The Fallis Trophy was last awarded in 2005 as part of the Chapter's annual curling bonspiel. 

The Fallis Trophy is a big part of our Chapter's history - we don't want to lose it!

Contact Debbie if you have informaion.

Click HERE to see the trophy and read about the last time it was awarded.


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Volunteer Opportunity
The Manitoba Chapter is looking for new board members. Whether you want to be a Director at Large or hold a specific portfolio, we can use your help!

Open Positions:

 - Basic accounting
 - Pay bills
 - Deposit cash
 - Excel skills needed

Please let us know!

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Whenever you refer someone to the CIC and they become a member or a student, you get $50!

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December 2014
Grad, Fire & Merry Christmas!

The last few months have been a challenge. As you will read in the feature section, there was a significant fire at my work. It was a challenge some days to figure out where I was supposed to work, if I had a computer and even if I had a working phone!

In this issue we also celebrate those who have overcome the challenges associated with education - we celebrate our students and our grad!

In both our Spotlight and Opinion sections we look at the challenge of debt - specifically government debt, through the eyes of a credit manager. Not only because it is an interesting topic for us credit types, but also because it is a significant issue facing us as citizens.

Christmas is always one of the busiest times of the year for everyone - whether you are rushing for year-end, trying to catch up before vacation, shopping, or all of the above.

I hope that despite all of the rushing around that you find some time to spend with family and friends over a nice meal and some wine.

On behalf of the Manitoba Chapter, whether you celebrate the religious holiday or just have time off, I wish you peace, joy and happiness this Christmas!


Grad 2014


On Thursday November 20th the Chapter gathered at the beautiful Qualico Centre at Assiniboine Park to celebrate our 2014 graduation ceremony. With the President & Dean Mike MacPhee in attendance, we welcomed grad Jean Grenier as our newest CCP. 


We also recognized academic success with Jean Grenier winning all four of the top mark awards, and with Diane Fillion, Sean Seidel and Monique Vandekerkhove winning the second place awards for academics.




Fire Fire Fire!


This fall there was a fire at the workplace of our President, Debbie Baines. Read her story here!

On Saturday, Sept 20, a fire broke out in one of Standard Aero's facilities located on Sargent Avenue.  Thankfully, no one was injured and the group of employees working in the plant at the time responded according and evacuated the building. 






A federal political leader recently stated that if you grow the economy, then budgets will balance themselves. What he means is that tax revenue grows as the economy grows, filling the treasury and providing enough revenue.


Really? Budgets don't actually write themselves, so it hard to see how balancing them does not need management. 

LinkedIn: Be Heard!
Are you someone who writes letters to the editor? Do you want to participate in discussions and have your opinion heard?

Recently the CIC has opened up LinkedIn groups across Canada so members can discuss issues important to them and to the credit profession. You have a voice, and now you have a forum to be heard.

A Social Media Moment

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84% of sent email is spam!
Thank you to all those who came to our Wills & Estates seminar. It was a great evening, very informative and great food. We would like to thank National Leasing for letting us use their conference space for the dinner meeting.

Please watch for our next seminar. We are planning to have one in the early New Year, on social media.

National offers webinars from time to time, and you can always check their webinar schedule for current and archived webinars.

Your Seminar Chair is Debbie Baines, CCP

The Manitoba Chapter has faired well this year, holding CCP membership steady, and growing our student numbers. Overall we are down by three, though that is because the number of affiliates has gone down by three. 

Please click here to see the report.

Your Membership Chair is Kim Misko, CCP

We are always looking for great ideas for getting together with Chapter members. If you have a thought why not share it? Drop me an email by clicking on my name!

Your Social Chair is Karla Cullen, CCP

National is beginning to focus on the upcoming National Conference. Expect an update from National on all of the issues in the February 2015 edition.

Your National Director is Barb Harris, CCP

The November financial statements show income of $3,457, which includes the results from both our seminar and grad 2014. Our seminar netted $118 profit, and our grad cost us $1,391, after including the sponsorship revenue earmarked for that function.

We work hard to make Grad a professional and memorable event, and it is the centre of our Chapter year. We also work hard to make the event accessible to our membership, so we charge members half of the cost for the event, and subsidize the rest from general revenue and sponsorship dollars. 

We would like to thank our sponsors, Pinnacle, D&B, National Leasing & TransUnion for their generous sponsorship of our Chapter. 

You can always see our past audited financial statements on our website under Board and Governance.

Your Treasurer is Peter Smith, CA, CCP

As a credit manager, would you lend to a government $1 Trillion in debt?


This article set me off a bit: http://bit.ly/1qUS2lw


Now, far be it for me to argue with a university economics professor, but this takes the cake. The argument that deficits and debts are ok is based on the fact that governments can borrow from a central bank, essentially owing money to itself. He argues that John Meynard Keynes, the "father of economic theory", supports this notion.




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