Graduation Goodies from
 Stan's Northfield Bakery

Please excuse the incorrect years in some of the photos.  We will update them with the 
2019 version once I begin making said items.
We are Located at...
9395 Olde 8 Road

Northfield Center, Ohio 44067


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Edible Image Cookies 

of the Graduate


Min Order of 12

$2.50 each for a 2" image

$3 each for a 3" image

Add wrap and ribbon for .25 per cookie

*Cookie is slightly larger than image 


Military Cookies


Enlisting in the Armed Forces?


Cookies available in all branches.


Add favor tags to any cookie for .25 per cookie

"Class of 2019" or

"Congratulations Chris

Nordonia Class of 2019"

or any personal message


Add the Grad's Picture to the cake

Edible Image printed on rice paper with food coloring

$12 each*
or 2 for $20

Image will only appear as good as the original image.
Color and Hue may vary slightly due to the nature of edible inks.

Customer must  posses the reproduction rights to the provided image.  You will be asked to sign off that you do or provide permission from the photographer.


Ohio State Cupcakes

Cupcakes with School Picks are available.  Allow time to order in your schools pick. 


Pepperoni Calzones
 make a great easy appetizer
$9.99 each
sliced serves 6-8
(cut them smaller for more servings)

Get them in your school colors for the morning after Prom or the Big Graduation Party

Don't Like Cake?....
We make Pies too!!!

We can make you Apple, Cherry or Cream pies and more for your party!
order now

Order sooner than later.

If you order sooner, you will have your choice of pick-up time and will get anything you want.

When you wait until the week of or the weekend before...we may not be able to give you the pick-up time you want or the exact items you need.  (because our ovens will already be full that morning with the people's orders that called before you)


or email

When emailing for a QUOTE, include the following information.

1. First & Last Name
2. Pick-Up Date
3. Number of servings needed
4. Cake Flavor
5. School Name and Colors of School
6. Cell Phone Number
7. Budget You would like to stay in

50% deposit due at booking to get your order on our schedule.  Your order is not considered an order until the deposit is made.  

**Cake Pick-Up Policy**

Pick-Up times are between 1pm-3pm on Saturdays unless agreed upon by decorator.  If you need an earlier pick-up, please make arrangements when ordering.  NOTE: If you are more than 15 minutes late for your pick-up, a $10 late charge will be added to your cake. Everyone tells us they need cakes by 9am...and this forces our entire staff to come in at midnight or earlier...then the 9am order picks up their cake at in reality, our staff did not need to come in so early. SO please come at your pick-up time to save us all some sleep and sanity!  XOXO
Nut and Poppyseed Roll  Trays

approx. 100 pcs for 

Need a Cupcake Stand?
Available for $20
Stand comes painted in school colors


pastry tray

Grads from Nordonia Schools, St. Barnabas, Trinity, Chanel, Walsh, Twinsburg, Brecksville, Kent State, Akron U., Ohio State, Ohio U., Cleveland State, and any other school....
Get your Cake and Pastries at Stan's Bakery! 

Cookie Favors 
Please order a minimum of 5-7 days ahead of time.  :)
high school logo cookies
High School Logo Cookies 
2 sizes available $2.50 or $3 each, boxed
  add .25 for individual wrap and ribbon
Get the Grads picture on some too!
Minimum Order of 12 per design

  Haven't Made any 2019's Yet!!! these are old pics...But Use your Imagination and Visualize 2019!  hahaha
Mortar Boards & '19
$3.00* each boxed...with 2019 on cookie
$3.25 with Grad's Name and '16
"19 cookies are $2.00 each boxed

Add .25 per cookie for favor bag & matching ribbon
Large 2017 Cut Out Cookie
$4 each- free wrap and ribbon
**Minimum Order 
of 12 or more**
  Cakes & Cupcakes
Cupcake Special
An assortment of Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting 
in the color scheme of your school (2 colors) with fondant ribbon mounted on a cake board. 
(Can be personalized) 
arranged in 2019
Great for open houses...Grab a cupcake and Go!
40 serving...  $60 (on one board)
80 serving...  $120
 (on several boards that need to be placed side by side)

Standard Basic Design
Graduation Trinity
Quarter Sheet Serves 15 Half Sheet Serves 30-35    
Full Sheet Serves 60-70

Standard Favor : White, Confetti Sprinkle, Yellow or Chocolate Cake. Vanilla Buttercream Frosting decorated in School Colors with Mortar B
Standard Price: 
1/4 Sheet $30  serves 15
8" Round $30  serves 10-12
10" round $50   serves 20-25
Half Sheet $45  serves 30
Full Sheet $80   serves 60-70
Fancy Favor: Combination Cake* (not available on 1/4 sheet white and chocolate), Marble, Carrot, Spice, Banana or Red Velvet.  Vanilla Buttercream Frosting decorated in School Colors with Mortar Board
Fancy Price:
1/4 Sheet $35  serves 15
8" Round $35  serves 10-12
10" round $55.99   serves 20-25
Half Sheet $55  serves 30
Full Sheet $100   serves 60-70

Cassata*: White Cake, Bavarian Custard and Fresh Strawberry Filling with Whipped Cream Frosting. Decorated in School Colors with Mortar Board Design        *needs refrigeration
Casada Price:
1/4 Sheet $42  serves 15
8" Round $42  serves 10-12
10" round $65   serves 20-25
Half Sheet $65  serves 30
Full Sheet $120   serves 60-70

Full Sheet Cassata needs a walk-in refrigerator.  It is HUGE!

Other Cake flavors, frosting Flavors, fillings and custom deco available at an additional charge.
Add an edible Photo for $12 or 2 for $20

2 logos and fondant diploma add $25

  Cake with Cupcakes Around
Graduation Cake with cupcakes
 Add 24 cupcakes around your 1/4 sheet cake for $36 more
Cupcakes are great for kids and the graduate's friends after the family party has ended.   
Cupcakes are $18 per dozen with Buttercream and Sprinkles
Image Cupcakes:
$2 each lay flat image
$2.50 each stand up as shown below

Other designs Available Upon Request

***Enlisting in the Military? Your Edible Branch Logo will be FREE on your cake!  Thank You for choosing to serve Our Great Country***
Fondant American Flag $25
  Pastry Trays

Delightful mini-sized pastries arranged on a black plastic tray with a snap-on clear lid for easy transportation and display.


Available in 2 sizes:
75 pc.  $48.99
100 pc. $59.99
Each tray contains an equal assortment of the following...
*Award Winning Marshmallow Meringue Lady Locks
*Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky in assorted fillings
*Fudge Brownies with optional sprinkle to school color
*Puff pastry kolacky in assorted fillings
*Custard filled Puffs topped with Chocolate Fudge
*School Logo cookies are extra
Whipped Cream Puff Trays 
Whipped Cream Puff Tray 
60 pc tray for $70.  
Add sprinkles in your school colors
This tray is AWESOME!  YUM!


Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Order some Yummy homemade Potato Salad for an easy side dish. 

$5.69 per pound, 1# serves about 4-5 people (one spoon scoop per person)

 Prices subject to change.  Any additions, cake fillings,  different frostings or custom art work will be subject to an additional charge.
Please note*** Minimum of 1 Weeks notice is required for your party order.  Slots fill up fast, so get your order in soon. 
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