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We are thrilled to announce Threads of Life will be part of the Grand Opening of Raina's Textile House in Berkeley, CA.

One of the textiles that Kim Nelson will have available is a Sekomandi from Sulawesi island in Indonesia.

If you happen to be in Berkeley this coming weekend, please come by to join in christening Kim's retail store and new workshop space.

Weavings from Threads of Life, Hmong textiles, and textiles from Mali will be available for sale. In addition, you will find beautifully designed chairs, hangings, scarves and hand dyed items with indigo. 

Saturday & Sunday May 16th and 17th, 2015
11am to 7pm

We hope you can make it.

Best wishes,
The Threads of Life Team

Join us online

Raina's Textile House

2524 San Pablo Avenue
(at Dwight)
Berkeley, CA 94702
Behind the unique Sekomandi Textiles

Sekomandi Textile 
Warp ikat
Handspun cotton 
Natural dyes
Tied, dyed and woven by Juita
Saluleke Village, Sulawesi

There are at least six important textiles used by the people of Batuisi and Saluleke on the western mountain range of Toraja who call themselves Toraja Karataun. 

Sekomandi is one and it is used to decorate the traditional houses during ceremonies as a sign that a full ritual cycle has been performed. The primary motif in this textile is called Tobo Sepu which is one of the carvings on the traditional house and rice barn.