It's Graduation Time!

Graduation is always a favorite time of year, as we take time to remember and celebrate the success of our students. For teachers and staff, it's a time to feel proud of the fruits of their hard work, and as time goes by these faces will join the many others who are building successful lives on the island.

Thank you to all of you who have supported Holy Cross with donations and scholarships - we could not do this without you.

Thank you also to the teams who have visited us this summer, to help with ongoing projects at the school. Progress on the House of Grace continues steadily, as does other work, which will be the focus of the next newsletter in August.

Meanwhile, please take a moment to read these stories and share in this time of celebration and forward progress.
This year we graduated two classes:
Standard 6 Graduation
We are incredibly proud of the 37 Standard 6 students who have finished this first chapter of their lives and now continue their journey towards adulthood. Their graduation ceremony contained many words of hard earned wisdom for them to follow.

Click here to read more and see many more photos.

Class of 2019 - we wish you well on your journey of life and hope some of you find you way back to Holy Cross!
Preschool Graduation
There is no doubt that preschool graduation is the cutest graduation of the year, but these students took it very seriously and performed well at the ceremony. Not only did they do a wonderful job of the procession and receiving awards, but they gave the opening prayer, welcome address and vote of thanks themselves!

Other stories:
Launching a reading comprehension program
How can students do well in an exam when they cannot understand the question? They can't!

When volunteer Lonni Skrentner realized that a seeming gap in writing ability was really a gap in reading comprehension, she developed a new program that will be taught at all grade levels by our very own teachers. Find out more about this great new program at Holy Cross.
Volunteers needed for our learn to read program
Reading comprehension starts with basic literacy, and our literacy program NEEDS YOUR HELP! They have the program, but volunteers are needed to work with our students.

PLEASE - get in touch with Terry at if you can volunteer a few hours a week the next time you are in Belize.
What does Holy Cross need for Back to School?
Every year we see the amazing back to school specials on our American cable TV and we just CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

This year we've identified 3 ways you can help from home!

1). Send a check - so we can buy items here. Our deals are not as good as yours, but there's no shipping or duty to consider either. Click here for check particulars.

2). Ship items to us using Belize Freight (and yes, you can deliver to them from Amazon). Sending by Belize Freight takes all the uncertainty out of shipping and duty costs.

3). Buy now and send with your church mission team later.

Whatever you do, PEASE DON'T FEDEX OR POST anything to us! It will cost you a lot in shipping and us a lot in duty.

Update on the Recycling Challenge
Last month we had a recycling challenge, where all classes brought in as much recyclable plastic and glass as they could to win a pizza party.

The overall results are now in, with an incredible 11,992 items recycled! Ms. Sosa's Standard 5 came in first place with 4,741 items collected - well done!

Recycling is still collected at the school to help fight the island's trash issues.

Thank you so much for following our stories and supporting us here in Belize. None of this could happen without the financial assistance you and others have given us, and we are truly grateful.

We wish you and your family a wonderful summer and look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

If you haven't done so already, please follow us on facebook, where you'll get a regular stream of everyday events at the school.

Kind regards from everyone at Holy Cross School in San Pedro, Belize.
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