October 29, 2014



Fall is here and it has been fun following all our local sports teams and watching college football.  What I have enjoyed the most is running on the Kewash Trail with all the leaves on the trail.  It is such a pretty sight.  The three stories I have below also occur during the fall. 


Last fall I met this special little friend, Gracie.  Pets have a particular way to lighten up a day and Gracie does this every time I see her.  Gracie belongs to Ann Williams and I met her on my way to work last fall.  It has been a joy to stop into Ann's office a couple times each week to get a quick "hello" from Gracie.  She always bounces to the door, wagging her tail when I come in.  Pets truly keep humans happy and give them comfort.  My brother and sister-in-law, Ed and Kathy, have a special dog, named Buddy who is now a part of our family.  Both Gracie and Buddy always are dressed up with a particular bandana around their neck to signify some particular occasion.  When I stopped in to see Gracie she was wearing a pretty Halloween bandana.   I think this was to help us advertise for the big  Halloween event Friday, October 31 at the Washington Town  Square.  So come and join us and maybe you will even get to see Gracie and Buddy!



Each fall season the Wellman YMCA offers soccer to elementary age children.  160 kids are playing this fall and Sunday, October 26 was their last day.  This is such a great opportunity for youth to learn teamwork, cooperation and a sport that they can play for a lifetime.  Many thanks to Angie Boyse, her staff and volunteers for making this a success!




On Monday, October 20 Community Chest held their annual dinner.  It was a really nice event and even better to see so many people visiting and supporting Community Chest.  This great agency raises money that helps support local non-profits.  The YMCA of Washington County is a lucky recipient.  The proceeds awarded to the YMCA help support childcare, scholarships and our newly developed Community Connections Mentoring Program.  At the dinner a silent auction was held.  Two YMCA staff members, Erin Almelien and Tracy Shriver, decorated these two chairs that were a part of the silent auction, and the chairs were beautiful.  A big thanks goes out to the Community Chest board members and all who support it.  Community Chest truly makes an impact in our community. 

Becky Harkema 

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