Grace Notes
Friday Devotional:
Psalm 22:19-28
My husband died last year. His battle with dementia ended as his perfect new life began. My journey through his illness and dying, death and resurrection has been, well, "interesting." I find myself wandering from " My God, why have you forsaken me?" (v.1), through lament that I am a worm ( v.6), to the joy of rescue (vv. 21b-22). Sob, laugh, repeat. Caring friends ask me how I'm doing. I can only reply, "Today I'm ..."
Today I know where this down-and-up ride has taken me. It has driven me to know that God has stuck with me like a burr in a dog's hair, from forsakenness and worminess to Roman candles and trumpets. God has never left me, from times of helplessness like that of a baby, through eons of sadness as heavy as Good Friday's sky, to my loud, off-key songs of praise to anyone who will listen and others who run.
You've never hidden your face from me, faithful God; you've never stopped listening to me. Today I live for you.

Lord Jesus, our cry of forsakenness echoes yours.
Thank you for being close to us when we despair.

An excerpt from Christ in our Home
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June Birthdays
† Medical: Carl Tenbus; Gail Tenbus, Tami Cobb, Tina Cobb (Gail Tenbus’s daughters); Lupe Dean; Jose Muñez (Donna's brother-in-law); Mary Ellen Lefler; Randall (Betty Johnson’s cousin); Len Christianson recovering from heart surgery; Pastor Nancy's friend Kathy recovering from a bike accident. Peggy Schreiber recovering from surgery. Pastor Nancy is having surgery.
† Nation and World: we pray for the people of Ukraine and for those diligently working for peace. We especially pray for all who have had to leave their homes; those who are in danger; and for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives.

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