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The Season After Pentecost
NOVEMBER 12, 2021
"Seraphim Bush" Christmas
While some of us are peering at the calendar with turkey and yams in mind and others are wrestling giant skeletons off their houses and out of their yards, we must at least briefly turn our attention towards Christmas and our donations to the group home we adopted when we were inadvertently overlooked one year for the Angel Tree.
Thanks to Tom Carroll and Jerry Evans, we established the "Seraphim Bush" to take its place, with donations going to an often overlooked segment of those in need.

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"Seraphim Bush" for Group Home
EYC River Clean-up
Adult Classes on Sunday
Worship on Sunday
Annual Parish Meeting (11-21; Zoom)
Thanksgiving Worship (11-23)
Daily Worship
Grace Food Pantry
Brainerd Food Pantry
Invitation to a Screening from Bishop
Seasonal Music -- Metropolitan Bells
Parish Prayer List
Group Home (continued)
Last year, instead of purchasing requested gifts, Tom and Jerry came up with a 'pandemic punt,' asking for $25 Walmart gift cards instead of goods. This change turned out to be a big hit with the folks in the home, so we're planning on doing the same thing this year. Next time you venture into Walmart, pick up a gift card or two and either bring them to church; Tom will have a basket in the Narthex for them, or you can slip them into the alms-bag as it makes the rounds or drop them off at church if you're in the neighborhood. All cards should be at the church no later than Sunday, December 19.
EYC Hits the River on Sunday (11-14)
Grace's youth group is collaborating with the St Peter’s Church youth group to do a clean up of trash along the banks of the Tennessee River this Sunday afternoon. It’ll last from 1:30 to 5 p.m.. If you have a teen who might like to come, be in touch with David Burman at, and he’ll share the sign up sheet.
Adult Classes on Sunday
Wherever the River Goes continues this Sunday, exploring concerns about water and Christians as environmental stewards. The group will meet at 9:30am in the undercroft, using a new curriculum called "Wherever the River Goes," developed by a Care of Creation grant from the Episcopal Church. All are welcome to join!

Lectionary Class -- This class, which looks at and discusses the lectionary prescribed for each Sunday, has resumed after a pandemic-induced hiatus. The group has moved its meeting to the Barth Room since the weather has cooled; bring your mask! The class is facilitated by David Stanislawski.
Worship on Sunday
Both the 8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services are currently being held in the Nave. Please stop by the courtyard on your way in to assure it you still love it; it may feel lonely after so many weeks of hosting weekly gatherings!

Though the numbers in Chattanooga are improving, we are still firmly in the era of COVID and thus a need for caution, so we are asking that all who attend either service wear masks. The 10:45 a.m. service will be streamed online for those who are unable to attend. You can access the service at Grace's Facebook page , and you can find the bulletin for that service HERE.

We will continue to hold Sunday morning children's activities outdoors as long as the weather permits -- children's activities be offered in the Pavilion at 9:30 a.m. so that parents can attend adult formation, with Sunday School for preschool and elementary aged children at 10:30am. As more children get the newly-authorized vaccination, indoor activities will become more possible.

Even though vaccinations are not 100% effective against virus transmission, they still remain our best option for reducing illness and death. These vaccines are safe, accessible, and comprehensively tested. Regions where high numbers of individuals are vaccinated are seeing far fewer COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths. It is the best way we have to show love for our neighbors right now, and loving our neighbors is our gospel mandate. If you are eligible to receive a COVID vaccination, but have not yet done so, please do so as an act of community care. Raising the vaccination rates in Hamilton County is essential to the health of all in our community, and essential to our common life at Grace.

If you have questions or concerns about worship practices, please feel free to contact April ( or Senior Warden, Andy Belcher (
Annual Parish Meeting Zooms into View!
Next Sunday (November 21) brings one of Grace’s most enduring pre-holiday activities—the Annual Parish meeting. While we long to be feasting together in the Undercroft once again, in order to reduce the potential for virus transmission over the Thanksgiving holiday, this year’s meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. via Zoom. We encourage you to enjoy the snack and beverage of your choice while we hear about ministries and finance, offer gratitude to departing Vestry members and elect new ones. To join the meeting, visit and enter meeting ID 867 3018 9752.
Thanksgiving Worship
Before you sink deep into the recipe box and the pile of groceries that will eventually become Thanksgiving dinner, take advantage of an opportunity for undistracted worship with your fellow Grace folks on Tuesday evening, November 23, at 6:00 p.m. Calm your soul with scripture, music, and some last moments without demands from recalcitrant turkeys, tearful onions, and gravy that Will Not Thicken. Just you, your Grace community, and God -- and a lot to be grateful for in spite of the convoluted trip around the sun known as 2021.

In normal years, we've had a soup supper following the service, but we will forgo that this year for the sake of not creating an extra hazard of possible exposures just before numerous interactions with family and friends for the holiday. We fervently hope that this time next year we will be badgering you to make pots of soup and loaves of bread to share!
Daily Worship
Grace offers Compline services at 8pm each evening; you can join

& the password is: compline 

Morning Prayer continues every day (except Sundays) via Zoom, beginning at 9:00 a.m.; click the link below or paste the URL into your browser.

For Morning Prayer, click here:

or paste this URL into your browser:

Meeting ID: 746 8859 6599

Passcode: amprayer
Grace Food Pantry
indefatigable volunteers Vivian Dodds and Dixie Riall fielded 18 visitors last Wednesday, sending them home with food or 61 (35 adults and 27 children). Except for the soup shelf, which is burgeoning thanks to a multitude of donations last weekend, it looks like a field after the locust-hordes have left. Three cans of Spam. No fruit. One pudding cup!

So we need a good many things this week:

* Spam or similar
* canned hams
* beanie weenies
* spaghetti sauce
* spaghetti noodles
* Vienna sausages
* pudding cups
* pop tarts
* beef stew
* canned fruit (15 oz. size)
* fruit cups (applesauce, peaches, pears, etc.)

Thank to all in the church and the neighborhood who swoop in week in and week out and provide what's needed. We are grateful. Our visitors are grateful. We are set down in the midst of kindness and generosity, and we count ourselves fortunate indeed!
Brainerd Food Pantry
The Brainerd Community Food Pantry is celebrating its first anniversary! Over the past 13 months we have served and distributed healthy food as follows:

  • 4,692 Households served (8,862 Adults + 4,773 Children = 13,595)
  • 360 households per month, including 681 adults per month and 367 children per month
  • 179,150 lbs. of food distributed (214,980 meals)
  • 13,780 lbs. of food per month at a cost of $2.35 per household per pantry distribution

The need in our community continues to be great. We are in particular need of volunteers for our food distributions on the Wednesdays before Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you feel called to support this ministry by volunteering your time or donating money or food, or if you just want to find out more about the food pantry, please go to our website at You can also follow us on Facebook at Brainerd Community Food Pantry.
David Stanislawski
Invitation from the Bishop: Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock
Bishop Brian Cole invites everyone to a special offering from our diocesan task force on becoming beloved community. On Thursday, November 18th at 6:00 PM, we will view together a documentary entitled Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock. This documentary profiles the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota as they recently resisted a US Government effort to build a pipeline across their native land. In the month of November, as Thanksgiving approaches, this is often a time that we reflect on the history of indigenous people in North America. This documentary is a chance to hear from them, to hear their story now. Realizing, it’s not simply a historic story, but it’s a story of this moment, of this moment in our country. So this will be a chance for us to gather by Zoom to watch this documentary and to reflect briefly afterwards on its impact on us and how it might continue to shape our work as proclaiming good news as God’s beloved community. You can register for the event HERE or paste this URL into your browser:
Seasonal Music Dates to Note
Wow... Christmas programs! In-person music! John 3:9!

Metropolitan Bells will present its usually-annual Christmas program on three different days at three different locations:

Thursday, December 9: First United Methodist Church in Cleveland (3425 N. Ocoee St.) 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, December 14, Brainerd Baptist Church (300 Brookfield Avenue), 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 16, Christ United Methodist Church (8645 E. Brainerd Rd.), 7:30 p.m.
Parish Prayer List
Please remember: Joseph, our President; the Senate, the House of Representatives, and our Courts of Justice; together with all elected officials, and the other leaders of our country and the nations of the world.
We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Brian, our Bishop; for April, our priest; for David, our Curate; for Sarah and Caroline, our seminarians; for our missionaries, and all other bishops and ministers.
We pray for the unemployed and underemployed, especially those in our congregation and community. We pray for the homeless and the hungry, and for those in special need of prayer, especially
Charles Evans, Wilma Laney, Bill Clark, Mary McDonald, Patricia Kelley Williams, Tony Hill, Jennifer, Scott, Julia, Tony, Mary Cooper, Russell, Susan Landis, Jamie Stone, Martha Smith, Sue Sears, William Simpson, Neil Robinson, Ash Gunlock, Bill Strang, Sally Cauthen, Mary Lou Walden, Jennifer Thompson, June McEwen, Amy, Deborah, Jim Hinkle, Andrea, the Hale family (Austin, Amanda, and Autumn); 
the Brown family, Reba, Niysah, Terrie, Alex, Angela,  Dwight McMillan, Doris, J.R. Hicks, Libby Workman, Jean Williams, Barbara Reed, Jim May, and Ann Swint; 

We pray for Wil Mabry, Jake Dorris, Kevin Kelley, Tripp Mouron, Mike Mabry, Alexander Ross, Russel Webb, Logan Roberts, Jim Makepeace, Sean Benson, 
Evan Watkins and all of our Armed Forces, here and abroad;
We pray for Emily Brelsford and Katie Poulos Moore, who are with child.

We pray for this community: For our local leaders; for our schools and marketplaces; for our neighborhoods and workplaces, for protesters and for police. Help us to honor your image in one another. Give us courage to strive for justice and peace among all people, beginning here at home. 

We pray for all whose homes are in peril or uprooted because of climate change, for all displaced because of hurricanes, fires or other disasters. We pray for the people of Haiti as they recover from the earthquake, and for the people of Afghanistan during political upheaval.
We pray for those who have died, that they may share with all your saints in the full revelation of your eternal glory.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Anglican Church of Australia. The Anglican Communion has adopted a cycle of prayer called "From Aba to Zululand," praying its way alphabetically through its members on a daily basis between January 1, 2021 and September 2023. The newsletter and, in the future, the printed bulletin, will include the prayers for Sunday; if you would like to see the daily prayer requests, you can find them at ACoP.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Pray for St. Rafael, Crossville, TN, and for Gethsemane, Sisseton, SD.

Those in need of continued prayer: 
Valorie Lephart, Jeanette Cureton, Wanda Kirkpatrick, Emma Andrews,
Jim Strickland, Michael Conner,  Helen Williams, Peggy Fugate, William Simpson, Timothy Penny, Donald Jones, Cooper Jones, Charles Smith, John Woodham,
Elaine Harrison, Marcia Magers, Major McCollough, John Cox, 
Gayanne Silver, Heather Nelson, Robert Clark, Dexter and Helen Williams,
Cheryl McCurry, Ethel Rutledge, Lanie Lundgrin, Terri Harvey, Anne Getz,
Michael Roberts, Jeannie and Andy Williams, Jaime Cooper, Teresa Noel,
Tina Knowles, Joyce and Greg Snyder, Martha Killeffer, Robert Durham, 
Jessica Ricketts
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