Grace Notes
Friday Devotional:
Psalm 116:1-9

This psalm of thanks is part of "Hallel" (Psalms 113-118), songs of praise for deliverance sung during Israel's great festivals, such as Passover. Psalm 116 would have been sung after the meal in homes and synagogues. It is likely that Jesus sang this hymn with his disciples (Matthew 26:30) after their last Passover meal together on that night he was betrayed.
This psalm reminds me of when I came down with pneumonia while with my husband on his o his six-week sabbatical trip to Europe. If you have ever been sick on a trip you know how scary it is to be at the mercy of unfamiliar doctors and hospital emergency rooms: "I suffered distress and anguish" (v.3). After a round of antibiotics, I was told to see a doctor in Vienna before traveling on to Ukraine. Our hotel recommended a Christian hospital within walking didstancve. Inside I took a number and wait my turn. The staff checked me over and cleared me to go. We went on our way, rejoicing and praising God for my Recovery.

Dear God, thank you for your healing power in times of sickness. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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† Medical: Angela (friend of Robin Freeman); Tami Cobb, Tina Cobb (Gail Tenbus’s daughters); Dennis Lefler (Linda Lefler’s husband); Scott Godwin; Julie Jensen's friends Dean Rich (cancer returned) and his wife Vita Franco; Patty Klein's mother Peggy who is now under hospice care.
† Nation and World: on this anniversary of 9/11 we pray for our nation and for the families of those who lost loved ones; for those who are rebuilding their lives after leaving Afghanistan as well as those still trying to leave; who are affected by storms, fires, and excessive heat; people in Haiti as they try to recover from an earthquake and tropical storm (donations can be made to Lutheran Disaster Relief);
† Struggling: those who are lonely, hungry, or dealing with frustrations; those who are without homes. 
† For the family of Ralph Perez (Linda Lefler) as they mourn his passing. May they be comforted through the warm embrace of the Holy Spirit while receiving care and support from their friends and neighbors.

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