Grand Review Update

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Grand Review Souvenir Journal

April 9, 2015


For more information about the Grand Review Parade March or other closing Sesquicentennial Events visit the website

Make your mark on the Grand Review. Regiments registered for the Grand Review may submit one photo of the regiment to be placed in the Grand Review Souvenir Journal amidst scholarly articles, historic photos, Sesquicentennial Closing Event summaries, Grand Review Activities etc.


Regimental photos may be a group shot, or action shot at a re-enactment event or program.  All photos should be submitted as a high resolution jpeg, 300 dpi or greater by email to Dawn Chitty at (subject line: regimental photo).  Please include with your submission a one sentence description, photo credits and Regiment or Group Name.  


A regimental photo will be placed in the Journal at no extra cost to the regiment.  Individuals, Groups, Organizations etc may place a color ad in the journal at the Full Page size ($2,000), Half Page ($1,000) and Quarter Page size ($500).  The deadline to submit is April 15th. For questions about ad placement please contact Dawn Chitty by email at  For more information.. 


Souvenir Journals will be available for purchase during the Grand Review Parade Weekend.



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This is the most current update for the Grand Review Parade Weekend. Please read this update in its entirety.  For any questions or concerns please contact the museum at 202-667-2667. 


Parade Route:

The parade itself will begin at 3rd Street NW.  This location is in the center of the Mall between Constitution and Independence Avenues in front of the Capital and the Grant Monument (great picture location- looking all the way down to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln).  Note:  the Capitol Dome is under repair and like it was in 1865 is surrounded by scaffolding-it does not get more authentic than this.  We will proceed across Constitution, make a left onto Pennsylvania Ave, and proceed down Pennsylvania Ave to 13th Street and the Reviewing Stand at Freedom Plaza - near the historic Willard Hotel and the Treasury bldg. (which was there during the period).  We only ask that as marchers with weapons you stay within the confines of the permit and parade route.  We are doing this in high security areas.  The total parade route is approximately 1 mile.  


Registration is open.  The early bird registration fee has been set at $25 to help cover the $50,000 it costs for street closings, police traffic and crowd control and fire rescue down Penn. Ave, the shuttle busses to accommodate DC gun laws and other expenses.  The registration goes up to $35 on April 15th

All marchers (military and civilian) must register.  Military and Civilian reenactors that do not wish to march but who would like to view the parade from an area set aside for period spectators, near the Reviewing Stand - without weapons - must also register.  Participants should list the point of contact for their unit if they have one when they register.


Facebook:     150th Grand Review


                    Grand Review Parade Weekend


Check in On Parade Day May 17, 2015: 

Check in for all marchers is at RFK stadium - no exceptions.  Registration at RFK will begin at 7:00 am and will close at roughly 10:30am to permit everyone to be cleared and transported and for horse trailers to move to the parade site.  It is illegal to move by public transit (public bus, taxi, subway) with any weapon in DC. 

Check-in for registered - and un-armed spectators, who do not wish to march but also seek access to the period viewing area, as above, will also be done at the Reviewing Stand. 

At RFK, all marchers will check in and, as we do normally, sign waivers.  Military marchers will then proceed with their weapons to the DC Police/Weapons inspections area to have their weapon inspected.  Once inspected, weapons will be banded as having been inspected and approved.

Mounted marchers (CAV and horse drawn teams), will check-in at RFK, as above, will go through weapons inspection, if applicable, and then proceed to the DC Animal Services Program area, to submit a Health Certificate and Negative Coggins.   


Check in African American Civil War Museum Events May 15th- 16th: 
All registered Parade Marchers and Registered event Attendees will receive access to all planned events during the Grand Review Weekend to include: Workshops, Lectures, Author Talks, Camp Barker Living History Program, and Candle Light Vigil and Reception.  The Officer's Ball to be hosted at the Willard comes at an extra charge of $200 per person and individuals can register here.  The Camp Barker Prayer Breakfast is $20 per person, for more information and to register visit the museum's website here.  Persons purchasing tickets to the Officer's Ball will receive admissions to the Camp Barker Breakfast at no extra charge.  
Registration packets can be picked up at the museum on Friday, May 15th, and Saturday, May 16th between 9am and 4pm and will include maps, information about the area etc. For a more detailed listing of events please visit the website at


There are no "reenactor" camps for this event.  Like Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, PA there is a full schedule of events on Friday and Saturday and a chance to see the City.  We suggest any hotel or motel anywhere around the beltway or nearby along I-95.  RFK Stadium is easy to get to.  Please find a list of hotel suggestions on the website here.   A special period only camp (camps and uniforms) has been arranged for those with horses at Sully Plantation, on Rt 28, near Dulles Airport.  This camp is to afford Cav and horse teams to get out to practice, be picketed, fed and watered beginning Friday afternoon.  It also supports the Sully Historic site that Friday and Saturday.  We are also working on the possibility that horse inspections will be conducted there at Sully Planation, to include a Veterinarian who can do DC Health Certificate Inspections.  We will send out an Update when that is finalized, but in support of the parade, the District of Columbia is itself hiring a veterinarian to be on site in DC to support our horses in the case of an emergency.  For the sake of the horses, equestrians can stay at Sully Plantation Friday night through Sunday night. 

Use of the Sully Camp is not required, but is recommended.  All horses will need to be transported to RFK Stadium for arrival at or near 7:00 am Sunday morning. It is about 1:20 hours trip from Sully to RFK. 

There will be a water buffalo at RFK, at the parade start at 3rd Street and at the end of the parade for canteens and horses, but you need to bring your own buckets and horse troughs.  Ibid Sully.



At RFK, registered marchers (and those who seek access to the period reviewing area that parked at RFK instead of going directly to the Reviewing Stand) will be directed to begin loading their busses as much as possible by unit and in the Order of March.   Mounted Troops, cannon and wagon teams will be given driving instructions and special parking passes to access 3rd Street to unload and then move to their reserved parking area at the end of the parade.   Important Note: this means that each trailer will need someone to move the trailer from 3rd to roughly 12th street and view the parade from the reserved reviewing stand or other public area. Upon completion of the parade, horses and trailers will be directed to their parking locations at 12th street and may leave the City.  Registered Marchers and period spectators will be directed to shuttle busses and returned to RFK. 


The Reviewing Stand:

A period Reviewing Stand is to be built at Freedom Plaza - in front of the Willard Hotel.  It is being built from original drawings taken from the archives and from pictures taken in period.  We are now accepting requests for period impressions to be a part of the Reviewing Stand.  Pictures may be sent with these requests to  No Lincolns please.



We have completed our discussions with the DC MPD, Dept. of Homeland Security and the DC fire arms inspections folks.  All normally accepted reenactment muzzle loading rifles will be accepted.  No center fire, no rim fire / pin fire and no pistols of any kind will be permitted.  Sharps rifles are acceptable.  Absolutely no caps, balls or powder!  Each weapon will be inspected, only individually at registration.  Each weapon will be tagged.  No alterations to the rifles are required.  In contrast to rumors, we will march with hammers, nipples, ramrods and bayonets.



The military coordinators for this event are Dave Childs and Jake Jennette, who brought you several of our 150th events.  There is NO overall military commander or Chain of Command.  It is not necessary and each group is on its own.  Dress uniforms are requested - to include historical Zouaves.  No rage tag clothing will be accepted. 

Each umbrella group should organize itself, lead itself - with staff - and set out its own Order of March.  Each Company is invited to march with its own colors as at Remembrance Day - or as determined by the umbrella group, e.g. National Regiment, AOP, USV, FFD, etc.

Order of March


  • Modern Military Honor Guard
  • Grant /Meade - Staff
  • Federal City Brass - Music
  • USCTs / Uniformed descendants
  • Umbrella group leadership / staff
  • Regimental / Battalion Music
  • Regiments, Battalions, Companies
  • AOP Cav
  • AOP Artillery
  • Clean up crew (horses)
  • Gap
  • Sherman - staff
  • Umbrella group leadership /staff
  • Music
  • Regiments, Battalions, Companies
  • AOT Cav
  • AOT Artillery
  • Clean up crew (horses)
  • Civilians



As noted above, civilians are welcome to march at the end of the parade only as was done historically.  Civilians and military reenactors that do not wish to march may check in at RFK Stadium to be bussed to the Reviewing Stand or may report directly to the Reviewing Stand to view the parade from the reserved period viewing area.


Please contact us if you have any questions,  concerns or need anything.  We are doing our best to make the Grand Review the crowing jewel of the nations's 150th series and for the next 25 years. 


1925 Vermont Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20001              202-667-2667