March 2016
On March 5, 2016, I reached a running goal of mine to run a Boston Qualifying marathon! I had spent the last 4 months training for this specific goal. I did things differently for this training cycle that I know benefitted my race.
  1. I ran Bridge repeats or hill intervals once a week – Thanks, Coach Frank Pepp.
  2. I ran more long runs – with Coach Christine Rockey or my husband, Eric.
  3. I took my easy mile days, easier.
The marathon day itself was such a great experience! I really felt from the start that my time goal was in my reach. I enjoyed the whole run: from the first couple miles down Business 17 and the new route at Market Common, to the little bit of headwind up Ocean Boulevard and seeing my family, to those last, hard three miles down Robert Grissom! Coach Christine was pacing me and having her encouragement was such a blessing. The feeling I got when we turned the corner to go through the orange finisher’s chute and cross the finish was pure elation! I trained hard and ran a lot of miles, but the support from family, friends, and coaches helped me achieve my goal!

I had been thinking about giving running a try, so with the encouragement of my friend and fellow GSRC member, Debbie Borash, I decided to join the GSRC and the 5K training group that would be training to run the 5K as part of the Myrtle Beach Marathon. From the very first training session, it was clear that the GSRC club members were committed to helping everyone succeed, no matter what your skill level or goal. When I first started with the training group, I could not even run down my street, but with the group’s encouragement and motivation, I stuck with the training plan and ran the full 3.1 miles for the Bojangles 5K! It was so uplifting to have Debbie run the 5K with me and other GSRC members who had already finished the 5K come back to cheer me on. When I crossed the finish line, I was filled with such a great feeling of accomplishment! I am glad I took the first step, and every subsequent step, that has now lead to a love for running. You cannot help but be motived by the many talented runners in the club. I plan to keep training for more 5Ks and longer runs in the future, and thanks to the GSRC, you can always find someone to run with no matter your pace.


Volunteers are the life-blood of the running community. Without them, there would be no races, no social runs and no running clubs. GSRC recognizes the outstanding volunteer efforts of our club members through the GSRC Volunteer Rewards Program.

To participate in the Volunteer Rewards Program, you must be a current GSRC member. The various volunteer levels are listed below.
  1. Communicate with the Volunteer Chairman about your available dates and times. Kate Boucher:
  2. Upon arrival, sign in at the GSRC table to receive your volunteer assignment/location.
  3. Upon completion of your allotted volunteer time, sign out and record total number of volunteer hours.
    **The burden rests on the volunteer to record their name and hours at each event or contact the Volunteer Chairman in the event of supposed discrepancies.
  4. The Volunteer Chairman will keep a record of all volunteer hours, post them on the group website and distribute prizes.
    **Volunteers are encouraged to check the volunteer rewards record often.
2016 GSRC Volunteer Rewards
  • 5 hours = Club car magnet, sticker or small promo item
  • 15 hours = Club shirt or hat
  • 25 hours = 1 year GSRC individual membership
  • 35 hours = 1 free GSRC 5K race entry** (to be used within 1 year)
  • 45 hours = 1 free GSRC 10K race entry** (to be used within 1 year)
  • GRAND PRIZE = One volunteer's name will be chosen at random to receive complimentary entry** to the BFF Pink Ribbon 5K or 10k or Double Bling (runners choice, to be used within 1 year)
**Volunteer must register for race themselves and will be reimbursed by GSRC for registration fees.

Qualifying for the Half Fanatics was a personal goal of mine since the beginning of 2016. In order to qualify for the Fanatics I needed to complete a minimum of (3) half marathons in a three month time period. I only began my running career in June 2015 and ran my first 5K on July 4th 2015, and I was well on my way to my first half in October 2015 with the help of the Grand Strand Running Club/ Half Marathon Training Group. Since, I started running, I have completed three 5k’s, four Half Marathons (three since January 2016), Qualified for the Half Fanatics, and I am currently scheduled for five more before November. Being a part of Half Fanatics, a National running group allows you to be recognized by other racers that share the same passion as you, running Half Marathons!!! There is a fee associated with joining this group, but is nice to be recognized nationally for your achievements. You can find additional information at



April 2, 2016  
Humane Society of NMB "Run for the Shelter" 5K

North Myrtle Beach, SC

April 9, 2016
HGTC 50th Anniversary 5k
Myrtle Beach, SC

April 16, 2016
Garden City Chapel "Run for the Children" 5K
Garden City Beach, SC

April 16, 2016
Conway Rotary 5K Onion Run
Conway, SC

April 23, 2016
The Wellness Council for SC Earth Day 5K
North Myrtle Beach, SC

April 23, 2016
The Fast and Furriest 5K Run/Walk
Georgetown, SC

April 30, 2016
Johnsonville Classic 5K
Johnsonville, SC

We would like to congratulate and wish good luck to all GSRC Members running the Boston Marathon this April:

Misty Dion
Ryan Dion
Scott Leroux
Frank Pepp
George Redman
Robyn Showstack
Diego Sosa


Get to meet Drew:
I am Drew McCrary and have been a photographer for over 10 years. Recently, I decided to branch out and start shooting sporting events. In the past year I began my own photography business due to a demand of people wanting to purchase my product. I do my absolute best to keep the price low and quality high with my photos so that everyone gets the best possible photo they can for their money. Prices for picture downloads range from $2 to $5 depending on the resolution. I also have many other printing options available on my site for purchase.

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with the Grand Strand Running Club and I look forward to be seeing all of you. Smile big when you pass by!

Drew McCrary

Greg Dion
Whip Urbine
Kristi Shaffer-Moore
Brennan Moore
Barbara McGinnis
Nora Carroll
Sharon Carroll
Becky Eubanks
Michelle Kulcavage
Diane Bartlett
Kate Siuda

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5-cheese Italian blend
Goat cheese

Top the crust with pesto, layer the cheeses and add veggies.
Add some chunks of avocado and cilantro on top.
Sprinkle with a little bit of grated Parmesan after removing from the oven.

Recipe from Shay Floyd

Battle At The Border
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