Pastor Nancy Switzler

For the week ending March 11, 2023

Grace Notes

Friday Devotional:

Psalm 95

A year ago, navigating the ups and downs of the pandemic, some churches still limited in-person singing. Of all the ways COVID affected worship, I most grieved the diminishment of song. I find that singing gives voice to the loving, abiding relationship the Lord has with us: Creator and creature, Savior and sinner, Shepherd and lamb. For many, song facilitates a profound encounter with God.

As you read this, we may have returned to communal singing in all its fullness. I pray and hope so. Until then, I read Psalm 95 hungrily. The psalmist understands the necessity of song and invites God's people to sing praise with gusto. Not abbreviated ("We'll sing stanzas 1 and 4"), but the whole thing! Not just a cantor, but the entire congregation, young and old! For the Lord is worthy of our praise, whether alongside an angel chorus in the age to come or with our siblings in faith, here in this life.

O Rock of our salvation, receive our songs of praise for all your mighty deeds. Amen.

An excerpt from Christ in our Home

if you would like a copy of Christ in Our Home please contact the church office: 805-983-0612

See's Candies Spring Fundraiser

March 6-22, 2023


We are offering See’s Candy products along with the convenience of having the candy delivered here at the church and school. No waiting in line for your Easter candy!


All orders and money need to be returned to school or church by March 22nd. Your candy will be ready for pick-up the week of April 3rd.

Checks should be made out to Our Redeemer Preschool.

To place an order, please contact the School Office at (805)983-0619 or

Contact Jackie for an order form.


Thank you in advance for your participation in this fundraiser!

You may also buy online and have your candy shipped to you, click on the button below to view our online store.

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March Birthdays

 Betty Johnson; Craig Godwin recovering from Covid; Scott Godwin hospitalized (Shirley & Larry Godwin's sons); Brooke & Chris Brase praying for a safe & healthy pregnancy and birth (Robin T's niece); Lewis Johnson Montana State Trooper severely injured while on duty (Robin T's relative); Carl Tenbus; Lynda Heinrich (Pastor Nancy’s sister)

✝ Those suffering from colds, flu, and Covid; undergoing cancer treatments; dealing with health issues.

Those in search of new employment.

 All those affected by the rain and snow, especially those who’s homes are damaged and those who do not have shelter from the cold and rain. 

✝ Peace in Ukraine and other places of war and violence in the world.

We are restarting our prayer list each quarter. This helps us to remove prayer concerns that are no longer needed.

If you want to add a name to our prayer list, please contact the church office or

Pastor Nancy

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