Marion and I are not attending as many social engagements these days. Or at least we are saying, “Not now, but can we have a rain check?” After a year of telling our children, “We can’t!” we must have said to just about every request they made for this summer, “Sure you can!” As a result, our calendar is filled with sports commitments, musical instrument lessons, camps, sleepovers, and trips to see family. It’s no wonder we’ve had to say to friends, “Not now, but please ask again,” more than usual. In looking at our schedules recently, we both said almost simultaneously, “How are we going to do this?”
I suspect we are not alone. After all, the human condition is such that we always want to make up for what is lost, even time. The problem is making up for a lost year won’t happen overnight, over a summer or perhaps even at all. As we emerge from this time, it will be important that we approach it one step at a time. If we try to make up too many steps at once, we might just miss an opportunity in front of us, altogether.
I was reminded of this in a story a colleague shared recently about, what she said was
“the greatest year in baseball history, 1924.” The World Series that took place that year between the old Washington Senators and the New York Yankees was considered a classic. The series was tied at three games apiece, with the final, seventh game played in Washington.
In the ninth inning of the seventh game, the score was tied, two to two. New York came to bat. Three batters up and three batters down. The Washington fans started screaming. Washington could win the game with a run in the bottom of the ninth.
The first two Washington batters were unable to reach base. With two outs, up to the plate stepped a batter by the name of Gauseland. The fans felt their hopes die because Gauseland was not a very good hitter. The pitcher threw two strikes. Then two balls. When the pitcher threw his fifth pitch, Gauseland stepped into the pitch, and by the crack of the bat you knew the ball was going somewhere way out in left center field.
The center fielder went back. The other fielders also ran toward the fence, hoping the ball would not go over the fence for a home run. The ball hit the top of the fence six inches from the top. It caromed off the fence, and one of the fielders chased it down. Gauseland, meanwhile, was between second and third bases. The third base coach thought this might be the only chance to win, so he waved Gauseland home.
The throw from the outfield was taken first by the shortstop, and then relayed to home plate. Gauseland slid into home just as the catcher pegged him with a perfect throw from the shortstop. Everyone could see that Gauseland had beat the throw. Still, the umpire yelled, "You’re OUT!"
The fans went crazy. They threw pop bottles and yelled obscenities when the plate umpire conferred with the other men in black. Then the men on the field signaled for silence. Everybody got quiet. The fans thought they would reverse the call, but the umpire shouted, "The runner is not out because he didn’t beat the ball to the plate. He is out because he didn’t touch first base!"
It was true. Gauseland was running so hard that he simply failed to touch first. He was out.
Take it from Gauseland (and me), try not to rush out of the fog of this last year so fast that you forget to touch those essential bases along the way -- like worship, prayer, date night with your partner, quality conversation with your friends, and taking a break every now and then. It defeats the purpose if, in attempting to make up for a lost year, you miss this one too.

See you Sunday!
The story of David and Goliath. Everyone loves it -- mostly because of David. So, why do we spend our entire lives trying to be more like Goliath? Come to worship this Sunday and let's explore how we might keep the spirit of the David of 1 Samuel 17 in our lives, that we might not become a Goliath in our world today!

Sunday, June 13, 2021
Too Big to Fail
1 Samuel 17:1a, 4-11, 19-23, 32-49
Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Brown
To view the service this Sunday on our YouTube page, click here.
To view the scripture for this Sunday, click here.

Also this Sunday, June 13th we will honor all SSCC graduates for the year 2021.
Sunday, June 20, 2021
Questions Without Answers
2 Esdras 4:1-11a
Rev. Linda Whitmire
Make a Joyful Noise
Coming Soon!
Summer Sermon Series 2021
For over a year, we did not sing together in worship. We were singing with our families and friends in front of a television or computer screen. We were humming along to the tune, in the sanctuary. We were listening to our leaders sing. On June 27th, for the first time since March of 2020, we will be able to sing the hymns of our faith, as a congregation and choir, without protocols. What better way to spend the first few Sundays of this gift with a series in worship that highlights your favorites! Therefore, for the last month we have been compiling these hymns, along with your stories about them, in order that they might be used in worship. Through this series we plan to rediscover how God, among other things, is present, reminds, gives voice and challenges through song. We hope you will make plans to be part of this special series at SSCC. Let’s come together and make a joyful noise!
Sunday, June 27, 2021
God Is Present Through Song
Theme Hymn: “It is Well With My Soul”
Isaiah 49:8-16
Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Brown
Sunday, July 4, 2021
God Reminds Through Song
Theme Hymn: “In Remembrance of Me”
Matthew 26:26-30
Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Brown
So often we are faced with problems for which there seem to be no good solution—or people are divided as to the best solution. The inspiring film, "Healing Justice," faces a serious social problem: the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and shows how restorative justice is being used as an alternative to the criminal punishment system.

This Sunday, June 13, beginning at 5:00 p.m. the Care and Connect team will host a light cookout supper (of hamburgers and hot dogs) and then together we will watch the film, which has already been shared with a number of Atlanta churches. This will be followed a discussion led by our guest speaker, Bert Skellie, Quaker and local justice and peace activist.

Please put this event on your calendar and sign up by TOMORROW, June 11th through the link below so we know how many people to plan for.
Camp Craddock will unfortunately not take place again this year. However, SSCC has an opportunity to help The Craddock Center with Craddock Cares to create care bags to be distributed to the children. The following items are still needed:

Cases of Bottled Water, Toothbrushes and toothpaste, Washcloths, and Hand Towels and Children's Books.

Here’s the link to the Sign-Up Genius with the quantities yet needed. Please use it to record your donation. Please tag your donations with your name and deliver items to the church by this Sunday, June 20th. Thank you.
To help celebrate Back to Church Sunday, the Outreach team has put together two different volunteer activities for you to participate in. Take your kids to J.A.M. ALL SUMMER activities in Dunlap Hall, then join us in the Whitmire Pavilion for the opportunities listed below.
Community Assistance Center - SSCC will be providing 40 backpacks filled with back to school supplies for children in need who reside in he North Fulton area. You may recall we provided backpacks pre-Covid to the CAC. We have committed to doubling our donation of backpacks for the coming school year.

YOU - young and old, members and visitors, families or individuals- are needed to help stuff the backpacks with items like pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers and more. Supplies will be on hand and provided by the Outreach Committee. We look forward to seeing you on the 27th. Thank you in advance for your servant hearts and hands!
Must Ministries is in need of school-age hygiene kits! Must Ministries is collecting from donors and distributing hygiene kits to at-home, unsupervised children that are unable to attend camps. Please join us after church on Sunday, June 27th, to assemble the kits, which will include six pre-purchased items to tuck inside a small plastic bag. We will be assembling over 200 kits that adults and children can easily manage. Our children are also welcome to tuck a sweet, hand-written message or bible verse (of their choice) inside the 7 x 7 inch diameter plastic bag. 
On behalf of the Welcome Back Team, it is my pleasure to welcome you back!! Pending reports continue to trend positively in Atlanta, SSCC will resume “normal” operations effective June 27th. We are planning a special Welcome Back Worship Service on that day we hope you can attend. While things in our world will never again be the same, here is what you can expect at SSCC…

Coffee will be served on Sunday mornings and the Centrum will be open to gathering. All the pews will be open for seating (with one exception listed below), communion will be received by intinction (with flu protocol), and the choir will sing! Groups will be allowed to meet without restrictions and the church will resume regular office hours. 

Per CDC guidelines, we continue to strongly recommend those who have not been vaccinated to wear a mask. It is the right thing to do for you and your church family. 

We understand that some of you may not be ready for protocols to be lifted. However, we want you to know that you, too, are welcome. We will designate a temporary “safe zone” in the sanctuary where there will be social distancing, masks, and sealed communion. We will also live-stream the service to the Pavilion and to your home.

If someone is wearing a mask, please remember: They may have cancer, an autoimmune disease, unvaccinated children at home, high-risk loved ones they are protecting, asthma or allergies and have realized over the last year that their symptoms are alleviated by wearing a mask, or they may be unvaccinated.
So, please be kind! Welcome Back!

From The Welcome Back Team
On Sunday, July 11, we will hold our Congregational Meeting in the sanctuary immediately following service.

Then join us in the Whitmire Pavilion for a hot dog lunch prepared by the Torberts.
Women’s Choir is rehearsing! As in the past, we will give you opportunities to come either on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings as your schedule allows, and then we put it together the day of the performance! What a joyful occasion to be able to sing again!!!! We are celebrating by doing a fun and uplifting medley from Sister Act! Please join us for some musical time together! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, Adult Handbell Group is starting back again! Rehearsals will be held on Sundays directly after worship for 45 minutes. Come on out! All experiences welcome – beginners, advanced, and complete never done it before people!

If you are interested in joining our handbell group or women's choir, please email Susan Wallace at susanwallace03@gmail.com.
Immediately following service on 6/27, 7/11, 7/25, and 8/1, our kids from Preschool (age 3, potty trained) through 5th grade are invited to participate in J.A.M./VBS combo.

We will meet in Dunlap Hall from 11:15 am - 1:30 pm. At each JAM we will still have bible stories and a snack/lunch and also t-shirts for each child, but we will also have a focus for each JAM session:


There will be no cost and you can come to any or all of the events.  When you get a chance, if you could sign-up for which ones you think you might be able to attend, that will help us to know how many to expect.

Click here to sign up!

We hope you'll make plans to join us as we ramp back up our children's ministry this summer! We are so excited to see our SSCC Kids again!!
We want to congratulate one of our SSCC Members, Dr. Tim Helton, on his recent retirement. Some members of our congregation who were already his patients are already aware but he's not shy about letting everyone else know. He practiced for an even 40 years; six years in the Air Force (New Mexico, Washington State and Germany) then 34 years in the same practice in East Cobb.
If you would like to send a letter to a camper at Camp Christian this summer, the address is 3735 Dennard Hardy Rd., Gordon, GA 31031.

Camps are the following dates - CYF camp- June 14-19 (9th-12th), Chi-Rho camp- June 21-25 (6th-8th), Junior camp- July 12-16 (3rd-5th), Chrysalis camp- July 12-14 (1st-2nd), Genesis camp- July 16-18 (K)

If you would like to know which camp a specific camper is attending, please reach out to Bryant at youth@sandyspringscc.org.
Father's Day is coming up on June 20th, and we know you will start shopping for gifts soon. Just a reminder that by shopping for gifts at smile.amazon.com or with AmazonSmile in the Amazon shopping app, Amazon will donate a percentage to SSCC just by designating the church as your favorite organization.
SSCC Members should have received a reminder email invitation on Monday to sign up for our new Church Member software called Breeze. Please remember to sign up, log in and verify your profile information in the system. It's a great new way to keep up with your SSCC Family! More exciting updates to come soon!
Join John Mills and the Pathfinders for Zoom discussions every Monday evening from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. You can CLICK HERE to join the video call each week, or you can call in 929-205-6099 and enter Meeting ID: 985 6868. The passcode is 831869. For more information please contact John Mills.
Please pray for our members and their families who serve as first responders and health care workers: Katie Gibson, Tracey McCluskey, Dr. Vijay Rathinam, Robyn Hicks and Pete French. Also those serving in the military: Michelle Brown (Navy), daughter of Cindy and Pete Brown. Tyler Brown (Army), son of Tami and Stephen Brown. Jared Mills (Army), son/stepson of John and Floy Mills. Rachel Robeck (Navy), daughter of John and Mary Robeck. Jamie Price Smith (Air Force) and Dalton Brown (Army) granddaughter and grandson of Barb Duren and Chaplain Kevin Mooney (Navy), Linda Whitmire's grand-daughter, Hayleigh Whitmire (Army) and Kathy Woodworth's step grandson Parker Mansel (Marines). If we are missing someone, please let us know so that we can include their name in our weekly prayers.

If you have any prayer requests or would like to reach out to Teddy Ivey, our Director of Congregational Care, please email him at Teddy@sandyspringscc.org.

You can join SSCC by a simple affirmation of faith! If you are attending virtually, just let us know you would like to join!
CAC Pantry/Thrift Shop Expand to 5 Days,
The Community Assistance Center’s food pantry and thrift shop, Upscale Thrift, will once again be open 5 days a week. Contact Nolan at volunteer@ourcac.org for volunteering at the food pantry and Debbie at Debbie.Olson@ourcac.orf to volunteer at the Thrift Store. Visit CAC’s website for more details
Give Kids Tools for School for the Next School Year!
While the current school year has ended, the Community Assistance Center is already looking ahead to help our local students be prepared to learn come August! Together we can give local children Tools for School! 
MUST MINISTRIES: If you would like to donate and drop off items at Must Ministries please CLICK HERE to access a flyer that outlines the most needed items. Monetary donations are very much needed and can be done so online via their website, or send a check in the mail to MUST Ministries, P.O. Box 1717, Marietta, GA 30061. If you have questions please contact Cathy Cortright at cortright13@gmail.com.
Ronda Hirst June 01
Ryan Chimera June 04
Doug Driemeyer June 06
Cindy Driemeyer June 10
Atticus Mooney June 10
William Reese June 10
Cathy Cortright June 13
Joshua Jones June 14
Carolyn Dishman June 15Tracey McCluskey June 15
Charlotte Hale June 16
Jeff Matthews June 20
Kathy Woodworth June 20
Teresa Edens June 21
Patsy McBride June 21
Laura McKinney June 21
Sue Strahm June 21
Grace Saygbor June 24
Tony Chimera June 25
Brandi Evans June 27
Gregg Worley June 28