E - N E W S   F O R  O U R  A L U M N I  &  F R I E N D S 
M A Y   A N D   J U N E   2 0 1 8 
"Regard all utensils as if they were the sacred vessels of the altar." 
RB 31.10

Alumni Highlight

Kateri Mancini '08  is eager to bring her values of service and building relationships to her new position as the Director of Social Concerns for Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Saint Cloud. Mancini explained that the community-centric atmosphere that surrounds the SOT/Sem has deepened her appreciation for her new role connecting with the St Cloud community parishes.

Emmaus Spotlight

Meet five graduates, educated and formed in the Catholic, Benedictine tradition, ready for service to the Church and world. This May, the SOT/Sem commissioned the next wave of lay and ordained professionals with Degrees of Masters of Arts, Masters of Theological Studies, Masters of Divinity, and Masters of Theology. 

Pets in the Pediment
by Dr. Martin F. Connell

"Beautiful but a little haunting, the pediment above the main entryway of the Auditorium on the campus of Saint John's University presents two animals in its stone. On Saint Benedict's left is a raven; on the saint's right is a snake slithering out of a broken cup."

Pay Attention: Convivium Reflection

When the community gathers on Thursday for Midday prayer and a meal, a graduate student or faculty member will reflect on a passage from scripture, and impart words of inspiration for the rest of us. On April 12,   Rachel Gabelman '18,  encouraged us to "Pay attention."

Honoring Distinguished Alumni

This June at the Annual All-Class Reunion, Charles (Chuck) Ceronsky '73, will receive the Ezekiel, Prophet of Hope, Award for his lifetime contributions in hospital chaplaincy and Laura K. Fanucci, '09, award-winning author of multiple books and the blog, Mothering Spirit, will deliver the Keynote Address. 
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