Graham Nash and Bonnie Raitt Tours!

Hello Guacfunders!

Great news! Graham Nash is heading out on the road in March, and several of his shows will have Guacamole Fund benefit tickets available! The funds raised from your purchase of these great seats (withing the first 10 rows!), will be granted to organizations working for a non-nuclear future. And, the amount you pay over the face value of the ticket is tax deductible.
Please visit Graham's website for more information and tickets.

Also, you may know, our good friend Bonnie Raitt is launching her 2022
tour, with shows all across the country. Presales for Bonnie begin today, and include Special Benefit Tickets, proceeds of which go to organizations working on issues of safe and sustainable energy, environmental protection, peace with justice and more. Bonnie's is a separate program from the Guac Fund, but we wanted to share this wonderful opportunity for fans to get "great seats for great causes" on her tour as well! (Register as a member on her website to get access to these great charity-supporting tickets during the current presale, at

Today we wanted to highlight an organization working for a non-nuclear
future and the end of nuclear waste.  Instead of picking just one organization, we share with you a coalition that all of our wonderful No Nukes and Safe Energy groups are working on together, The National Radioactive Waste Coalition. From their website:

"The National Radioactive Waste Coalition is committed to stopping the
production, reprocessing, and transportation of radioactive waste. The
isolation of radioactive waste is critical to protect all living things, and we are committed to working to ensure that this isolation
is realized. Our work is grounded in respect for all people. Together,
we work to hold the nuclear industry and government agencies
accountable for their actions, and advocate for the responsible
handling of radioactive waste to keep us all as safe as possible.

The Coalition’s Multi-Year Campaign Has a Few Big-Picture Goals:
Stop Yucca Mountain from becoming a permanent nuclear waste repository.
Stop any plan for consolidated/centralized interim storage.
Keep high-level radioactive waste as close to its current sites as
possible and “harden” the storage so it is as safe as it can be.
Reduce the inherent dangers with the storage of high-level radioactive
waste involved in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants or other
nuclear sites."

Please visit and consider sending a
donation their way!
Tom, Paula, Diane, and Jeff
The Guacamole Fund
Post Office Box 699
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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