July 12, 2020
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
Wishing you an awareness of
God's Presence, Love and Peace
The Office is SLOWLY opening,
but if you need, please feel free to contact the rector at home or cell phone:
810-987 2863 or 810-887-8194. The latter is also good for texting.

During the month of July we will be open 9am - Noon
Tom Manney Ordination Scheduled
The Rev. Thomas Manney will be ordained to the priesthood on July 18th at Noon at St. Christopher’s Church in Grand Blanc. The service will be live streamed on the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan Facebook page. The Rt. Rev. Bonnie Perry, bishop of Michigan, will be the ordaining bishop. Tom will be serving as priest-in-charge at St Paul’s Church in Bad Axe (he’s been serving as deacon in charge for a while.) We are hoping to send a gift from the parish to help Tom buy a home communion kit (pricing around $500 If you would like to contribute to this gift, please mail your check to Grace this coming week. Unfortunately, only a small number of invited guests are able to attend the service in person. Read more here.

Return to Church Updates
Assuming that the number of new cases of Covid-19 remain stable or decline, our first public worship service at Grace will be Sunday August 2 in the Garden. People will need to wear masks and bring their own chairs. Sweaters and umbrellas are also recommended. The chairs will need to be at least 6 feet apart. Members of the same household can sit together but they need a six foot minimum circumference around their group.

We are working on a way to notify people if we are cancelling, either because of weather or coronavirus spikes.

The hardest part: Try not to hang out and socialize after the service! 

Online Worship Options
Lessons appointed for the Second Sunday after Pentecost Click Here
The Book of Common Prayer Click Here Morning Prayer begins on page 75. The Sunday readings are also available by clicking on a link on our Web Page.

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WEEKLY SATURDAY Virtual Evening Prayer and Check-In with Lydia on July 11th at 5:30pm . If you don't' have a prayer book, you can find it online here . We are using the Eucharistic Readings for Sunday which you can locate on this calendar . To join just click here

The Diocese of Eastern Michigan holds morning prayer every Sunday at 10:30am. People from all over the diocese help lead. You can find it on the Facebook page of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan Click Here

Washington National Cathedral Sunday Holy Eucharist at 11:15am will celebrate with preaching by The Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon, Bishop in the United Methodist Church and Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke Divinity School. Click Here

Trinity Church Wall Street has a live stream of their weekday Holy Eucharist at 12:05pm and Sunday service at 11:15am Click Here

If you are not an early riser, you can view the 11am service
( 2pm EST ) at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, Washington.

** Note: All live stream videos are archived and available for viewing at anytime. Use the same links above.

Other Worship Opportunities
Another excellent diocesan resource is Compline which is being led at 8pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can find it on the Facebook page of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan as well (see above for link). The order of service for this can be found here

Katie Forsyth has curated a whole bunch of online opportunities here.

Links to the hymns we are missing each Sunday are posted on Grace's Facebook Page, so you can listen and sing along.

Please Remember to Give
Even though we cannot join together for worship, we greatly appreciate you continuing your financial support to Grace.
If you have continued to send in your pledge, THANK YOU !

The staff and volunteers are working hard behind the scenes at home finding ways to keep in contact, to stay connected and to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Thanks to those who have made extra donations to support our outreach to needy families.

Possible ways to continue your support:
* mail a check to the church (we still have staff picking up the mail)
* donate online

REMEMBER: Another way to support Grace is by making your purchases through smile.amazon.com. Just go here and shop!:

And yet another way is by linking your Kroger card to Grace Port Huron. You go online to sign up and a percentage of you purchase goes to support Grace.

The Cares Act includes some new incentives for charitable giving, for people who don't itemize and for those who do. You can read about that here.
Grace Connecting
through ZOOM
One of the things we all miss while sheltering at home, is seeing everyone on Wednesdays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. Lydia is going to host a "zoom" gathering on July 15th 10:00am to 11:30am.

To participate you need a smartphone, tablet or computer, ideally with a built in microphone and camera. You don't need to be one of the Wednesday regulars. Anyone who would like to ask questions, talk, pray is welcome.

Topic discussion for this week Zoom mtg:
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 The Parable of Weeds Among the Wheat

To join just click here

You may be asked to download app or you can just go to cloud version.

Call Lydia at 810-987-2863 or 810-887-8194.

It has been decided to suspend meeting until September. Enjoy summer & we look forward to seeing all your creations when we resume!

Virtual Evening Prayer and Check-In on
July 11th & 11th at 5:30pm
If you don't' have a prayer book, you can find it online here:
We are using the Eucharistic Readings for Sunday which you can locate on thi s calendar.

To join just click here
Updated Directory Available

If you would like an updated copy of the church directory, please email Lydia at
Good News Garden
And we are starting to harvest!

The Port Huron Good News Garden is featured in this week's
"The Feast Online", the newsletter of the Dioceses of Eastern & Western Michigan. You can see the article here .

If you are not receiving "The Feast Online", you may want to subscribe, to learn more about what is happening in our diocese. You can subscribe on this page at the bottom
where it says Join Our Newsletter.

There is plenty of room for anyone (at any age)
who would like to participate during the growing season.
Please contact Jeanette Ettin ( aledogsmom@hotmail.com ) who will be  our coordinator and our liaison to the Network.

Serving in Partnership with
#c4yourself church
Grace, in partnership with #c4yourself church, is providing drivers to PHASD and Mid City Nutrition.
If you know of people (not necessarily Grace people) who need food, please
email us at rector@graceporthuron.net . If you are able and willing to help with this, please contact rector@graceporthuron.net .
Prayer Shawls

 If you are looking for a way to serve during this time, Mary Gale McPharlin will be happy to drop off a prayer shawl kit with instructions.

If you have machine washable yarn and wonder what to do with it, there are patterns for knitting and crocheting prayer shawls here
Vacation Bible School


July 6-10

Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy.
Exodus 20:8

A weekly sabbath day is important, but summertime has the potential to be a whole season of sabbath like no other. The pressures of work & worry never stop, but that is all the more reason to carve out time - sacred time - for even more fun, frolic, togetherness & joy. After all, what we remember and treasure isn't work & worry; it's lemonade & porch swings, bumblebees & bubbles.
Remember the sabbath!

What is YOUR perfect summer day? What's happening? Where are you? Who's with you? How does it make you feel?

What do we need to do less of in order to make room for having more fun together?

Please contact Mrs. Larson if you have any questions.
Sunday School with Mrs. Larson
Be sure to keep checking the Grace Facebook page for
craft ideas, recipes, and story videos.
Hello Friends!

You will find below the curriculum for the week's lesson. As always, please share with me pictures of you and your family working on the activities list below.

We are bringing back Flat Jesus this summer! Please print, color & cut out your Flat Jesus. Share your pictures using the hashtag #GracePHFlatJesus.

Click picture to print your own
Flat Jesus!!!

I would also like to share with you an at home worship companion for summer that was created by our friends in the Diocese of Northern Michigan. I think you will enjoy using this throughout the next few months.

Mrs. Larson
Resources for at Home - July 12th Curriculum

Faith at Home - Click Here

Sunday Paper Junior - Click Here

Living the Good News Curriculum
Gospel Story Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
More About Today's Scriptures Click Here

Bridges to The Good News - Click Here

Opening Prayer
“Thank you, God, for all things that grow. Amen .”

Opening Thought
◆ What is the most important thing people need to grow food?

Read the Gospel story Matthew 13:1-9
What is the meaning of the parable of the sower and the seeds?
How could you explain that story today?
What are some of the cares of the world?
Who tries to take the seed out of the heart?
What is stony thinking? [Think of it as Yes, but? We say “Yes, God exists, but I still have this problem…”]
What kind of thorny experiences keep the Word of God from growing in us? [“I’m too busy to read the Bible today.” “I don’t have time to pray.”]
How can we be rich soil for the Word of God to be planted in?
Are you willing to let the Word grow in you?
How will you do that?

Craft - Plant Something
◆ Plant seeds (flower, fruit or vegetable) in a pot or outside in a garden.
◆ Tend to them & watch them grow!

Sing and/or play the hymn Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee , reflecting today’s theme.

Close with prayer
"We pray to become the rich soil in which the word of God grows and produces abundant fruit. Amen ."
Please share with Mrs. Larson what you are up to at home!
We'd love to see your smiling faces!
And maybe you'll see yourself on Grace's Facebook page!