“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”
Romans 10.9

April 2, 2021
Dear Family of Grace,
“Christ is Risen!” “He is Risen Indeed!” For centuries, on Easter morning, Christians worldwide have greeted one another with those words. This Sunday we will once again greet one another with those same words. We do so because it is what we BELIEVE. We believe that God raised Christ from the dead. 
This Sunday we will be beginning a new sermon series: BELIEVE!

Following the Resurrection of Christ, the disciples, the early church, and Christians throughout history, have stood firm upon the conviction of what they knew to be true. Many have had to face persecution for what they believe, and still stand firm in their conviction and faith that Jesus Christ died and rose again, knowing that one day Christ is going to return. It is no different for us today. As those who not only follow Christ, but who also proclaim the name of Christ above all names, we too face a very antagonistic and hostile culture. Our hope is in Christ. Our faith is in the Resurrection. 
This Sunday and throughout the rest of April we look at chapters 20 and 21 of John’s Gospel, as we profess and proclaim that we BELIEVE!
Let me also remind you a few things to keep in mind for this Sunday as we gather together for Easter:

  • We now have two services: 9:00am Contemporary and 11:00am Traditional. Remember, you do not need to register online, unless you are having your children dismissed during the 9:00am service for their time of continued worship and lessons.
  • Following both services, exit through the Garden Room in order to pick out your “to go” Easter Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls and Breakfast Sandwiches.
  • This Sunday is unfortunately Melissa Gray’s final day as an employee at Grace of Christ. This will end her 10 years of service with us, most recently as our Director of Family Ministries. She will be greatly missed. Fortunately, she and her family will continue to be part of our family of faith. Be sure to bless her and her family if you see them; or send a note to the office so we can give them to her as well. (By the way, we have some exciting news to announce on the11th)
Because of Christ, and in His Grace,
Pastor Bill
Easter Sunday, April 4
After April 2nd, the Ghormley Goodness program will be paused for the near future as they prepare for an expected reopening of camp later this spring.
Grace of Christ Preschool
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Grace Kids Worship - Ages 2-6
Please pre-register each week.
Children will accompany parents to worship for singing, then be dismissed to the front of the Sanctuary, where they will be escorted to their worship classroom. Parents may accompany their children, if they prefer. Parents will pick up children in the Childcare Lobby area. We hope to offer additional ages very soon.
April Family Faith Kit
Cloudy with a Chance of God is designed for families and children to learn more about the story of Noah. Families will journey through four chapters of the book of Genesis and discover the promise God makes with His people.
There's still time to register!
RSVP for The Family Lounge on your Sunday reservation form, a place for families to stay engaged in the service while letting their little ones play. One table per family and please bring toys from home for health and safety.  
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