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Some Americans celebrate Independence Day on June 19, a day known as Juneteenth. Never heard of? Until a few years ago, neither did I. Yet Juneteenth has been around since 1865. For an overview of this major, historical celebration, go to What Is Juneteenth, Huff Post.

June Tale of the Month
Part Two of The New Kid in School ended with the cherry-bomb scare in the cafeteria. Part Three begins with Leona going to Mrs. Prichard’s office to pick up her class schedule. How does Leona’s first day at Bradford Academy end? Click below for the conclusion of New Kid in School.
Note: To read Parts One and Two, go to and click on the April and May Newsletters.

Memorial Day Recap
On May 27, our nation celebrated Memorial Day. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it is a day to remember those who fought and died for our freedom.
Waterloo, N.Y. has been credited for conducting the first Decoration Day. B ut the discovery of a Union soldier’s long-forgotten writings puts the first celebration in Charleston, SC, initiated by thousands of newly freed slaves.

I’m Gracie Chandler, a former elementary school teacher/school media specialist, who upon retirement, returned to work—writing. I created Fountain Pen Tales with two goals in mind:
  •  To share memories of a bygone era through stories, essays, poems, book reviews and interviews.
  • To uncover the imprecise reporting of some historical events and learn the truth about them.

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