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The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau is hosting informative twice-monthly video meetings, Topical Tuesdays , 9 10am, that address critical issues surrounding the pandemic and its economic impact on businesses, nonprofits, and organizations, many of whom have had to close doors, furlough employees, and pivot business models within a new uncertain, virtual, hands-off environment.

Back to Business:
Helping to Define the New Norm
2nd & 4th Tuesday
9 10am, via Zoom

Visit Walnut Creek Chamber to register for upcoming Back to Business video meetings.

June 9
Register here
BASS Medical Group has developed a Return to Work Program to transition its non-essential employees back to the workplace, and now has the ability to customize the program for use by other Shadelands businesses and nonprofits that are in the process of re-opening and re-integrating.

With a policy in place that allows some employees to remain working remotely, BASS has opened its offices, in compliance with county and state regulations, to usher in the safe return to the workplace of its Management Services Organization (MSO), which includes management and administrative support.

With a June 1 restart date, more than 100 MSO employees completed the Return to Work Program, which included COVID-19 education, screening, and testing (if needed).

To help other businesses safely transition from home to workplace, BASS can tailor a Return to Work program that fits the needs and resources of client organizations.

“We offer a one-hour educational session about COVID-19 via Zoom developed by experts from the BASS Infectious Disease Doctors Medical Group , who are located here in Shadelands,” says Todd Vaccaro, marketing and business strategist with BASS Medical Group.

“Each employee then has a private consult with a healthcare provider via Telemed services . Testing for the virus and/or antibodies is conducted if recommended by the healthcare provider, who will review the results with the employee. Based on negative testing, a Return to Work note is issued to the employee and the employer, and the employee is good to go back to work.”

BASS can receive groups of employees for testing at BASS Advanced Urgent Care , or mobilize teams of phlebotomists and health care workers to travel to the organization's workplace.

For information about the health component of a Return to Work Plan, contact:

Todd Vaccaro
2637 Shadelands Drive
Walnut Creek
Infographic from educational component of BASS Return to Work Program.
Physician Assistant Clayton Laderer swabs both nostrils of "patient" Brian Ha, BASS senior director, using a less invasive technique for COVID-19 testing. Rather than the deep probe of the standard diagnostic test, this swab is inserted only 1/2".
Testing for coronavirus antibodies requires a venipuncture.
COVID-19 and antibodies testing is now readily available for individuals through BASS Urgent Care . Physician consults related to testing are available via Telemed services. Appointments are required and can be scheduled online by visiting
Saturdays 9am-1pm
North Wiget Lane @ Mitchell Drive
40+ farmers & vendors
Year round, rain or shine

Certified Farmers' Markets are considered essential food outlets and have remained open during the health crisis, with safety measures and signage in place.

• Masks required.
• Hand washing stations available.
• Aisles have been widened.
• Chalk marks identify queues.
• Limits on the number of people per stall ensure social distancing.
•Sampling is suspended.

"I'm so happy we've been able to stay open for the good of the community and the good of our local California certified family farms," says Patty Apple, market manager of the Diablo Valley Farmers' Market, who believes passionately in the value of farmers' markets.

"You're eating in season, which means you're getting produce that is picked at the peak of ripeness, available to you within hours of harvest. That, in turn means, you're getting the most fully developed fruits and vegetables, full of the most incredible flavor, and the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we need to be healthy."

Shopping farmers' markets also supports local family farms that have been growing, harvesting, and delivering fresh produce from farm, to market, to table for generations.

Stop by the Diablo Valley Farmers' Market Information booth. Follow Diablo Valley Farmer's Market on Facebook and check out the Facebook Live streams that Patty does on Saturday mornings, when she takes followers on tours of the day's market, introduces new crops, and shares seasonal recipes.
Since June 2009!
Pick up citrus for Vitamin C and sunshine for Vitamin D!

See you at the market!
Neighbor Express
Walnut Creek has launched Neighbor Express , a free neighbor to neighbor volunteer connection for grocery delivery and meal drop off.

Anyone in Walnut Creek who is at extra risk from COVID-19 can request a delivery. Healthy community members can sign up to volunteer to make deliveries. Learn more at Neighbor Express.
Much of The Orchards at Walnut Creek is open for business. People and pets looking for essential products and services such as food, beverages, banking, medical services, dry cleaning, mobile needs, and mailing & shipping can find them at The Orchards, your local shopping center. State and county restrictions are slowly lifting, and soon we'll see more businesses re-opening their doors with curbside pick-up and in-store services. For now, there's still much to enjoy at The Orchards!

Corner of
Ygnacio Valley Road & Oak Grove Road
Walnut Creek
On April 2, 2019, Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) broke ground for its innovative Pets and Vets Center —one part of ARF's total $18.7M campus expansion.

The Pets and Vets Program trains shelter dogs as psychiatric service animals for veterans with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other health issues—at no cost to veterans. Construction on the 7,893-SF free-standing center was going well until the March 17, 2020, state-wide shelter in place orders went into effect.

The good news is that construction on the Pets and Vets Center has resumed with the lifting of some county and state restrictions. Once completed, the campus expansion will save up to 500 more dogs per year from public shelters, while expanding services for veterans in need of service dogs.

2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek
Tony La Russa, (c), with Sparkle, breaking ground for ARF's Pets and Vets Center, April 2, 2019.
Construction on the free-standing Pets and Vets Center resumes after COVID-19 restrictions lifted, May 2020.
T he 2020 Census is happening now! Most households received their census questionnaire in March. Help shape your future and the future of your community by responding to the 2020 Census.

You can choose to complete the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by postal mail.

The 2020 Census will ask a few simple questions about you and everyone who was living with you on April 1, 2020.

Easy : The census questionnaire is short. Depending on your household, it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Safe : By law, the Census Bureau cannot share respondents' answers with anyone, including federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Important : Census data helps determine how billions of federal dollars are distributed in California. An undercount could impact funding for schools, health services, child care, emergency services, and many other programs.

For help with Census 2020, call the Contra Costa Crisis Center at 211 or text your ZIP code to 898211.
Watch the :30 Census 2020 video .
Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation recently hosted a virtual version of its annual Puppy & Kitten Shower . San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper joined the fun with a litter of puppies as ARF gears up for puppy and kitten season and fundraising activities that help support ARF's foster program.

For information about fostering a kitten or puppy and how to donate, visit Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation .

To protect ARF's essential workers, donation drop-offs are on hold until further notice.
San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper with puppy pal, Giant.
Watch the video .
It's too cute!
GRADS . . .
Congratulations to the Contra Costa School of Performing Arts Class of 2020! We extend our best wishes to all the young men and women who will be continuing their journeys of exploration and discovery in a world influenced by a global health crisis. We are touched by the smiles on your faces and the spirit in your steps as you navigate unprecedented obstacles—and opportunities. We will get through this together. Class of 2020, you have already proven yourselves winners!
Check out the
CoCoSPA 2020 Senior Caravan !

Click here to watch the joyful
social distancing celebration!
. . . AND DADS!
The Shadelands Scene Team wishes all fathers, and mothers who are fathers to their children, a very happy and joyful Father's Day on Sunday, June 21!

Best wishes to you and yours for good health and bright spirits!

Enjoy the Father's Day full moon and Mount Diablo's Beacon, lit every Sunday from sunset to sunrise through the health crisis to symbolize hope and honor heroes.

Sunday, June 21, 2020
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