Grace Notes
Friday Devotional:
Revelation 21:1-6
Common and crucial to all existence is the need for water. It is essential for survival. It is necessary for life. Even Jesus, on the cross, said, "I am thirsty" (John 19:28).
Many of our ELCA partner ministries-Lutheran World Relief, ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran Disaster Response- take up the cause of helping people secure clean water.
Water is a gift and a symbol of life. Here in Revelation water is a sign of the eternal life and salvation promised to all creation when God comes to dwell among us. Water is a sign of life conquering death, joy rising above grief, and health triumphing over pain. Here, in the new Jerusalem, the fully realized realm of God, there will be no thirst-physical, emotional, or spiritual.
Those of us who are blessed with easy access to water whenever our bodies thirst would do well, with each glass we pour, to remember God's promise in Revelation and recommit to acts of faith that quench the thirsts of our neighbors, nearby and all around the world.

Saving God, give us your living water. Renew our hearts and help us trust you. In Christ we pray.

An excerpt from Christ in our Home
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This Saturday is Second Saturday worship and dinner will be Chili.
May Birthdays
† Medical: Carl Tenbus; Gail Tenbus, Tami Cobb, Tina Cobb (Gail Tenbus’s daughters); Lupe Dean; Jose Muñez (Donna's brother-in-law); Mary Ellen Lefler; Randall (Betty Johnson’s cousin); Marilyn Perryman (Eileen Olson's niece); Len Christianson recovering from heart surgery; Pastor Nancy's friend Kathy recovering from bike accident.
† Nation and World: we pray for the people of Ukraine and for those diligently working for peace. We especially pray for all who have had to leave their homes; those who are in danger; and for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives.

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