May 5 - 12, 2020
Coffee Hour on Facebook Live

On Sunday we gave the Facebook Live Coffee Hour another try, and people seemed to like it. Our current plan is to continue offering this opportunity for community.

Our worship video will still be active on YouTube at 7:30am Sunday morning, with a link on our website active at that time - again, there will be no change at this time for those who prefer to use YouTube to access their Sunday morning worship.

We will continue to utilize Facebook 'Premiere' for our worship video, which is a handy way for many of us to worship together in real time. Once again this week, we will post the Facebook worship video at 10am . This approach allows many people to be worshiping at the same time, and even comment during the service. The worship video will still be available on Facebook after the event, too, so don't worry if you oversleep and miss the 'Premiere' at 10am. We invite everyone to share the video, when they feel comfortable doing so.

Then, following the worship service, the pastors will 'go live' on the Grace Facebook page at 11am , sharing additional thoughts and interacting with people who are commenting. If you have a question, or a thought, we invite you to share! Questions about the worship service, lifting up the parts that were most meaningful - these are great ways to engage with our worship and one another. Sunday at 11am will continue to be our little 'virtual coffee hour'. The pastors will offer some questions, too, so come with your thoughts, an open mind, and probably a cup of coffee and join us as we continue to explore together the kind of community God is calling us to experience in this time!
Grace’s Abundance In Action
In 2019, you gave generously toward Grace’s mission, so generously that we had a surplus - an abundance - after all of our expenses were paid. Over the last several months, Grace’s Council has discussed how to faithfully use this financial surplus.

During the April Council meeting, the Holy Spirit guided the Council to give fifty percent of Grace’s surplus to two charitable organizations in our community – HOPE of Rock Hill and Pathways Community Center – in response to the needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, Pr. Gregg & Larry Winsch visited these organizations, presented both of them with checks for $5,491.22, and heard about how this abundance is going to make an immediate difference in the community. Click here  to read about this abundant impact.
While we are physically apart in the coming weeks, there are still many ways for us to be church together. We invite you to connect with one another by phone and make use of the resources in this publication, too!
From the Pastors
Update From Pastor Gregg

Grace's Congregation Council met on Sunday, May 3, to discuss the ongoing pandemic and our response as a congregation.

Click HERE  to read an update from Pastor Gregg from this meeting.

Can We Help?

This pandemic has affected each
of us, but may have affected us
in different ways.

If you are in need of help (of any kind), please reach out to the pastors. We can find connections to resources and/or support together. We want to walk with you.

Please call or email us.

Click the video image for the
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Worship Service Video
from May 3rd.

Click here for the worship guide.

Click the video image for
the Children's Sermon
from the Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 3rd.

We invite you to "like", comment on, and share these videos!
Each Sunday we continue to worship together online.
These services are posted on the Grace Facebook page and on our website .
We will also send an email to invite you to participate.
Zeus the newborn lamb
photo courtesy of Emma Lowrance
What are 'ewe' up to?
What are you doing while we are apart? How are you using your gifts? Are you drawing? Painting? Gardening? Woodworking? Farming? Building puzzles? Share your work and activities with us! During this time, many of us are busy with projects. If you'd like to share what you're doing, please send pictures to Pr. Gregg so we can include them in our worship videos. We may also use these on social media & at church when we return. Sharing your projects, large or small, is one way to present offerings to God at this time, & we want to see what God is doing through you!
NOTE: If you can, add a signature to your visual offering!
Monetary Offering - When we worship together, part of our worship is offering our gifts to God. While we are apart, it is still faithful to offer our gifts. You can give online by clicking here ( and you have the option to offset the cost of giving online), or you are welcome to mail your offering to the church office. Thank you for giving!
Committee Meetings can be held on Zoom! If your Committee hasn't met recently and would like to, the pastors can help. If your Committee doesn't currently have business to discuss, this could still be an opportunity to check in with each other and share in fellowship. Please click here  to email the pastors if you'd like to set up a Zoom.
Taking Faith Home is a new-to-Grace resource which carries the previous Sunday's themes throughout the week. These devotions include daily Scripture readings, prayers, hymn suggestions, milestones,conversation starters, service opportunities, and at-home rituals.

Click here  for the week of May 3
Click here for the week of May 10


At the beginning of our time staying home, rostered leaders created
a daily devotional resource called "Pandemic Hope." That resource concludes on May 10th.

Recognizing that this situation is not yet over, these and other rostered leaders created a second edition of this resource: PANDEMIC FAITH.

Click here  for this new daily devotional, which will begin on May 11th and continue for 8 weeks.

Click here  for previously featured (and still available!) resources.

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April Giving and Expenses

April Received $52,731
April Expenses $52,864
Budgeted to Spend $50,852

YTD Received $214,001
YD Expenses $186,242
YTD Budgeted to Spend $203,408
Register for Summer Camp

Summer Camp is still happening! While NovusWay is adjusting some scheduling to ensure a safe camp experience, there are still many weeks of camp available. You can learn about Risk-Free Registration and sign up here .

Remember, Grace has scholarships available for NovusWay camps -
email Pr. Rachel for an application!
An Update From Our NovusWay Camps
  NovusWay is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone at their camps. Click here  to read more about the adjustments that are being made this summer.

Click on the video link for the latest message from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, who shares updates from her briefing from the CDC and reminds us that we still have God and each other.
Guidance on Communion during a time of pandemic

Click here to read an article posted by the South Carolina Synod to help address the issue of Holy Communion during this time when we are practicing social distancing.
Stay connected.
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All in-person activities at
Grace Lutheran Church are suspended until further notice.
At this time, please do not come
to the church building.
We are praying for
the health and well-being
of our community and world.
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