, olive, tan and browns.

We will have: Collard greens, Loose leaf mixed lettuce, Squash, Hot Peppers. A few Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Garlic. Preserves: Apple butter and Peach. Barbara will have home made masks, if any one still desires one and other craft items for gifts or for the home

We will see you at the Market Saturday with a new batch of Magnesium lotion, other salves, lotions, potions and of course our wonderful, local honey. The magnesium stream in the pump bottles were a great success last week so more to come. And ask about the Propolis tincture! Bees are amazing! See ya at the market.

Summer harvest is coming in fast and furious! Stop by for sweet corn, green beans, okra, bell peppers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and so much more! Also have potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions & fresh herbs. You can still pre-order from us. Produce updates & instructions are posted at the start of each week on our Facebook page. Thank you for keeping us so busy! See ya Saturday!

Compost House will be there this Saturday promoting the glory of compost! We’ll also have sample bags of compost and be available to help sign you up for residential pickup or drop off service.

Dixie Soaps will be there with a great selection of our goat milk products...soaps, lotions, shampoo, lip balms, baby soaps and balms, laundry and dish soaps, wool dryer balls, and felted soaps. We will also have goat milk herd shares, cheese, fudge, and lots of fresh eggs.

I’ll be there with more candles!!

We are extremely pleased to have our artist and designer Katie joining us at the market for the first time! We will have resin art and jewelry, polymer clay art, aloe plants, and more!

I'll be bringing Hot Hot Pepper Jelly, Fig and Satsuma Marmalade. With the beautiful rain this week, we are hoping the pears and plums will be ready! I'll also bring plants: herbs and garden plants, maybe a house plant or two if they have recovered from the flood we had in the greenhouse this week as one of our water lines decided to burst during the night. All are naturally grown (no chemicals). See you Saturday morning!

Greenwell Farm will have a variety of Jams, choice of pickled items, Salsa, Candied Nuts, roasted sunflower seeds, tomatoes; red, green and in between.
We will be at the market this Saturday, July 17, with fresh, raw, local honey from our hives in Hixson, Harrison, Birchwood and Georgetown.

This week our harvest will include salad mix, lettuce, arugula (limited), kale,
Italian Dandelion, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, garlic, radishes, carrots, and other harvest surprises.

We will be at the market with Matcha cake, original artisan bread and Iced coffee.

LB'S CHILI BAR -- Chattanooga, TN
We will be bringing your favorite flavor-filled sauces -- Sweet Heat (Original), Vegan Sweet Heat, Sweet N Tangy, and Honey Hickory! Be sure to stop by our booth for a sample of sauces and some awesome recipe ideas!

Lyuba will have fresh cows' milk cheese, farm fresh butter, savory cheese pastries, homemade breads.

 MudHoe Pottery Studio will be there with pottery and handmade ceramic jewelry along with local organic kale chips. Swing by to inquire about classes and sample a taste of delicious kale chips!

We will be back with homemade brittle. Come check it out and try a sample.

Pete's Poppin Pickles will be at the market on Saturday.

We'll be bringing our variety of breads plus a few new things… Amish friendship with nuts and raisins, fig jam and fig bread. Plenty of cheeses for all!

Rowe Family Farms is stocked back up on beef and seafood. Some items we will be bringing to the market are:
Beef: Ribeye steaks, NY strips, small Filets, Top sirloins, Brisket, Cubed steak, Chuck Roast
Seafood: Red Royal shrimp , Large sea scallops, salmon steaks, Halibut, salmon burgers, Cod steaks

Ryan has been crafting sauces and spice blends in Chattanooga for 20 years, honing his skills in fire and ambulance stations for coworkers, before founding his own hot sauce and spice blend company. Now Ryan’s Pepperworks is a new local food manufacturer, and sells a collection of hot sauce blends from the finest peppers and spices, crafted naturally with no dyes or gimmicks, just real ingredients and real flavor. 

I'll bring cutting boards, serving trays; wine racks & wine bottle corks.

I will bring me and some yummy sourdough bread!!! 

New this week--Lorz Italian garlic! Cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes (limited), cucumbers, summer squash, green beans (limited), Shishito peppers, okra, Asian eggplants, basil, dill, cut flower bouquets

We'll be offering our signature Alawichous SugarFoote Hill Lemonade Tea. Available in 16oz bottles, 22 oz reusable vessels, 32oz & 64 oz. containers. Also receiving a phenomenal response to our recently debuted Alawichous "Good Water". All Alawichous beverages are made using our "Good Water". Sourced from a Tybee Island spring with a unique mineral profile that gives it a smooth, soft taste. Alawichous "Good Water" is available in 22oz reusable vessels. Visit our website to place special orders: 

Hand Rolled Incense (14 different scents to choose from) Natural Bar Soaps (Facial and Black) (HIGHLY REQUESTED) Our 2 for $10 Fragrance Burner Oil for Oil Burners...Blended Inhouse Our Beautifully pre wrapped Petite Oil Burners which will complement any setting! Our Signature Hand Sanitizers! ( 2 scents to choose from) (Made by Versatile Salts) And a selection of other products you will enjoy! You can always reach us on our website, where we offer local delivery and a anytime code of 10% off of a $30 purchase! #supportlocalbusiness. It helps us to bring better products in a unique way! 

Hand lettered and calligraphy signs and home decor
Parish Prayer List
Please remember: Joseph, our President; the Senate, the House of Representatives, and our Courts of Justice; together with all elected officials, and the other leaders of our country and the nations of the world.
We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Brian, our Bishop; for April, our priest; for David, our Curate; for Sarah and Caroline, our seminarians; for our missionaries, and all other bishops and ministers.
We pray for the unemployed and underemployed, especially those in our congregation and community. We pray for the homeless and the hungry, and for those in special need of prayer, especially
the Smallwood family, Patty Maroney, Michelle Maroney, Jamie Stone,
Amanda Cate, Martha Smith, Sue Sears, William Simpson, Neil Robinson,
Ash Gunlock, Bill Strang, Sally Cauthen, Mary Lou Walden, Gerry Jones,
Jennifer Thompson, June McEwen,  Amy, Deborah, Jim Hinkle, Andrea, Ann Ludwig, the Hale family (Austin, Amanda, and Autumn); the Brown family, Reba, Niysah, Daniel Parker, Valorie Lephart, Terrie, Alex, Steve Slack, Angela, 
Barbara Dooley, Dwight McMillan, Doris, J.R. Hicks, Charlotte Dorris, 
Libby Workman, Jean Williams, Barbara Reed, Elizabeth Harrison, Joyce Smith, 
Jim May, and Ann Swint; 

We pray for Wil Mabry, Jake Dorris, Kevin Kelley, Tripp Mouron, Mike Mabry, Alexander Ross, Russel Webb, Logan Roberts, Jim Makepeace, Sean Benson, 
Evan Watkins and all of our Armed Forces, here and abroad;
We pray for Jessica Pannell, Alice Revenig Clark and Ali, who are with child.
We pray for this community: For our local leaders; for our schools and marketplaces; for our neighborhoods and workplaces, for protesters and for police. Help us to honor your image in one another. Give us courage to strive for justice and peace among all people, beginning here at home. 

We pray for all whose homes are in peril or uprooted because of climate change, for all displaced because of hurricanes, fires or other disasters.
We pray for those who have died, especially Hilna Long, mother of David Long, that your will for them may be fulfilled, and that they may share with all your saints in the full revelation of your eternal glory.
In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: L'Eglise Anglicane du Rwanda. The Anglican Communion has adopted a cycle of prayer called "From Aba to Zululand," praying its way alphabetically through its members on a daily basis between January 1, 2021 and September 2023. The newsletter and, in the future, the printed bulletin, will include the prayers for Sunday; if you would like to see the daily prayer requests, you can find them HERE.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Pray for St. Clare, LaFollette, TN, and for these South Dakota churches: St. Katharine, Martin; Gethsemane, Wanblee; Christ Church, Red Shirt Table.

Those in need of continued prayer: 
Jeanette Cureton, Wanda Kirkpatrick, Emma Andrews, Jim Strickland,
Trevor Laymance, Michael Conner, Bo and Mary Minor Brown, 
Helen Williams, Peggy Fugate, William Simpson, Timothy Penny, 
Donald Jones, Cooper Jones, Charles Smith, Steven Mosman, 
John Woodham, Elaine Harrison, Marcia Magers, Major McCollough,
John Cox, Gayanne Silver, Heather Nelson, Robert Clark, 
Dexter and Helen Williams, Cheryl McCurry, Ethel Rutledge, Lanie Lundgrin, 
Terri Harvey, Anne Getz, Michael Roberts, Jeannie and Andy Williams, 
Jaime Cooper, Teresa Noel, Tina Knowles, Joyce and Greg Snyder, Martha Killeffer, Robert Durham,  Jessica Ricketts
Centering Prayer (Barth Room) -- Friday, July 23, 1:00 p.m.
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