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February 2,2015


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Update and Additional Details for the

 Closing Sesquicentennial Commemorations in DC


The Commemoration of Lincolns 2nd Inaugural --  March 7, 2015

In cooperation with the NPS, the event will be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and will include modern and period military colors and music.  Full dress Period Color Guards, military and music - federal only - are requested.  NO weapons are permitted at this event and no horses are permitted at this event. 

There will be several speakers before Lincoln gives his Inaugural speech, which is then followed by the oath of office as was done historically.  The event itself is free, but due to parking issues, we ask that reenactors meet at 8:00 at the Willard Hotel for participant /security passes and to avail themselves of public parking, where busses will transport them to the Lincoln Memorial.  This shuttle service is being provided for $20 (cash on site) to and from the Willard.  After the Inaugural, participants will be returned by bus to the Willard, were they may attend a ticketed luncheon.  Later that evening a separately ticketed Bobby Horton concert will be held at the NY Ave. Presbyterian Church (Lincoln's own).  All proceeds, if any, are committed to the digitalization of the Lincoln archives, as a non-profit effort. Please let us know by e-mail of your intention to attend, and impression so that we can plan for busses and Memorial seating at  

For 2nd Inauguration information and related event ticketing, go to:


The Commemoration of the Lincoln Assassination -- April 14-15, 2015

This event is ticketed in advance for access inside of Ford's theater, but is free, and is sponsored by the Ford's Theater Society.   Outside and with the temporary closing of 10th Street, the event is free and open to public beginning at roughly 10:00  pm on April 14th to cross the street to the Peterson House.  At 8:00 am the following morning, April 15th   (Lincoln died at 7:22 am) churches throughout Washington, DC and the nation will begin to ring - as they did both north and south - to commemorate this loss.  NO weapons are permitted at this event and no horses are permitted at this event.

For Assassination Information and ticketing go to:


The Lincoln Funeral Procession and Funeral Train  --  April 18-21,

All participants - registered in advance - will check-in at Sully Plantation ( near Dulles Airport no later that 8:00 am on Sunday, April 19th.   Participants may arrive beginning on Friday at Noon to set up a period camp on the grounds for drill and to use the time to see the many local historical sights.  Buses will then transport registered military and civilian reenactors to the start point and for civilians, to Union Station.   At Union Station, a full size reproduction and operating steam train will be in place.  Troops will form at the train and the Casket moved by Honor Guard from the caisson to the funeral car.   Busses will pick us up at Union station for the return trip. 

Muskets and bayonets are permitted along the parade route, but no rim or center fire weapons are permitted.  No horses are permitted.   Color Guards and Colors are requested.   The expected order of march will be the modern military Color Guard, period color guard, music, caisson, General Grant (walking), military units, civilians.   Upon arrival and the placement of the casket on the train, honor guards will be posted and period participants invited to view the train/car followed by tourists. 

REGISTRATION fee is $25 through March 1st Registration from March 1st to April 1st is $35.  No walk-ons due to security issues.  REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT CLOSES APRIL 1ST. 

Then on April 21st, the train will move on the original schedule, from Washington back to Springfield, Ill.   We seek active reenactor coordinators to closely monitor the train's schedule and to coordinate the firing of Artillery guns and the ringing of local church bells as the train approaches individual cities and towns along the way - announcing its arrival, as was done historically.  We would hope that other activities might be coordinated with the train's arrival/passing to commemorate the town's or city's 150th commemoration and honoring those from that area who gave their full measure.

For Lincoln Funeral Train Registration and additional information go to: and


The Grand Review Parade down Pennsylvania Ave. to be held on May 17, 2015.

All military registrants (to include Mounted Cav/Artillery) who wish to march in the parade (advanced registration is required) and all civilians who either wish to march at the end of the parade or seek buss shuttle service to the period reproduced Review Stand area - and return, shall arrive at RFK Stadium parking at 7:00 am Sunday May 17th.  All military reenactors shall be in Federal uniforms.  Those marching may carry inspected Muskets and bayonets in the parade. but no rim or center fire weapons are permitted.   

Registration check-in (security/participant pass) and weapons inspections will take place at RFK.  Due to the security concerns and prohibitions against moving in the City with such weapons, troops will form and be loaded into shuttle busses, by unit, for transport to the parade start.  It is the same approach used for all Presidential Inaugural parades. 

All horses will be inspected at RFK as will invited artillery guns. Once inspected, horse and gun trailers will proceed as directed into DC to unload and - having unloaded - move to the pick-up points. All horses will move in groups of staff, cav or artillery and each group must provide an individual to follow along for horse poop clean -up duty. Overall, this is a parade of 10 city blocks down Pennsylvania Ave.

REGISTRATION fee is $25 through March 1st  Registration from March 1st to May 1st is $35.  No walk-ons due to security issues.   REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT CLOSES May 1st . 

And special equestrian only camp has been arranged at Sully Plantation.  See ( .  Those with horses may begin to arrive at Sully on Friday beginning at noon, set-up a period camp, picket horses and ride /drill.  Water, hay and wood will be provided, but you must bring your own horse troughs.  All trailers will leave Sully to go to RFK for final check in and inspection by the DC Health Dept -- at RFK.  Equestrians may stay Sunday night at Sully.

 For Grand Review Parade Registration, and additional information go to:




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