Graduation Advice for Leaders 


April 21, 2015 
Gayle Lantz

It's close to graduation--a time when college seniors will soon enter the "real world." 


It can be an anxious and seemingly helpless time for many who haven't figured out their next step. I know it was for me.


How do you figure out what you really want to do?

What will the future hold?


The truth is many working adults, including some of the most seasoned executives, don't have everything figured out, even if they seem to.


Although I work with executives, my advice to graduating seniors is the same as it is to many of the very experienced clients with whom I work, so here goes...


1. Focus on what you enjoy the most. During your career you will inevitably experience parts of your job or work that you don't like. Focus instead on whatever it is you do like. Get specific.


For example, if you enjoy being around people, ask yourself, "What kinds of people?" Could be those that challenge your thinking, help you learn or simply make you laugh. Maybe those you can help, serve or influence.

Whatever you enjoy, do more of that.


What's something specific that you enjoy most in your leadership role?

Do more of that.


2. Dwell on the positive. Instead of griping about long meetings or people who don't pull their weight, notice the aspects of your work that work. It might be the flexibility you have, your growth opportunity or chance to make a positive impact. Don't ruminate on the negative.


What you focus on expands. Orient yourself to people and situations that energize you. Move away from people or situations that drain you or don't support you.


3. Develop flexibility. Develop transferable skills as much as your expertise. Gone are the days of a linear career path for most people. 


If you develop skills such as problem-solving, public speaking, coaching, communication or leadership skills, you can position yourself to move in a different direction if or when you need to. Stay agile.


4. Nurture relationships. You will likely find your next opportunity--whether it's a new job, a new role, a promotion or new business opportunity--based on the relationships you have. Make this a top priority as you go about your life and work.


Believe that everyone you meet has something to teach you that will help you achieve what you want. Some lessons will be difficult, but you will be better as a result.


5. Believe in yourself. Trite advice, but true. If you don't believe in yourself, who else will?


Know who you are. Make it your mission to build a strong sense of self. As you do, you will make better decisions in your career and leadership.


Surround yourself with other people who believe in you. Your journey will be easier. Squelch self-doubt when it appears.


Your mindset will be one of the most important predictors of success, not the career or leadership path you've chosen.


We each go through many "graduations" in our life and work. Each period of growth and transition holds potential for personal and professional transformation.


You may not get diplomas anymore, but you'll gain new and better rewards.


When is your next graduation?





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Get clear. Stay focused. Lead well.


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