Welcoming Grand Avenue Club's New Executive Director: Philip Connelly

(Milwaukee, Wis., September 29, 2022) On September 12, 2022, Grand Avenue Club (GAC) opened a new era by welcoming Philip Connelly as its new Executive Director. Connelly is a native of La Crosse, Wis., and a graduate of University of

Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Connelly transitions 

into this new role at GAC as an established local leader in community-based social services. Connelly held the position of Director of Housing at The Guest House for eight years.  Prior to that, he worked with Outreach Community Health Centers focusing his outreach on the mental health and homeless communities.

Connelly’s hiring comes as global communities struggle to regain themselves              post-pandemic, forcing businesses and organizations worldwide to take a fresh approach to how they function. Connelly says his focus will be to: “build on the existing incredible work established under the prior 30 years of phenomenal leadership. I want to continue to create meaningful opportunities for the members of this Clubhouse, including making a concerted effort to find more employment opportunities.” Connelly says that other areas he plans to focus on in this position will be: “Removing accepted stigmas and barriers commonly associated with mental illness. I am enthusiastic about creating a purposeful environment with meaningful opportunities.”

When asked about the decision to bring Connelly into the position by the Board of Directors, President Frederic Robinson responded: “Philip Connelly’s prior work for Guest House, Milwaukee’s largest publicly funded homeless shelter, dovetails nicely with Grand Avenue Club’s mission and operation. His fundraising abilities, local and statewide contacts, organizational skills along with his humility, compassion and empathy will serve him well as our next Executive Director. He is committed to continuing and growing our mission and legacy in the community. Philip Connelly brings comprehensive experience grounded in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin human services arena to the role of Executive Director. Our Board of Directors is thrilled to welcome him as the next Executive Director of Grand Avenue Club where he will continue and grow the mission and our legacy.”

Connelly currently lives in Wauwatosa with his wife and toddler. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, traveling, and being outdoors.

Phil Gets Right to Work

GAC member Matt shows Phil how we assemble and edit our daily internal newsletter

The Source

Phil Pitches In

GAC member Amer shows Phil how we ask the "Question of the Day"

Phil Helps Everywhere

Phil lends a helping hand with any project.

Above: Phil and GAC member Fred organize the art supplies;

Below: Phil and GAC member Grenesha share an amusement during menu planning in the Culinary Unit.



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