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Graduates of 2020
This year, 2020 Graduates are not being celebrated with the pomp and circumstance many have enjoyed in the past. This is where you, the body of Christ, come into importance.

Click the link below to see a list of our Graduates. Send words of encouragement to a student of your choice, or as many student as you desire. If you can't get to a store for a card, just send something on a piece of plain paper or a postcard! Your care will be evident through the effort.
First Edition of "Hot Ones"
to Premiere May 20th
Our PreTeen and Middle School Youth Groups will enjoy an evening of story telling and suffering as Kaelin Clogan interviews Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Paul. As the interview progresses, our pastors will eat chicken nuggets with different hot sauces. With each nugget, the sauces will get hotter! Who will be able to talk with a mouth on fire? Who will prevail to the end? Who will be preaching the next day for Sunday's worship video?
We Care About Your Faith
In the absence of Bible Studies and Sunday School classes, how are you growing as a disciple of Jesus? Pastor Jeremy and Sandy Floyd offer you a Resource page of linked video resources to guide your reading of scripture.

You will need to establish login credentials with RightNow Media. You can do this by completing the online form. Use the link below.
Now that you have your login credentials, you can access the Resource Page and discover God's love, care, and provision for you, your teens, or your children.
Worship Perspective will Change
Home Worship videos have been filmed in a way that is up-close and personal. This was intended to close the gap of our being apart from you. And just as important, we wanted to connect with people who do not worship with us.

Now that the day of our reunion is a possibility this summer, the perspective of Home Worship will be shifting. You will see more of the interior of the sanctuary. You will see more of our our musicians. Our online guests will be getting a bigger picture of who we are. Our hope is that the Spirit will lead them to journey with us, grow together, and make disciples.
Roofing and Air Conditioning
If you missed last week's email, this information was offered: A few weeks ago, mention was made of hail damage to the main and administration building roofs.The roofs are at the end of their lives and need to be replaced. A portion of the roof replacement costs are being underwritten by a successful insurance claim.

Additionally, the sanctuary air conditioner is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced. To learn more about the costs and funding sources, click on the button below. A bulk mailing to ask for support will be forthcoming.
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