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Weekly Update | November 8
Rulemaking timeline depicting that we are at the end of the rulemaking process as of the November Board Meeting on November 7.
New Graduation Requirement Rules Adopted

SBE adopted rules regarding graduation requirements following the passage of legislation (HB 1599). Graduation pathway options have replaced the explicit link between the state assessment and graduation.

“The Board is pleased to announce the adoption of these rules following a thoughtful and comprehensive rulemaking process, wherein we received over 450 comments from educators, school district administrators, legislators, parents and more,” said State Board of Education Chair, Peter Maier. “The scope, volume, and sometimes intensity of this feedback process shows that our state cares deeply about public education and student pathways to meaningful futures.”

Read the full media release on the SBE website.

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Board Meeting in Bremerton: Graduation Requirements, charter schools, school recognition, legislative priorities and more
Board Meeting in Bremerton

Read highlights from the November 2019 State Board of Education meeting in our regular post-meeting email.

All meeting and additional materials are available online .

You can also watch videos of meeting day 1, and TVW streamed day 2.
NAEP score break-down
How Washington Compares: 2019 NAEP Score Release

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) was first administered in 1969, and is the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what the nation’s students know and can do in mathematics, reading, and other subjects.

Find out how Washington did compared to the rest of the U.S. in this past week's SBE blog post .
Give Your View to the Staffing Enrichment Work Group

Each year, school districts across Washington state receive funding from the Legislature for school- and district-level staff positions, operations costs, and more – with the goal of providing districts with the resources needed to provide a basic education.

A work group created to determine appropriate staff-to-student ratios is finalizing their report to the Legislature. Provide your input on their recommendations online today .

The survey closes November 12.
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