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The Season After Pentecost
JULY 3 , 2018
Family Promise Needs Sleepers for July 5
Family Promise is grateful to all who have stepped up to help with feeding and caring for our guests this month. We still need someone – preferably two someones – to sleep over on Friday night, July 5. Overnight chaperones should arrive by 8:00 p.m. and stay until the guests leave the next morning, usually very early. Sleepers have their own room with a shared half bath. Two people is preferred. 
If you’re willing to fill the slot, please contact Skeeter Makepeace ( ) .

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Family Promise Needs for July 5
Office Closures for July 4
Lanham Presents to Book Review Class
Uniform Drive for Barger Academy
Peer Ministry Retreat for Youth (Sept.)
Food Ministry
Food Ministry Volunteers Needed
Honoring our Graduates
Serving on Sunday
Office Closures
In order to observe Independence Day fully and completely, the offices at Grace will be closed on both Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5. Business as usual beginning Monday, July 8!
Book Review Class
Though you almost certainly will be exposed to plenty of literal fireworks this weekend, you have a chance for some intellectual ones as well as Richard Lanham takes on the Sunday book review with The Divine Names and Mystical Theology , complementary books by the so-called Pseudo Dionysius, the 6th century author and mystic. Wikipedia describes them thusly: 
The Dionysian writings and their mystical teaching were universally accepted throughout  the East , amongst both  Chalcedonians  and  non-Chalcedonians , and also had a strong impact in later medieval western  mysticism , most notably  Meister Eckhart . Its influence decreased in the West with the fifteenth-century demonstration of its later dating, but in recent decades, interest has increased again in the  Corpus Areopagiticum .
Come and be enlightened! Or de-lightened, depending on how many doughnuts you opt to have with your coffee. Delighted goes without saying.
Uniform Drive for Barger Academy
Grace is starting an ongoing uniform drive for Barger Academy. We encourage you to look for these things as you shop for new or gently used items. One Grace member just scored a whole pile of gently used uniform shirts because she was on the lookout in a used clothing store. If you are getting rid of kids’ uniform stuff, please send it our way. Obviously we'd like to be well-stocked by August when school starts back. SPREAD THE WORD! 
They need the following items in youth small (child size 5/6) through youth large (boys/girls size 12/14).
Collared shirts in any solid color or stripes
Pants/skirts/skorts in solid navy, black, or khaki
Cardigan sweaters
Socks and underwear
There will be a bin at some point to collect these, but if you’re an early bird, feel free to bring them to the church office during the week or to the bookstore on the weekend.
Peer Ministry Retreat for Youth Coming Up!
For your calendars: On the weekend of September 13-15 there will be a retreat for youth from all Chattanooga area Episcopal churches at Grace Point near Kingsport. This will be a peer ministry retreat, so there'll be activities designed to help youth support one another and minister to each other -- and there'll also be time to relax and eat good food! Transportation to Grace Point will be provided, and info about registration is coming soon. For more info, contact David Burman, the curate here at Grace: .
Food Ministry
June was a big month in Grace’s food ministry – we began the month planning to give 85 vouchers, but with the approval of the Finance Committee actually gave out 128, partly because the presence of Arts Camp make the pantry difficult to access without discommoding the young ones and teachers as they worked on their projects. See below for a full accounting:
Food Vouchers:          100 visitors, 128 boxes of food,
                                      which fed 321 hungry adults and children
Food Pantry:                25 visitors, representing 46 adults
                                      and children
Thanks to all the Grace parishioners and members of the Belvoir Neighborhood who donate so generously to the food ministry with goods for the pantry and money for vouchers to the Chattanooga Food Bank. Sunday brought in massive donations to the pantry, which took care of some bare spots completely and brought us away from the edge on others. We – and the neighbors who ring our doorbell – are very grateful for your ongoing support.
There are, of course, still a few thin places, should you be at the grocery and have a few extra dollars:
·     F ruit cups/applesauce/canned fruits
·      Canned vegetables, especially carrots,
mixed vegetables, green beans, peas
·      Beanie weenies
·      Jif “To Go” wee peanut butter cups (these are good
for our homeless visitors)
·      Hearty soups and stews
...And Speaking of the Food Ministry...
We Need More Volunteers!
As you can see from the numbers above, Grace’s food ministry is not just a matter of someone ringing the doorbell once every couple of days (between the office staff and Vivian Dodds, we gave 28 vouchers on Tuesday). Grace currently has a small group of volunteers who give out food vouchers and/or food every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Right now we have all these hours manned, but vacation season has underlined the need to train a few more people who could substitute when the regular volunteers is out of town, has an appointment or has been foolish enough to come down with the flu. This is an easy job and frees up our office staff to get their work done. If you are interested, please contact Vivian at .
Honoring our Graduates
We would like to take a moment and honor the achievements of any high school, technical school, college or other graduates within the congregation. If you have something to celebrate, please let us know. You may share this information with Maria at or Dabney at . We'd like any and all of the following information: name, school, honors, activities, future plans, parents names, etc. Please get information to us by July 16. Thanks!  
Serving This Sunday
At the 10:00 a.m. service: Lectors, Skeeter Makepeace, Sharla Benedict Region; Intercessor, Jane Pickering; Chalice, Edith Snider, Anne Curtis; Acolytes, Jeff Bertrand, Jim Harris; Lead Usher, Tom Lifsey; Oblations, Frank and Ann Watkins; Webcast (camera, sound), Tom Makepeace, Bill Boren

Lectionary Readings
Isaiah 66:10-14, Psalm 66:1-8, Galatians 6:7-16, Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 (texts can be found at )

Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim (Hymnal 535); Lord, make us servants of your peace (Hymnal 593); Jesus shall reign wheree’er the sun (Hymnal 544); In the cross of Christ I glory (Hymnal 441); O Zion, haste (Hymnal 539)
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