If you look in the May newsletter you will see St. John's 2020 graduates. Their addresses are included if you would like to send them a note.
May 24th is Graduation Sunday. St. John will have a special service & recognition for our graduates! Our guest Preacher will be Bishop Steven Ullestad.
Congratulations to all of you!

A link to the service will be sent out Saturday. If you do not get it, please go directly to the facebook page to watch it. We don't want you left out, but the e-Skinny can do funky things sometimes and sometimes people don't recieve it.

This is Memorial Day Weekend.
Let us remember those that have fallen; that made the sacrifice to honor our country. Click the Honor image to see a short Youtube video.

A member of the St. John congregation has 2 iPads that she is willing to lend to someone who would like to watch the Sunday morning service on YouTube. She will clean and sanitize them, deliver to you, and pick them up. The recording does not require internet because it is copied onto the ipads. If anyone is interested in one call the church office at 641-228-3397 and leave a message.

The Council is working on how to open up St. John. It will not be how it used to be for a long time, but there will be decisions made in the upcoming weeks.
Some people have asked about live streaming of the service, which would be an option if some people were allowed to be in the church and some have to watch remotely. The church doesn't have that capability at present. It would require a $15,000 microphone upgrade to our audio visual system. This is not a budgeted item and is merely a wishlist item at present. Pastor Leeper currently has to record the audio and video separately with the current equipment and merge them into the content we get now. He plans on continuing to do this as long as necessary, but it does require a great deal of time to put it all together. Many thanks to him for all of this work.

The May Good Newsletter with all sorts of information is ready and can be accessed in several ways. You can click on this link below and get a .pdf of the newsletter,

or you can go to the church and pick up a physical copy in the church mailbox in the afternoon or go to the church website and access it online. You can get to the website by clicking on the St. John logo at the very top of the e-Skinny.

There are no activities or services at St. John during these weeks of social distancing. Even though there has been some loosening of restrictions on churches, the Church Council feels St. John needs to remain closed until we can have a safer way to be together.
As of April 28, 2020, our bishop and the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa are urging congregations to refrain from in-person gatherings. This is the advice we will follow.

Most staff, including Kathy Hoeft, are working from home. You can still make a phone call to the church, just leave a message and she will get back to you. She and other staff can be reached at their emails as usual. The email addresses are on the website under staff.

St. John Kids… Sunday School lessons can be found on the St. John Facebook page!

We are God's People and we are
" God's Love in Action ".

From the Church Council: A Time of Opportunity
We would like volunteers to call some of our members during this time of isolation. We would like to make a list of people that would like to call and also those that would perhaps enjoy that call.

We have an "errand group" to help those of you that are older or more health compromised that might need something picked up at the grocery store, etc. Let the office know if you require this help.

We have a member who works in Mason City and has volunteered to run errands to and from there Monday – Thursday. To volunteer or to have calls and errands done for you call the church office at 641-228-3397 and leave a message for Kathy. You can also email her at khoeft@stjohncharlescity.com

Thank you to all of you that have been mailing in your offerings.
To keep up with your offerings: they can be mailed to St. John at 200 S. Main St, Charles City, IA 50616
or to sign up for Simply Giving, click on this link for a printable form:

To get to the church website, click at the top of this page on the  St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church  logo.

https://www.facebook.com/stjohncc  will get you to the Facebook page

An email address you can use to get a message to the church   khoeft@stjohncharlescity.com
Other emails are available on the website.

To call the church  (641)228-3397


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