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Greenlee students showcase their research at conferences 

Greenlee graduate students were invited to participate in the Big Ten Graduate Student Conference hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Institute of Communications Research, on April 13. The conference is designed to offer graduate students a platform to share their ongoing media-related research with those who attend. Among the universities that participated were Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, Indiana University, Pennsylvania State University, Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin. The Greenlee School has participated for the past two years as the only master's-level program invited to the conference.
Two Greenlee second-year graduate students were selected to present their research at the Big Ten Conference. Muhammad Fakhruzzaman and Mumtahin Awny shared their research findings during the sixth session of the conference, which focused on historical, geographical and professional analyses of media. 
Fakhruzzaman presented his thesis research on the factors that affect the rate of adoption of e-government services among Indonesians. His research has important implications for policymakers and government officials who aim to increase the adoption of e-government services in the country. 
"It was a fun conference. It was the most informal academic conference in the world according to the host-making the conference a good place to articulate research comfortably," said Fakhruzzaman. 
Awny presented her thesis research on the framing of Rohingya refugees in India and Bangladesh, two neighboring countries that are currently hosting the majority of the Rohingya refugees. Her research empirically demonstrates how dominant political discourse and foreign policy affect media coverage in two Asian nations. 
"It was very exciting to present at a conference for the first time. I had a great experience interacting with other graduate students and faculties from other universities. Thanks to Greenlee for providing such a good opportunity-#whyGreenlee," said Awny. 
Additionally, Vitoria Faccin, an international graduate student majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication, has been invited to participate in the Media in Transition Conference hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Faccin will be presenting a research paper that started in the Theory of Mass Communication course (JL MC 501). Her interest lies in understanding how the current digital media environment is challenging traditional mass communication theories. This interest had led her to write a research paper, opening the doors to the Media in Transition Conference at MIT. 
"Multidisciplinary collaboration can enrich the college experience. Think about exploring different disciplines; you never know what can happen," said Faccin. 
Graduate students present at Greenlee's Advisory Council meeting 

The spring meeting of the Greenlee School's Advisory Council featured presentations by graduate students and information about the graduate program.

The Advisory Council is a group of 25-30 alumni and industry leaders who support and assist with external relations and outward-facing event such as the Greenlee Summit. The Advisory Council's role is to keep the school connected with advertising, public relations and journalism industry professionals. Members offer their perspective regarding the skills and knowledge graduates will need as they enter the workforce. Additionally, they identify potential industry partners and serve as representatives of the school to external stakeholders. 

A council meeting is held every semester to discuss updates and initiatives that will benefit the Greenlee School. At this year's spring meeting, council members heard about the master's program and had a chance to view student work.
The meeting was held April 12 at Meredith Corporation in Des Moines and it began with Interim DOGE Dr. Tracy Lucht providing an overview of graduate education. Assistant Professor Dr. Andy King discussed the importance of grants and other external funding. Among the featured students included Brad DePrez, who talked about the link between his graduate coursework and his work in the athletics communication department at Iowa State University, and students in Assistant Professor Laura Witzling's JLMC 510 course, who presented a communications campaign they designed for ISU Dining. The Advisory Council meeting included a tour of Meredith Corporation headquarters. 
"I think this was a fantastic opportunity for our students. They presented their work at the headquarters of a major media company and had a chance to network with industry leaders. They did an outstanding job and represented the school very well. My goal was to gain visibility for our students and generate ideas for external collaborations that might lead to opportunities down the road," said Interim DOGE Dr. Tracy Lucht.
Greenlee's Graduate Student Association hosts bowling event

Greenlee's Graduate Student Association hosted a bowling event at Perfect Games on March 26. The event was meant to create a sense of community and help graduate students connect outside of the academic setting. During the event students had the opportunity to enjoy bowling, video games and food. 
"It was amazing getting to be part of new experiences for the students who had never bowled before," said second-year student Saige Heyer.
"It was such an enjoyable experience. We had the opportunity to relax and have fun as a group," said second-year student Ana Ramirez. 
Faculty Spotlight: Gang Han
Director of Graduate Education 

The Greenlee School of Journalism will be welcoming Dr. Gang Han from his sabbatical as the new Director of Graduate Education this fall. 

Previous to this new role, Dr. Han served as an Associate Professor and has been with Greenlee for more than eight years. His research interest lies in news/message frames and framing effects, health communication, strategic communication and social networking. 

Currently, he is researching health risk and health information regarding health-related products and informatics related to social networking sites. Dr. Han incorporates research methods such as surveys, experiments, content analyses among others. 
Student Spotlight: Brad DePrez 
Second-year graduate student

Brad DePrez, a second-year graduate student in the master's program, has accepted a job as the Assistant Director of Athletics Communications at Iowa State University. Within this role, DePrez will be handling communications for the football, men's basketball, and women's basketball teams as well as continue to be the primary sports contact for the wrestling and men's and women's cross-country programs.

DePrez enjoys working with his team members and student-athletes. "Getting to know the athletes and to tell their story is ultimately what gives me fulfillment in my work," said DePrez. The challenging aspect of the job is finding new and creative ways to tell a story, but it is what keeps the work more interesting and dynamic. "I've always loved telling stories and I've always loved sports, so the position that I'm in is a perfect marriage of those two things and that's what I love about my job," said DePrez. Long-term career goals involve developing as a professional in collegiate athletics so that one day DePrez can reach the position of director or even a senior administrator for an athletic department.

According to DePrez, graduate school taught him how to be curious since the work is all about research and uncovering some truth or idea behind a phenomenon. It also helped DePrez become a better writer but ultimately it made him a better thinker, and he considers this to be the most valuable skill that he acquired during his time at Greenlee.

For those students who are interested in sports communications, DePrez recommends taking on as many tasks and responsibilities as you can without overwhelming yourself. He also recommended gaining exposure and experience with as many sports as possible because it will position you as a valuable candidate for your future employer. Additionally, he suggests learning how to do the job of those who complement your role as a sports information director. Learning the basics of graphic design and video editing, among other skills, will make you more well-rounded and experienced in the profession, he says.
Congratulations to the spring and summer graduates!

Mumtahin Awny                         Major Professor: Dr. Daniela Dimitrova 
Carlos Back                                Major Professor: Dr. Daniela Dimitrova
Selchia Cain                               Major Professor: Dr. Joel Geske 
Brad DePrez                                Major Professor: Dr. Tracy Lucht 
Muhammad Fakhruzzaman       Major Professor: Dr. Daniela Dimitrova
Saige Heyer                                Major Professor: Dr. Michael Dahlstrom 
Ana Ramirez                               Major Professor: Dr. Andy King 
Britney Walters-Chester            Major Professor: Dr. Jay Newell