The Power of Mentorship
In a city where most of our residents are White, but the majority of our student population is Black and Brown, investing in mentorship that reflects the identities of Tacoma students has become a leading conversation for Graduate Tacoma community partners. 
Community Leader Spotlight:
R. Michael Hale
R. Michael Hale's role as a pillar in the community extends beyond his 23 years of service with the City of Tacoma. The engineering professional provides guidance and support to expand access and success in STEM learning for youth in the community - encouraging and developing the next generation of professionals.
Koz at the Dome: Connecting Students to Affordable Housing
Tacoma Housing Authority and Koz Development announced Koz at the Dome has opened 64 of its 152 apartment units to homeless and low-income students attending the University of Washington Tacoma or Tacoma Community College. The Foundation for Tacoma Students is managing funds to help cover move-in expenses.
Strategy & Financials Report
The Foundation for Tacoma Students' recently released Strategy and Financials Report highlights the investments into the Graduate Tacoma community movement to support youth in Tacoma.
College & Career Junior Toolkit
The Tacoma College Support Network's Junior Toolkit for the Class of 2021 includes tips, resources, and action steps to support high school juniors with exploring and planning for graduation, college, and career.

Friday, April 17 | Doors Open 7:30 AM
STAR Center

Join fellow Graduate Tacoma partners this Spring for the release of the 2020 Community Impact Report. Now in our 10th year as a movement, we'll also be taking this opportunity to begin planning for our 2030 Community-Built Goal.