Grand Review Update

Contact: Dawn Chitty, Education Director, (202) 667-2667


Registration rate is $35 at the door $40


For more information about the Grand Review Parade March or other closing Sesquicentennial Events visit the website

The Grand Review Weekend is just a week away.  We wish to mark your parade experience as smooth a memorable as possible. To do this we need your help.  Please review the rules and regulations below for parade participants.  The registrations list is published online as of 2pm May 6th here  


For those of you attending the Workshops at the African American Civil War Museum please see a full schedule here









The Camp Barker Living History Program is hosted at Garrison Elementary School

1200 S St NW Washington DC 20009


A full schedule and listing of interpreters will be listed here


May 15th & 16th from 10am to 3pm


Partners include: President Lincoln's Cottage, OFT/ON Productions, National Park Service and the Weems Botts Museum





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This is the most current update for the Grand Review Parade Weekend. Please read this update in its entirety.  For any questions or concerns please contact the museum at 202-667-2667. 


Check In and Parade Route:

All participants marching in the parade should report to RFK stadium by 7am to check in and receive your wristband clearing you to march in the parade.  The check in stations CLOSE at 10:45am. RFK stadium is located at 2400 E Capitol St SE Washington DC 20003 if you are taking the metro the stop is Stadium-Armory on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines. We will be in Lot 8 at RFK Stadium.  You should see signs.  NO Weapons on metro.

If you are not carrying a musket in the parade you will be instructed to line up and load on a bus to be shuttled downtown to 3rd and Pennsylvania Ave.


The parade itself will begin at 3rd Street NW.  This location is in the center of the Mall between Constitution and Independence Avenues in front of the Capital and the Grant Monument.  We will proceed across Constitution, make a left onto Pennsylvania Ave, and proceed down Pennsylvania Ave to 13th Street and the Reviewing Stand at Freedom Plaza - near the historic Willard Hotel and the Treasury bldg.  We only ask that as marchers with weapons you stay within the confines of the permit and parade route.  We are doing this in high security areas.  The total parade route is approximately 1 mile.


If you are not marching in the parade but you have paid the marcher fee to sit in a reviewing area please go to Freedom Plaza were you can check in down there and receive a wrist band clearing you to sit in that area.  No Weapons of any kind are allowed in the reviewing area.


The registration fee is now $35, there are no refunds of registration fees at this point.  All participants marching in the parade must register no later than Wednesday May 14th to march in the parade or sit in a reviewing area.

All marchers (military and civilian) must register.  Military and Civilian reenactors that do not wish to march but who would like to view the parade from an area set aside for period spectators, near the Reviewing Stand - without weapons - must also register.  Participants should list the point of contact for their unit if they have one when they register.


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                    Grand Review Parade Weekend


1.              All participants must have a canteen in case of heat.  All participants are requested to arrive with full Canteens.  Water will be available at RFK Check-in, at the parade start and at the end of the parade, but to avoid confusion and congestion, pls arrive with full canteens.
2.              Registration will be $35 dollars beginning on May 2, 2015 with receipt NLT  May 14th.  Walk -on fees of $40 will be charged but you should arrive at RFK Stadium by 7am.   People, it is increasingly difficult to plan for, get the necessary permits and purchase needed support logistics under late registrations.  Washington is more difficult because of what it is and, as the Capital, this is the Nation's sesquicentennial.
3.              All marching participants will be required to sign normal reenactment waivers at registration check-in at RFK.  Bring all weapons to registration check-in with you.  Once registered, you will proceed to weapons inspection by the DC Police.  Fully functioning Muskets with bayonets are approved - yes, with hammers and nipples and lock-plates.   Officer and non-com swords are approved.   No caps, no powder, no center or rim fire weapons are permitted.  No pistols of any type are permitted.
4.              Once registered and weapons are inspected, horses are to be checked-in with Negative Coggins and valid Health Certificate.  
5.              Each registrant will be issued a wrist band.  Each approved weapon will be tagged.  Each approved horse will be hoof spot identified.  As a safety concern, no one will be allowed to march with us without these identification tags in DC.  You must check in at RFK to march.  
6.              Registered period VIPS in the Presidential Reviewing Stand may check in at RFK or at the Reviewing Stand.  No weapons of any kind are permitted.  If you check in at RFK you can take the bus to the Reviewing Stand area.
7.              Horse trailers should include hay and water - although water will be available at RFK, 3rd St and at the end of the parade, you will need to bring your own buckets in your own trailers.  Due to space, unloading at 3rd street is unload and move immediately to the end of parade and trailer parking.  
8.              Minor changes have been made to accommodate expected crowds around the Reviewing Stand and the Willard Hotel.   Horse and wagon trailers will proceed from 3rd Street and make a left onto 12th street to park.  This approach eliminates a turn.  The street will be closed for this event..  To facilitate exit from the area after the parade all marchers will counter march after passing the Reviewing Stand,  The horses and wagons will proceed to their trailers on 12th and the ranks will disband to see the parade and/or proceed to 10th street to the busses.  Several cycles of busses back to RFK will be required and this arrangement allows for quicker return trips. 
9.              Water for the horses and for troops will be available at or near 12th and Pa Ave (south side) at the end of the parade.
10.          Busses to return to RFK will begin immediately after the parade and will run until 5:00 pm.  Several cycles of the bus shuttles will be run.  All vehicles should be out of RFK NLT 9:00 pm.  Should be load and go.  
11.          FYI, we have done  lot of battle reenactments together, with local communities and with the NPS, but this is the Nation's sesquicentennial.    As such,Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will serve as Grand Marshall for the parade.  You should also know that the parade will be led by the Military District of Washington Honor Guard.  The DC National Honor Guard will lead the Sherman segment of the parade.  
12.          With over 1,000 already registered plans are being made to accommodate 1,500 - 2,000 reenactors.  If you have already registered please click here to see the alphabetized list of registrants (please note that if you registered after 12pm on May 6th your name might not be on the list yet.  Please keep checking the list for regular updates.  The final Order of March will be posted and at Registration.  For more information about the parade; including a full calendar of the weekend of events and to register, please visit the Grand Review Parade website, 


Check in African American Civil War Museum Events May 15th- 16th: 
All registered Parade Marchers and Registered event Attendees will receive access to all planned events during the Grand Review Weekend to include: Workshops, Lectures, Author Talks, Camp Barker Living History Program, and Candle Light Vigil and Reception.  The Officer's Ball to be hosted at the Willard comes at an extra charge of $200 per person and individuals can register here.  The Camp Barker Prayer Breakfast is $20 per person, for more information and to register visit the museum's website here.  Persons purchasing tickets to the Officer's Ball will receive admissions to the Camp Barker Breakfast at no extra charge.  
Registration packets can be picked up at the museum on Friday, May 15th, and Saturday, May 16th between 9am and 4pm and will include maps, information about the area etc. For a more detailed listing of events please visit the website at

1925 Vermont Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20001              202-667-2667