Special Note: If you don't always read all the way through this post be sure to do so today. Josh Schans and Peter Bolt need our prayers!
My parents taught me the meaning of grace. They loved me unconditionally. They also taught me the meaning of justice. I could not fully understand the power of grace if I did not first comprehend justice.  

When I lied or used bad language I would get soap in my mouth.  When I was disrespectful or disobedient I was punished, the most memorable were spankings. As I grew older and my parents let go I realized they had been helping me understand justice from their hand to spare me real pain later in life. The consequences of life are much harsher than a loving parent's discipline.  If you don't do your job or you don't show up, you lose your job.  If you lie to a friend, you lose multiple friends. On and on the consequences of sinful behavior bring all kinds of pain into our lives and the lives of those closest to us. Understanding that pain is part of what makes grace so amazing.  The day I wrecked the family van, due to irresponsible behavior on my part, became a lesson in grace.  I was braced for the lecture and the discipline I deserved.  The consequences for my behavior were escalating beyond what I could conceive at 16 years old.  My dad's first words to me over the phone were, "Son, if you're okay that's all that matters."  I received nothing I deserved and everything I didn't deserve.  Mom and dad didn't even garnish my wages to help cover the cost of a new vehicle. Grace!

The basics I learned from my parents went to the next level as I learned more about God's Word. As creatures with limited awareness and a small capacity for comprehension we can't really get our minds around what we deserve. If we study human behavior and we have even a small measure of self-awareness we know our situation is not good.  We are fatally flawed and the harder we try to cover our sins the more they keep showing.  But He loves us. God will not give up on us. He is long-suffering in His love toward us. So much so that He paid the price for sin that we owe.  He will not garnish the wages of our sin from us a little at a time over eternity, though that is what we deserve.  He not only forgives our sin He makes us holy by His grace!

Grace! It is not a gift that is deserved. It is not a gift that is given with the quiet assumption that gift of equal value should be given in return.  Grace is an undeserved gift from an un-obligated giver. This Sunday we will learn more about the wonderful grace of God. Don't miss it--see you Sunday!    -Pastor Kris

October 28 - Mark Your Calendars
We need volunteers to coordinate:
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Bounce Houses
  • Food
  • Games
  • Publicity

Get to know God and good people better.
  • Central Group - Each Monday Night at 7 pm (Fellowship Hall)
  • North Group - Sundays @ 6 pm: October 8, October 22, November 5 and November 19. (Fellowship Hall)
  • South Group - Sundays @ 6 pm: October 8, October 22, November 5 and November 19 (Homes)
  • Men's Group - Thursday Nights - Kaiser Home
  • Faith Alive - Women's Group: Tuesday @ 7 pm and Thursday @ 10 am (Fellowship Hall)
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Faith Alive will be meeting Tuesday evenings at 7 pm and on Thursday mornings at 10 am.

WORLD RENEW is the disaster relief agency of our denomination (Christian Reformed Church).  They have mobilized volunteers to help with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and will be connecting with those in need after Hurricane Irma.  If you would like to volunteer your time to help those in need you can call Eric Johnson at 269-598-6483

will meet next Wednesday, October 4, at 7:00 pm. They meet at the youth house.

VHS: Next VHS will be Thursday, October 26.

Due to the hurricane we will discuss both "Behind the Beautiful Forevers" and "Glass Castle" on October 15. We will read the "Sisters of Sinai: How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels" by Janet Solskice for November (exact date to be picked at October meeting). We meet at 7pm at members' homes. Talk to Jean Bosman or Kim Vanderlaan for further information.

LADIES: The women of Sunlight Community Church in Port St Lucie have extended an invitation to attend a conference, "What NOT to Wear", on Saturday, September 30. Flyers are available on the Information Desk.
Prayer Concerns

Harvey and Gail Schans' son, Josh, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will be having surgery on Thursday morning.  Josh is only 34 years old and has a new baby on the way.  Pray for God's mighty healing and grace!

Peter Bolt
 - They doctors have indicated Peter may have only a couple more months of life. Only God knows the time he has left pray that God will give him grace and healing.  Pray for Trina as she cares for him. 

Helen Rainey has been in Signature Care for the last 5 weeks. She would appreciate some encouragement! She does hope to return home soon. The address is: 4405 Lakewood Road Lake Worth, FL 33461. Her room is #102.

Jean Bosman came through back surgery well.  Pray the surgery gives her freedom from the pain she has lived with for some time.
Jo Schans has begun Hospice care for her weakening heart but will remain at Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter, 1790 Indian Creek Dr. West, Jupiter, FL 33458. Room J-115.

Ted VanKalker remains at Signature Care in Lake Worth. Pray for both Ted and Betty.
Ann Zylstra, Jo Schans, and Helen Rainey.
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